Alan Lange: Political Entrepreneur

By Ryan S. Walters

The great historian Burton Folsom, professor history at Hillsdale College, wrote a groundbreaking book defending many of the so-called “robber barons” of the Gilded Age, infamous men such as John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and J. P. Morgan. In Myths of the Robber Barons, Folsom delineates two classes of tycoons – market entrepreneurs and political entrepreneurs – one good, one bad. [Read more…]

Pseudo-Republican Blogger Joins Leftists in Attacking Senator Chris McDaniel

By Ryan S. Walters

Alan Lange, the founder of Y’all Politics, a Mississippi blog created to support Republicans, has stooped to a new low.  Despite the fact that his blog has been used as a promotional tool for Republican officials and candidates, Lange has made it clear that he’d rather spend his time attacking his fellow Republicans, especially those that are true conservatives, than he has pushing back against Democrats. [Read more…]

MS GOP By The Numbers: Y’all Toadies vs. McGOP Conservatives

By Ryan S. Walters

On Monday, the Mississippi Senate did something that can only be described as despicable, though that’s become the norm it seems. Rather than hear the overwhelming evidence that there was widespread fraud in the Senate District 37 race between Bob Dearing, a Democrat, and Melanie Sojourner, a reliable conservative Republican, the State Senate, controlled by Republicans mind you, voted 47-3 to seat Dearing. We’ll have more on this outrage in the coming days.

But Frank Corder of Y’all Politics decided to use the incident to attack Senator Chris McDaniel. Corder, you see, just can’t let it go. He has an obsession, a man crush. The question is why? There’s an answer but I will deal with that in a bit.

First things first, however, and that is Corder’s attack on McDaniel and the Conservative Coalition, which provided the three votes against seating Dearing – McDaniel, Angela Hill, and Michael Watson. [Read more…]

The Undisclosed Connections Between Stacey Pickering and Alan Lange

Ryan S. Walters | @ryanswalters73

A State Auditor under investigation by the FBI. The state’s major newspaper headlining the story. Serious political blogs, including MCD, running multiple stories on various aspects of the scandal.

Yet Y’all Politics, a site with ties to the upper echelon of the GOP and dedicated to continued Establishment control of the Republican Party, only yawned, essentially calling it nothing more than political mudslinging, which, incidentally enough, is the exact explanation given by the State Auditor himself, the honorable Stacey Pickering. [Read more…]

United Conservatives Fund Responds to False Reports on Y’all Politics

The United Conservatives Fund (UCF) today released the following statement regarding a false report on the website  The post headline claimed UCF was “backing” a candidate for Lt. Governor in the upcoming statewide elections, and the article claimed the race was “widely expected to be a litmus test for tea party/liberty groups including the United Conservatives Fund.”

“Once again we see how Alan Lange and his cohorts at Y’all Politics are fond of broad misrepresentations without respect to facts,” said UCF spokesperson Keith Plunkett. “UCF has a system in place for candidates to submit their information, and our executive committee is looking at many who have done so. The United Conservatives Fund has had no contact with Mrs. McEllhenney or her campaign. Should she decide to reach out we will take a look at her information just like we have all the others.” [Read more…]

MCD News Shorts: Corder, Salter, Wicker, Cowardly Republicans, and Obamacare

Corder and Salter Still At It

We here at MCD had to LOL at some of Frank Corder’s statements in his columns at Y’all Politics in recent weeks. They are interesting and worthy of a response.

“For all the Republican sky is falling Chicken Little chatter by the Tea Party and out of state talking heads, 2014 had the same fairy tale ending Thad Cochran has enjoyed throughout his prolific electoral history in Mississippi, thanks to the voters who once again put principles over personalities and results over rhetoric.”

Excuse me, principles over personalities? Cochran has principles? Do tell. Which principles could Corder mean? Food stamps, perhaps? Maybe big government and rampant spending? Runaway entitlements? The lowest score by the American Conservative Union? Being labeled the “King of Pork”? Those are principles, alright, just not the principles of true conservatives.

