MS Congressional Watch: Renewal of No Child Left Behind

On Wednesday, July 8, 2015, the US House of Representatives passed a renewal of George W. Bush’s No Child Left Behind Act, with its infamous standardized testing, has failed miserably.  Given its

stigma of failure, the bill was renamed the Student Success Act.

According to The Hill, “Conservative lawmakers had pushed for the adoption of several amendments allowing schools to opt out of No Child Left Behind requirements. Only one of those amendments, from Rep. Matt Salmon (R-Ariz.), was adopted, with lawmakers voting 251-178 to allow parents to exempt their children from testing.”  The vote to pass the bill was a close one, 218-213.  

Mississippi’s Republican delegation – Gregg Harper, Steven Palazzo, and Trent Kelly all voted for the bill, which will only continue Washington’s stranglehold on America’s public schools.


Senator Chris McDaniel Supports Public Education, Just Not Mandated From Washington


In his race for the United States Senate in Mississippi, conservative Republican Chris McDaniel has taken heat from his establishment opponents for some of his policy stances, most notably, and most recently, his vow to close the US Department of Education.

To listen to most liberals, or establishment Republicans who are losing campaigns to conservatives, to seek closure of that inefficient and worthless department is akin to hating public schools. Currently Mississippi receives about $800 million a year from Washington in education funds, without which, they say, our schools would suffer irreparable harm.

Former Governor Haley Barbour attacked McDaniel on that very issue in a fashion not unlike recent Democratic campaigns where liberals used scare tactics to frighten voters into supporting their failed programs. Said Barbour of McDaniel: “He’s talking about wiping out special education, for autism, physically disabled, mentally disabled, kids who are just slow. That will all be gone if McDaniel gets his way.” Bill Clinton or Barack Obama could not have said it better.

But as with most leftwing lies, nothing could be further from the truth. [Read more…]

Thad Cochran a Progressive on Education

In an article this week in the Clarion Ledger, AP writer Emily Wagster Pettus noted the contrasting views of Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel when it came to the issue of public education and specifically the federal government’s role in it.

Ms. Pettus had no difficulty discovering Senator McDaniel’s view on federal assistance for public education. In a speech at the Mississippi Agricultural Museum in Jackson earlier this month, he proclaimed that the “federal government should have no role in education — not even in helping pay for it,” writes Pettus.

“The word ‘education’ is not in the Constitution,” McDaniel said in his speech. “Because the word is not in the Constitution, it’s none of their business. The Department of Education is not constitutional,” a remark that drew applause. [Read more…]