VIDEO: Did You Know Your Mother Works at the Capitol?

Your mother’s name is Rep. Sam Mims (R- McComb) and he works in Jackson at the Mississippi State Capitol.

Another year, and another vaccine choice bill has died. The only explanation out of Jackson is that, once again, the Nanny State government knows what is best for Mississippi’s families and children.

In particular, Sam Mims has been a vocal tool of the Mississippi Medical Association in helping to kill vaccine choice bills in the past, and again this year, since he is apparently “comfortable” pumping our infants full of twenty-one doses of vaccines before six months of age.

It is in this spirit of celebrating Sam Mims inveterate Nanny Statism that the good folks over at Mississippi Parents for Vaccine Rights produced this video. Please watch and enjoy.

Mississippi Republican Party’s Law Firm Comes to the Rescue of LIBERAL DEMOCRAT!

Butler Snow’s support of former Senator Bob Dearing shows exactly how wide is the current GOP split.

By Ryan S. Walters

In perhaps the biggest political news story of the year, the MSGOP’s top law firm, Butler Snow, with deep connections within the Republican Party, has thrown in with leftwing Democrat Bob Dearing in his race against conservative Melanie Sojourner, the former campaign manager for Chris McDaniel in his race against Thad Cochran. As of today, the race is down to the absentee ballots and it looks to be very close, maybe as little as a 10-12 vote difference out of more than 15,000 cast. [Read more…]

Chambers: MS Baptist Churches, Homosexuality, and Biblical Inerrancy

By Rob Chambers,, August 23, 2015

While at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (2000-2004), I learned there were Baptist churches affirming and conducting same-sex marriages. I thought to myself, “I am a convictional Christian first and foremost, but I chose to be a Southern Baptist because of their strong stance on the Bible and what it says about sin. Why are Baptist churches thinking homosexual marriage is ok?” [Read more…]

McDaniel: BP Settlement Belongs to the Mississippi Gulf Coast

By Senator Chris McDanielChris McDaniel

On April 20, 2010, an explosion at the British Petroleum offshore drilling platform, Deepwater Horizon, operating in the Gulf of Mexico, caused nearly 5 million barrels of oil to gush into the ocean.  Spewing uncontrollably for several months, much of it reached the shores of Mississippi, polluting beaches and wetlands, harming tourism, and devastating the vital fishing industry.

Last month, BP agreed to a payout of $18.7 billion in settlement money.  Mississippi’s share will be more than $1.5 billion, with $750 million flowing directly into state coffers.  The first installment is due this year.

And, predictably, the big spenders in Jackson, are already attempting to fabricate new ways to spend the settlement for pet projects around the state. [Read more…]

A Stroll Down Memory Lane: November 1, 1996

You might be wondering why that date is significant in Mississippi politics.  Well on that day State Auditor Steve Patterson resigned from office.  Why?  According to the Daily Journal, it was over “charges that he had submitted false information to keep from paying Hinds County taxes.”  After fighting over the allegation for months, he eventually pled “guilty to the misdemeanor charge of filing a false affidavit to keep from paying county taxes through the purchase of a car tag.”

In comparison to the Pickering Scandal, it seems kinda lame now doesn’t it?  Yet it is just as corrupt and Patterson did the right thing.  We cannot tolerate even the slightest hint of improper behavior in the State Auditor’s office.

So the first SP (Steve Patterson) resigned.  What will SP (Stacey Pickering) number 2 do?  And what will voters do tomorrow?  It might just be the most interesting race of the day.

See full story here:  “Steve Patterson Calls It Quits,” By Bobby Harrison, Daily Journal, October 11, 1996

The Undisclosed Connections Between Stacey Pickering and Alan Lange

Ryan S. Walters | @ryanswalters73

A State Auditor under investigation by the FBI. The state’s major newspaper headlining the story. Serious political blogs, including MCD, running multiple stories on various aspects of the scandal.

Yet Y’all Politics, a site with ties to the upper echelon of the GOP and dedicated to continued Establishment control of the Republican Party, only yawned, essentially calling it nothing more than political mudslinging, which, incidentally enough, is the exact explanation given by the State Auditor himself, the honorable Stacey Pickering. [Read more…]

The Pickering Scandal: Why Spend Your Money When You Can Spend Someone Else’s?

Ryan S. Walters | @ryanswalters73

In the spring of 2014, Whitney Pickering, wife of State Auditor Stacey Pickering, gave a lecture at the Charles Pickering Honors Institute at Jones County Junior College in Ellisville.  The topic was life lessons, certainly something the young students needed to hear.  And Mrs. Pickering is certainly well qualified to give such a lecture.

In her speech, she told the students how she had been very successful in the corporate world, as a cookbook editor for Southern Living, then left to “begin the new direct sales division of Southern Living at Home, as she also raised three children. In her first month, she earned $15,000 and showed JCJC students the check stub as proof, there’s money in direct sales. After several years selling home décor, she gained the title of millionaire in 2007.”

So the Pickerings, by their own admission, are millionaires.  Then why do they need to use campaign cash to travel, buy RVs, and garage doors for security purposes?  And why would Whitney Pickering need to be reimbursed more than $9,000 for her own travel expenses, particularly when making such big money in business?

Travel 3

I guess it’s always better, and more fun, to spend other people’s money!  But that usually comes with a price and that’s what we need to know!