“Here’s an idea: instead of dividing or segregating yourself off from the rest of Mississippi’s conservatives (the 345,000 who supported Cochran over Childers on Tuesday) why not work within the existing structure to gain real policy influence and get results?

But that’s too much work, isn’t it?

It’s easy to sit back and throw rhetorical grenades from afar, to shout accusations and post social media half truths. It’s much more difficult to get in there and work with others who may ideologically agree with you but don’t necessarily align when it comes to how to achieve those shared goals. That’s work, real sausage making.”

Now understand something here, Corder made this statement just after he sat back and threw rhetorical grenades at those of us in the movement for ideological purity, while his colleagues at Y’all have labeled us everything under the sun, including oft-used “zealots.” But I guess that’s okay.

Much of Corder’s writing here sounds like a shot directly at Chris McDaniel and MCD! But what Corder, as well as others in the establishment, fail to understand is that we have been working within the existing structure for years, with compromise after compromise, and look where we are now!

Speaking of “ideological purity,” Sid Salter had an interesting column last week in which he made a statement we also found amusing:

“There are some in the state who want to repeat the internecine political warfare that was the 2014 Republican primary in the 2015 courthouse-to-statehouse elections. They want Republican primaries to be beauty contests that measure ideological purity.”

Again, is he referring to us? One thing is for sure, Salter, like Corder, doesn’t seem to have any real principles, except maybe the Republican Party label, and that’s no principle at all as recent history has shown us.

But I will give a rare shout of praise to Salter for one thing he did get right: “People who think they have heard the last of McDaniel weren’t listening or paying attention.”

And we pray that we will see this manifestation sooner rather than later.

Roger Wicker leads charge of cowardly Republicans

Soon after the Republican takeover of the Senate, as true conservatives predicted, the GOP was quick to cave in to Obama and his radical agenda. Within hours they promised no government shutdown, no impeachment, no nothing. This only proves Chris McDaniel absolutely right: We need fresh blood in the US Congress to enact real reform and make real, lasting changes. These old fogies will do nothing of the sort and must go.

And one of the ringleaders in the lightning speed bow-down was Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker, newly elected head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

“We’re not going to have any government shutdowns. We’re not going to have any threats of impeachment,” Wicker said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

So President Obama will be free to act as he wishes, as he did Thursday night with his illegal amnesty order, and Republicans will do nothing about it.

We hope all you Cochran supporters, and establishment backers, are happy now. You have assured us of more of the same – the further erosion of our republic. Congratulations on that one! But YOU own this, not us! So as it deteriorates, be honest and fess up!

Will Republicans really go after Obamacare?

Speaking of cowardly Republicans, what do you think the odds are that the Republicans will push very hard to repel Obamacare when the 3 largest receivers of insurance company money in Congress are:

(1)     John Boehner— $546,000

(2)     Mitch McConnell–$522,000

(3)     Paul Ryan–$474,000

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, insurance companies have contributed some $58.7 million to both political parties and its candidates through the 2012 election cycle, of which 68% went to Republicans.

So don’t hold your breath on any repeal of Obamacare, or any real healthcare reform, anytime soon with our current crop of leaders in Congress. Nothing is going to change and we will be stuck with Obamacare, or some other non-free market system, as long as they are in office.

The Real Story: Chris McDaniel’s Historic US Senate Campaign


In his most recent column on the establishment website Y’all Politics, Frank Corder gives his assessment of the current state of politics in Mississippi and his predictions for the general election this November and state races in 2015.

But what caught my attention, aside from his flawed analysis, has been his consistent downplaying of Senator Chris McDaniel’s historic effort to replace Thad Cochran in the United States Senate. This has been the theme, not only from Corder and the hacks at Y’all Politics, but also from the media establishment throughout the state. [Read more…]