MS Congressional Watch: Renewal of No Child Left Behind

On Wednesday, July 8, 2015, the US House of Representatives passed a renewal of George W. Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act, with its infamous standardized testing, has failed miserably.  Given its

stigma of failure, the bill was renamed the Student Success Act.

According to The Hill, “Conservative lawmakers had pushed for the adoption of several amendments allowing schools to opt out of No Child Left Behind requirements. Only one of those amendments, from Rep. Matt Salmon (R-Ariz.), was adopted, with lawmakers voting 251-178 to allow parents to exempt their children from testing.”  The vote to pass the bill was a close one, 218-213.  

Mississippi’s Republican delegation – Gregg Harper, Steven Palazzo, and Trent Kelly all voted for the bill, which will only continue Washington’s stranglehold on America’s public schools.


Pender: McDaniel ‘would prefer federal position’

Senator Chris McDaniel sat down with the Editorial Board at the Clarion Ledger today and here is an article by Geoff Pender about that meeting:

State Sen. Chris McDaniel says he hasn’t ruled out a run for lieutenant governor or some other state office, but his first preference would be a federal office, such as the one now held by U.S. Rep. Steven Palazzo.

“If I had to rank, I think frankly I would prefer a federal position, only because I think at this stage more can be done in that regard,” McDaniel, R-Ellisville, said Wednesday. “I think a close second to that is my present position. I’m happy there … Naturally, there is no federal race this year, so that might tell you where my leaning is.” [Read more…]

House Passes Bloated Omnibus Spending Bill, Mississippi Republicans Support

After an all day fight, the House of Representatives, with Obama’s support, has passed Speaker John Boehner’s ridiculous appropriations bill that averts a government shutdown and funds DC until next September.  Conservatives have blasted the bill for many of its features, including the full funding of Obama’s amnesty and its hefty price tag.  We will have more on this tomorrow.

In all, 67 Republicans voted against it but not one single member of Mississippi’s House delegation joined them.  All three of our illustrious representatives voted for it – Palazzo, Harper, and Nunnelee.  And they still try to convince us that they are conservatives!

For a complete vote breakdown, check out

Here are all 67 Republicans who voted against this “Dumnibus” Bill: [Read more…]

Brian Perry Keeps Making Himself Look Foolish

Brian Perry, the poor choice for a spokesperson for the Fake “Mississippi Conservatives” Super PAC once again shows he is either severely lacking in his intellectual prowess or he’s simply a hypocrite in yet another attempt to bail out his candidate, Thad Cochran.  Most likely, it’s the latter.

After Sarah Palin endorsed Chris McDaniel in the race for Cochran’s Senate seat, Perry released the following statement:  “Just a reminder that Sarah Palin also endorsed Bill Marcy and Angela McGlowan in 2010.  After McGlowan placed third in the primary, as I remember, she endorsed (Alan) Nunnelee and also (Steven) Palazzo both in the general election.  Wonder if she maintains her position on Bill Marcy, now a Dem candidate for the same seat McDaniel is running for?”

Now for some facts. Steven Palazzo wasn’t running against Marcy. But, as we’ve seen in the past with Perry, facts never get in his way. The truth seems to be something he steps all over. [Read more…]