1884 & 2016: Private vs. Public Immorality

By Ryan S. Walters

The 2016 presidential race was shaken up recently with the leak of private audio revealing that Republican nominee Donald Trump said something vulgar 11 years ago as a private citizen in what he thought was a private setting. Trump has since apologized.

The timing of the release of the audio couldn’t have been more suspicious, coming just as more revelations divulged more Clinton corruption. Wikileaks released thousands of emails from Clinton aide John Podesta that included snippets of some of Hillary’s secret Wall Street speeches and the illegal campaign coordination with a Super PAC, while a Gucifer disclosure exposed the existence of a Clinton Foundation “pay for play” folder.

Yet the big political talk centered not on Hillary’s corruption – not even her statement in a speech to a foreign bank that she desired “open trade and open borders” throughout the Western Hemisphere – but on Trump’s verbal gaffe, with major Republican leaders cancelling campaign events, while others are calling on the presidential nominee to leave the race in favor of Mike Pence.

As a historian I can tell you we’ve seen this same song and dance before, in the 1884 presidential campaign that turned out to be one of the nastiest on record. That race, like this one, featured two Northern candidates, including a New Yorker, Governor Grover Cleveland, who faced off against James G. Blaine from Maine, a former Speaker of the House, US Senator, and Secretary of State. [Read more…]

SuperPAC Ad: How Can We Trust Donald Trump?

This is a devastating ad that should cause every Trump supporter to re-think their position!

State Senate Campaign 2015: Another Tax-and-Spend Liberal Wants Back In Power

Democrat Bob M. Dearing, nearing the age of 81, wants his old job back.  Out of power just four years after losing to conservative Senator Melanie Sojourner in 2011, Dearing salivates about returning to Jackson next year from District 37, all so he can make up for lost time taxing, spending, regulating, and controlling.  That’s just what Democrats do.

No matter where you call home or where you cast your eyes, Democrats are all the same.  Whether they reside in Jackson, Washington, or in your local city hall, they all have to same political DNA.  They think the same, act the same, govern the same.  From Barack Obama to Bob Dearing, Democrats want to control your life.  There’s never a reason to trust any of them. [Read more…]

The Right to Privacy: Where Republicans Fall Flat

Ryan S. Walters | @ryanswalters73

On Tuesday a Florida judge, Chief Circuit Judge Charles Francis, blocked a state law that would require a 24-hour waiting period before a woman could get an abortion. The law was set to go into effect July 1. In his order the judge reasoned that the law placed an additional burden on a woman’s “right to privacy,” which is the right conjured up by Roe v. Wade to provide the right of choice. [Read more…]

Thad Cochran’s Fundraiser Leads Hillary’s Campaign

During the great Mississippi Senate campaign of 2014, we discovered through Politico that Senator Thad Cochran was given a high-dollar fundraiser by lobbyists at the Podesta Group:

“PODESTA RAISES FOR COCHRAN: Downtowners are hosting a breakfast fundraiser for Sen.Thad Cochran (R-Miss.) at the offices of the Podesta Group. Podesta’s Peggy Binzel, Rebecca Edgar, Kimberley Fritts, Jim Dyer, Josh Holly, David Morgenstern, Randall Gerard, David Marin, Steve Northrup, Lauren Maddox, Elizabeth Morra, Missi Tessier, Sean McLaughlin, Stephen Rademaker, Mike Quaranta and Trey Hardin are all listed on the invite. The March 4 fundraiser will cost $2,000 for PACs and $1,000 for individuals.”

This particular entry was later pulled down by the folks at Politico, I’m guessing because of pressure from Cochran and his smear team, lest the people of Mississippi find out about it.  Luckily we grabbed it before they did. Senator McDaniel called on the Cochran campaign to explain their relationship with the Podesta Group, but like Cochran’s other questionable relationships (yes many others), his camp remained silent about it.  It seems he pretty much remained silent about everything during that campaign, even his own crappy record.

But, that aside, this seemed like a good day to point out that Mr. John Podesta serves as the chairman for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, with a write-up yesterday in the Washington Post.

And now we have Mrs. Clinton employing her own race-baiting strategy in a recent speech, so perhaps the Hillary-Podesta-Cochran-Barbour relationship is much closer than we imagined.

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