Happy Birthday, Charlie Darwin!

By Ryan S. Walters

Here is another piece I wrote eight years ago in “celebration” of Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday:

In one of the unique facts of history, two of the most influential men in world history, Abraham Lincoln and Charlesdarwin_zpsa4e7cfce Darwin, were born on the same day, February 12, 1809. Last week marked their 200th anniversary, to which Lincoln has stolen most of the show, but Darwin should have received his due, as Darwinism continues to exact an enormous amount of influence in the world, particularly when the Left needs a club to bash Christianity.

Make no mistake, Darwinism is the Left’s baby. To a liberal it’s akin to religious dogma and must be taught in public schools, while Christians must wage an all-out fight, including court action, to teach creationism. The Left does not want public school students to be free thinkers and decide the matter for themselves, after having been presented both sides of the argument fair and equally. [Read more…]