McDaniel: Federalism the Key to Preserving Our Liberty

By Senator Chris McDaniel

At a Jefferson Day dinner party in 1830, President Andrew Jackson raised his glass in a toast and stated, “Our Union: It must be preserved.”

Also in the room was his Vice-President, John C. Calhoun. When Calhoun’s turn came, his toast was: “The Union, next to our liberty, most dear. May we all remember that it can only be preserved by respecting the rights of the States and by distributing equally the benefits and burdens of the Union.”

Although Calhoun’s legacy has been tainted by modern historians (his defense of slavery is indefensible), his advocacy of federalism rings true. [Read more…]

Patano: Why Political and Government Decentralization is Key to Saving Our State and Nation

By Brad Patano | UCF Executive Committee | @statedogg

United Conservatives Fund

image2Our country is $18 trillion in debt, fighting a war against an enemy our president refuses to acknowledge, and turning to the left faster than a NASCAR driver. The House and Senate are led by unprincipled self-indulging liberals, and almost every good person we elect to DC becomes a turncoat as soon as they see the marble hallways.

Washington DC is a mess, no doubt. Money and time, both limited commodities, are spent in absurd quantity to change the nature of Washington. Nonetheless, the maleficence in DC has become a distraction to conservatives’ quest to ensure the liberties our founding fathers sacrificed for are protected. [Read more…]