McDaniel: Legislation Needed to Stop Obama’s Liberal School Agenda

By Ryan S. Walters | @ryanswalters73

In recent weeks, President Obama, less than a year from leaving office, announced new policies regarding the nation’s public schools, specifically the rights of students who identify as transgender, to use the bathroom, locker rooms, and showers of their choice, meaning the gender that they identify with, not with the genitalia they happen to possess at the moment.

The policy was a reaction to a state law passed in North Carolina that specified that one must use the restroom according to the gender of one’s birth. In other words, if a person possesses male genitalia, then by law he is a male and he must use the men’s restroom, not the restroom of the gender he might believe he is in his mind. [Read more…]

Senator Chris McDaniel Introduces New Bill – The Executive Order Protection Act

From Senator Chris McDaniel:

“It’s time for the states to push back This afternoon, I will be introducing the Executive Order Protection Act. It will prohibit any Mississippi agency or political subdivision from funding or enforcing any executive order issued by a president that is not affirmed by a vote of Congress and signed into law as proscribed by the United States Constitution.”

McDaniel Bill


Senator Chris McDaniel Pens Open Letter to Mississippi Conservatives, Steven Palazzo Breathes Sigh of Relief

From Senator Chris McDaniel:

Dear Friends,

For months, friends and supporters have been asking me to run for Congress against Steven Palazzo. Such requests have only intensified in light of Steven’s inexplicable support of President Obama’s disastrous budget, whereby many Congressional Republicans (including Mississippi’s entire GOP delegation) voted to fully fund the president’s liberal agenda, including Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, sanctuary cities, climate change, refugee resettlement programs and his unconstitutional executive orders.

Put simply, the Omnibus Spending Bill they supported did not honor the promises they made to the men and women who elected them. Instead, the bill adopted the big-government agenda of Democrats and effectively forfeited our Republican victories of 2014, while cementing Obama’s priorities for nearly the full remainder of his term.

Ninety-five House Republicans displayed courage in fighting the president. But Mississippi’s delegation did not. Each of them surrendered without a fight and blindly supported President Obama in the same manner they blindly supported the failed leadership of House Speaker John Boehner. [Read more…]

Defending the Second Amendment: The Establishment vs. Senator Chris McDaniel

By Ryan S. Walters

In his latest power grab, President Obama recently issued executive orders to curtail the Second Amendment rights of American citizens, all in the name of preventing mass shootings perpetrated bycaptain-john-parker criminals. His unlawful orders primarily concern background checks for private gun sales, even though such sales account for less than 1% of these types of instances.

Law-abiding citizens, and conservative states, are rightly concerned. Today Governor Phil Bryant announced that the state of Mississippi would move to protect gun rights from federal overreach, and he asked Representative Andy Gipson to introduce legislation in the House.

“From Day 1, the Obama Administration has gone out of its way to try to eliminate the constitutional rights granted by the Second Amendment,” Gov. Bryant said in his statement. “The President’s latest attempt to bypass Congress to further his anti-gun agenda is particularly outrageous. I will do everything in my power to safeguard law-abiding citizens’ right to keep and bear arms, and I appreciate Rep. Gipson advancing legislation to do just that.”

However, just such a bill could have already been on the books, for the exact same legislation has been proposed during the last three legislative sessions from the pen of Senator Chris McDaniel. [Read more…]

The Arrogance of Barack “Woodrow” Obama: A Lesson From History

Ryan S. Walters | @ryanswalters73

There have been a number of articles in the last six years making the comparison between President Obama and one of his predecessors, Woodrow Wilson, who served as President from 1913 to 1921. Many of these pieces focus on policy similarities. But I would like to center on perhaps one neglected aspect – self-righteous arrogance displayed by both men, particularly on foreign policy.

Wilson and Obama have similar backgrounds – both Ivy Leaguers, both college professors (although Wilson was a real scholar with voluminous published writings, and later president of Princeton), both Nobel Peace Prize winners, and obviously both progressive Democrats. And both could be notoriously self-righteous and arrogant, believing themselves to be the smarted guy in the room. [Read more…]

Mississippi Pep: Now Your Community Belongs to the Federal Government: Obama to Force Integrate Neighborhoods

From Mississippi Pep:

President Obama said Saturday he will use the power of the federal government to pressure communities to integrate low-income minorities into affluent areas.img_2389

Obama said his administration is implementing a new rule that will require communities to frequently review the racial and socio-economic makeup of local neighborhoods and regularly report the results to the federal government.

“Just a few weeks ago, the Supreme Court ruled that policies segregating minorities in poor neighborhoods, even unintentionally, are against the law,” Obama said, referencing a ruling on the Fair Housing Act largely ignored by the media due to attention on the Obamacare and gay marriage rulings.

Read More at Washington Examiner

Bad Friday: Obama’s Economic Woes Continue

What had been billed as a “robust hiring streak” came crashing down on Good Friday as the government released jobs numbers for March, while scaling back its previous data for January and February.

According to the figures for March, the economy added just 126,000 new jobs, even though economic forecasters had predicted nearly 250,000. The Fed has also lowered its economic growth prediction to zero, meaning they do not expect the economy to grow as they predicted, if it grows at all. [Read more…]