Happy Birthday, Charlie Darwin!

By Ryan S. Walters

Here is another piece I wrote eight years ago in “celebration” of Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday:

In one of the unique facts of history, two of the most influential men in world history, Abraham Lincoln and Charlesdarwin_zpsa4e7cfce Darwin, were born on the same day, February 12, 1809. Last week marked their 200th anniversary, to which Lincoln has stolen most of the show, but Darwin should have received his due, as Darwinism continues to exact an enormous amount of influence in the world, particularly when the Left needs a club to bash Christianity.

Make no mistake, Darwinism is the Left’s baby. To a liberal it’s akin to religious dogma and must be taught in public schools, while Christians must wage an all-out fight, including court action, to teach creationism. The Left does not want public school students to be free thinkers and decide the matter for themselves, after having been presented both sides of the argument fair and equally. [Read more…]

Countering Liberal Professors and Their Myths on Crime and Race

Ryan S. Walters | @ryanswalters73

On the pages of the Clarion Ledger yesterday, two liberal professors at Ole Miss, one in sociology and the other in political science, attacked Senator Chris McDaniel for a column he wrote last week in which he discussed the deaths of two Hattiesburg police officers and race relations in general. The professors reacted to a couple of McDaniel’s points, arguing that there is not an epidemic of black-on-black crime, nor has there been a rise of violence against police officers across the country.

And like always when dealing with liberals, especially in academia, we have a lot of untangling to do. Professors Conor M. Dowling and James M. Thomas are certainly entitled to their own opinions but not their own facts. [Read more…]

Are you Star Trek or Star Wars?

Ryan S. Walters | @ryanswalters73

With the great anticipation surrounding the next installment of the Star Wars saga and the current re-booting of the Star Trek series, and in honor of the recent passing of Leonard Nimoy, I decided to resurrect an old piece I wrote about ten years ago analyzing the two competing, and most famous, space fantasies of all time.

Both Star Trek and Star Wars are wonderful films but both are based on a dissimilar premise and have far different outlooks on the future. This is especially true in the concept of good and evil, the capabilities of government, and the conduct of foreign affairs. [Read more…]

Note to Bill Maher: Obamacare WILL give us a single payer system

By Ryan S. Walters

As reported in the Daily Caller, it looks as though HBO comedian Bill Maher, and fanatical leftist, may be turning against Obamacare.  And why shouldn’t the whole country turn against it?  It’s becoming a total disaster.  But that’s the intention.  Obamacare is not the final system, the end-all program that will finally fix the healthcare problem.  Obamacare will eventually give us what the Left has always wanted but were too scared to campaign on:  A single-payer, government healthcare system. [Read more…]

MCD News Shorts: Gun Control, Campus Rape, Liberal Hypocrites, and Mississippi’s Education Funding Shortfall

More Liberal Gun Control Garbage

The Left just will not stop its assault on the Second Amendment. Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut, on CNN this past weekend, touted a long-used liberal myth about guns and personal protection. “This mythology that you end up killing bad guys by arming good guys just doesn’t work. Reality is that if you have a gun at home, you are more likely to be killed by it than to kill an attacker or someone that’s going after your neighbor.”

How do they arrive at such seemingly alarming statistics? To say it plainly, they lie, just like they always do when it comes to stats.

To arrive at such numbers, that you are much more likely to die with your own gun if you have one in your home, they include suicides committed with firearms! So yeah you are more likely to die by your own gun if you stick it in your mouth and pull the trigger! But these stats, as well as others just like it, are used to push a political agenda, not to convey truth. [Read more…]

Thad Cochran’s Liberal Votes

From the Chris McDaniel Campaign:

It is time to stop talking about Ronald Reagan and start acting like him!  It isn’t enough to talk like a conservative—our leaders must vote like conservatives.  Thad Cochran may talk conservative when he actually comes to Mississippi, but when he is in his comfort zone in Washington, D.C., his votes are anything but conservative.

Look at his record:


  • Thad voted for the “Fiscal Cliff” tax hikes – the largest tax increases in American history, coupled with $332 billion in stimulus spending [Roll Call #251, January 1, 2013]
  • Thad voted to pave the road for an online sales tax run by a cartel of states [Roll Call #62, March 22, 2013]
  • Thad voted against a major middle class tax cut – raising income thresholds for middle income tax brackets [Roll Call #55, April 1, 1998]
  • Thad voted for President Bush Sr.’s budget that included massive tax increases [Roll Call #326, October 27, 1990]


  • Thad refused to join the battle to defund or in any way disrupt Obamacare
  • Thad voted for the $1.054 trillion FY 2012 omnibus bill, which funded Obamacare [Roll Call #235, December 17, 2011]
  • Thad voted for President Bush’s massive new market-distorting, budget-busting entitlement – Medicare Part D [Roll Call #459, November 25, 2003]

Illegal immigration


  • Thad voted against welfare reform, requiring most able-bodied, non-elderly food stamp recipients to work 40 hours during each 4-week period [Roll Call #408, September 11, 1995]
  • Thad voted against cutting back food stamp spending to pre-Obama levels [Roll Call #120, June 13, 2012]
  • Thad voted for the massive $1 trillion food stamp bill [Roll Call #141, June 6, 2013]

Votes matter – liberal is what liberal does, and Thad Cochran’s votes show he is not the conservative Mississippi needs and deserves.  The American Conservative Union ranked Thad as among the most liberal Republicans in the Senate, and refused to endorse him. You can read more about Thad’s record here.

Chris McDaniel has a record of fighting for conservative principles and policies. He will stand up to the liberal left and the liberal establishment.  We only have 8 days until June 3, so it’s vital everyone know about Thad’s liberal record.

The “Professor” of Intolerance: USM’s Kate Greene

On Monday night, March 3, Senator Chris McDaniel spoke to students in the Political Science Department at the University of Southern Mississippi in an event organized by Pi Sigma Alpha, the political science honor society.

Throughout his lecture on interpreting the Constitution and the importance of the individual in government, “Professor” Kate Greene, an avowed lesbian and gay rights activist when she’s not brainwashing kids in her classroom (more on that later), kept disrupting the speech with comments from the back left corner of the room.  But Senator McDaniel, being the class act he is, simply carried on with his speech and ignored her.

Senator McDaniel then took questions from the students.  But before any students could inquire of the state lawmaker, “Professor” Greene leaped to her feet to confront McDaniel on his alleged intolerance toward groups of minorities she considers oppressed. Greene asked him about his views on constitutional rights for everyone, an obvious reference to gay rights, but also his views on abortion, facts of which she got completely wrong. [Read more…]