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  1. You are correct sir,you did win. but do you know how the votes are bei.g bought? The same way obama won. check this out:Records Expungement Clinic,at Little Rock Baptist Church,4538 15th Street,Gulfport, Miss., Thursday August 23, 2012.The attorneys were pro bono and it was Sponsored by Kingdom Innovative Community Development Corporation and the Coalition of African American Communities and Churches. This was for black criminals only. I don’t have the flyer for 2014,sorry. But there are churches handing them out. Black Churches in harrison,County. check the expungement records at the Court Houses or the names off the pro bono attorney’s for the cases in 2012 and see if the names are’nt the same on the ballot sheets.

  2. Do you think that this last primary season could lead to a push for closed primaries?

  3. “Texas Drifter: Right Respect for South’s Stars and Bars” – Reference Marshall’s Law Texas Drifter Library Index – Library Entry # 828 – Truth from Southern viewpoint! – Use as you like!

  4. Tupelo, Mississippi is the site of the National Socialist Movement’s November Rally on November 7, 2015.

    The American Civil War was an ‘equal opportunity destroyer,’ unlike today’s economy which is being torn apart by illegal immigration, and has become a battle to forget white history — such as the Confederate flag.

    On November 7th on the steps of the Lee County Courthouse in Tupelo, Mississippi, history revisits Tupelo as the National Socialist Movement will continue its fight against Illegal Immigration. Between the hours of 2-4pm, the National Socialist Movement along with its allies will help Mississippi fight the invasion of Illegals into the American workforce and history.

  5. Just reading this article and then looked up hoping that it was an op-ed piece. But no. This the “news.” I don’t know what to say except,what is being said here is not news, but opinion.

  6. What a mean spirited comment. I am a 78 year-old-woman without a single body piercing and I was in Little Rock marching on Saturday for women’s rights which include the right to choose (a choice I would never make), right to equal pay, fair treatment of all women of all color, etc. The march was about far more than reproductive rights. If conservatives really care about life, they would not be opposing the ACA. I fear you are a long way from the Christianity that Jesus taught.

  7. gerardn m nieblas says:

    Thank you Senator Chris McDaniel for your comments and for standing up for conservatives. I have always believed that tolerance is an accepted deviation from some norm. Liberals have turned the definition of this word into required acceptance of whatever they say. If we disagree, we are labeled as haters, non-Christian, etc. There is nothing quite as intolerant as a tolerance seeking libera.

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