Pseudo-Republican Blogger Joins Leftists in Attacking Senator Chris McDaniel

By Ryan S. Walters

Alan Lange, the founder of Y’all Politics, a Mississippi blog created to support Republicans, has stooped to a new low.  Despite the fact that his blog has been used as a promotional tool for Republican officials and candidates, Lange has made it clear that he’d rather spend his time attacking his fellow Republicans, especially those that are true conservatives, than he has pushing back against Democrats. [Read more…]

Panicked Establishment Already At Work To Save RINO Roger

By Ryan S. Walters | @ryanswalters73

The Republican establishment in Mississippi is panicked and I don’t mean by any perceived threats from the incoming Trump Administration. No it’s more local, more personal, and more frightening than that. Rumors are starting to grow that State Senator Chris McDaniel might just throw his hat into the ring against Senator Roger Wicker in the 2018 midterms and that prospect fills the powers-that-be with dread. [Read more…]

Wyatt Emmerich: Mississippi’s Own Kind Of Socialism

Great piece but Emmerich does fail to point out that not everyone “jumped on the bandwagon” in this terrible deal.  Senator Chris McDaniel was one of the courageous three that said no!

By Wyatt Emmerich, The Dispatch, February 10, 2016

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders received an avalanche of criticism when he called himself a democratic socialist. Meanwhile, the newly entrenched Mississippi Republican leadership is going full bore with its own kind of socialism.

When the government picks which industries come to Mississippi, you can’t get more socialistic than that. Russia tried that kind of centralized governmental planning. It didn’t work out so well.

Not content with the massive Yokohama tire subsidy deal, the Republicans are reaching new pinnacles of corporate welfare with their Continental tire deal.  [Read more…]

Erickson: The Republicans Who Fought Chris McDaniel In Mississippi Tried To Use Mike Huckabee Against Ted Cruz

By Erick Erickson, The Resurgent, January 26, 2016

This is a fascinating article that shows just how much contempt for Ted Cruz the Republican Establishment has. They absolutely hate the guy.

In fact, Henry Barbour, who helped scuttle conservatives in Mississippi in the race between Chris McDaniel and Thad Cochran, tried to raise money for a Mike Huckabee supporting super PAC for the sole purpose of attacking Ted Cruz.

Mr. Barbour was so exasperated by the intra-establishment combat that this month he sought to raise money for the super PAC supporting Mike Huckabee that would have been spent to attack Mr. Cruz in Iowa. But Mr. Barbour found few donors willing to intervene in such a volatile race.

Think about that for a minute. Republican Establishment fat cats poured their time, talent, and treasure into stopping conservatives from taking Mississippi’s Senate seat because they have a puppet in the seat they’ve been using for quite some time.

These very same people are now intent on stopping Ted Cruz. It is more and more obvious that it has nothing to do with Cruz’s electability or lack thereof and everything to do with their inability to profit from Washington if Cruz gets elected.

MS GOP By The Numbers: Y’all Toadies vs. McGOP Conservatives

By Ryan S. Walters

On Monday, the Mississippi Senate did something that can only be described as despicable, though that’s become the norm it seems. Rather than hear the overwhelming evidence that there was widespread fraud in the Senate District 37 race between Bob Dearing, a Democrat, and Melanie Sojourner, a reliable conservative Republican, the State Senate, controlled by Republicans mind you, voted 47-3 to seat Dearing. We’ll have more on this outrage in the coming days.

But Frank Corder of Y’all Politics decided to use the incident to attack Senator Chris McDaniel. Corder, you see, just can’t let it go. He has an obsession, a man crush. The question is why? There’s an answer but I will deal with that in a bit.

First things first, however, and that is Corder’s attack on McDaniel and the Conservative Coalition, which provided the three votes against seating Dearing – McDaniel, Angela Hill, and Michael Watson. [Read more…]

Deeply Divided: How Conservatives will overcome the Establishment and reform our party, our state and our nation

By Senator Chris McDaniel

Much has been made about the present divide in the Republican Party.  Mississippi is no stranger to the controversy.  My U.S. Senate race against Thad Cochran in 2014 exposed deep divisions within the party, both state and national.

Incumbent U.S. Senator Thad Cochran had to rely upon thousands of liberal Democrats to win a Republican primary.  In so doing, his campaign resorted to dirty, underhanded, and sleazy tactics that have been well-documented.  Not only did his campaign play the “race card” while openly encouraging liberals to cross-over and participate to the GOP primary, he openly campaigned like a Democrat — pushing for more big government, massive federal subsidies, pork-barrel spending, and increased food stamp participation.  In what’s perhaps the most conservative state in the republic, he expressly repudiated the Republican platform for the state and country to see. [Read more…]

Erickson: The Chris McDaniel Legacy Haunts the Republican Party

By Erick Erickson, Red State, September 8, 2015

Chris McDaniel ran for the United States Senate as a Republican. He won the Republican Primary in Mississippi, but was thrown into a runoff against Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS), the incumbent.

During the runoff, the Republican Party in Mississippi and Washington pulled out all the stops to stop McDaniel. They assailed outside conservative groups as malevolent influences in the Republican Party. They used friends in the news media to attack conservatives who strayed from the party line. [Read more…]