McDaniel: Second Amendment An Individual Right

By Senator Chris McDaniel

Liberals will never tire in attempting to erode the Constitutional rights of gun owners.

Gun-control advocates complain that the founding fathers never intended firearms to go unregulated, invoking arguments made by United States Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer — a dissenter in the 2008 case of District of Columbia v. Heller, a Supreme Court decision which overturned a Washington, D.C. handgun ban.

As part of his dissent in Heller, Breyer argued that Madison only drafted the Second Amendment because some feared that Congress would call up the state militias and nationalize them. Madison only proposed the amendment, he maintained, to appease skeptics and to “get this document ratified.” [Read more…]

Ted Cruz at the 2015 NRA Annual Meeting

Awesome speech! And they say this man can’t beat Hillary!

Red State: Gun Grabber Michael Bloomberg Spends $250,000.00 to Get Thad Cochran Re-Elected

Gun Grabber Michael Bloomberg Spends $250,000.00 to Get Thad Cochran Re-Elected

By Erick Erickson, Red, June 13, 2014



Hey Mississippi. You know Michael Bloomberg right? He’s the guy who wants to take your guns away. He’s the guy who created a non-profit group to agitate against the second amendment. He’s the guy spreading lies about the number of school shootings in the country.

Michael Bloomberg is also the guy who just gave a pro-Thad Cochran Super PAC $250,000.00. Gun grabbing Michael Bloomberg is trying to buy Thad Cochran’s re-election.

Who do you think Thad Cochran will stand with the next six years if he gets re-elected. You people or the man who bought his re-election?

That’s 250,000 reasons to vote for Chris McDaniel.

Keith Plunkett: 31 Solid Reasons to Vote for Chris McDaniel

31 Solid Reasons to Vote for Chris McDaniel

By Keith Plunkett, Mississippi Pep, May 28, 2014

While others continue to drum up drama in the U.S. Senate race to keep from talking about the issues facing our country, Mississippians want to know what their options are in the election to be held on Tuesday, June 3.

Others may refuse to talk about the record, but I won’t. Below is a list of 31 reasons based on solid legislative work by Senator Chris McDaniel.

Keep in mind Chris has been in the state senate since only 2008. Have you seen a list this long of reasons to vote for Senator Cochran who has been in Washington for 42-years? Wonder why not?

Don’t be fooled by the con-job. Vote on June 3 for the man that best represents your values. [Read more…]

Rick Ward: Tate Reeves Putting Politics Ahead of Gun Rights

Did Mississippi Lt. Governor Reeves Kill Key Gun Bills Because of Politics?

Senators Chris McDaniel and Melanie Sojourner have the worst track records in the Senate this year. But is it their fault, or were their efforts sabotaged by their own leader, President of the Senate, Lt Governor Tate Reeves? Clarion Ledger reporter Geoff Pender said yesterday that “he [Reeves] has killed or maimed a slew of bills” and referred to him as the “return of Maximus Tater I, Ruler of the Senate, Arbitrator of all Mississippi Legislation.”

Reeves’ staffers deny innuendos that Reeves saw to it that McDaniel’s and Sojourner’s bills were killed because of retribution since McDaniel is running for the US Senate against Thad Cochran and Sojourner is his campaign manager. One might think that the President of the Senate would want to support his own in their political endeavors, but what we see is name calling that surpasses Ruler/King, etc. it escalates to cannibal, someone who eats their own. [Read more…]