Liberal Media Bending Over Backward To Keep From Calling Chattanooga Shooting An Act Of Terrorism

Ryan S. Walters | @ryanswalters73

As you may have noticed, the main stream media is twisting themselves in knots in a vain attempt to convince the country that the Chattanooga shooter, a Muslim named Muhammad Youssuf Abdulazeez, was not a Radical Islamist and his violent act was not an act of terrorism. [Read more…]

Mississippi Pep: Now Your Community Belongs to the Federal Government: Obama to Force Integrate Neighborhoods

From Mississippi Pep:

President Obama said Saturday he will use the power of the federal government to pressure communities to integrate low-income minorities into affluent areas.img_2389

Obama said his administration is implementing a new rule that will require communities to frequently review the racial and socio-economic makeup of local neighborhoods and regularly report the results to the federal government.

“Just a few weeks ago, the Supreme Court ruled that policies segregating minorities in poor neighborhoods, even unintentionally, are against the law,” Obama said, referencing a ruling on the Fair Housing Act largely ignored by the media due to attention on the Obamacare and gay marriage rulings.

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Berube: Confederate Culture War Going Soviet

By Claude Berube, USA Today, July 8, 2015

As America tries to expunge the dark parts of her past, we shouldn’t let our own history terrify us.History, like the sea, is a harsh mistress. Russian Bolshevik Nikolai Yezhov learned this the hard way.

Rising quickly through the ranks of the Communist Party, he attained the pinnacle of power as head of the People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs — the feared NKVD that largely carried out the Stalinist purges in the 1930s. After executing hundreds of thousands and imprisoning even more, Yezhov was executed by his successor in another purge.

If he is remembered by history at all, it is because of a famous photo of him standing next to Stalin, and the revised photo where he was cropped out. He became an “unperson” in an Orwellian memory hole. [Read more…]

Breitbart: “Former Senator Jim Webb: Quit Blaming the Confederate Flag”

By AWR Hawkins, Breitbart News, June 24, 2015

On Wednesday, former Senator Jim Webb (D-VA) asked people across the country to stop the feeding frenzy that is leading one politician after another to call for the removal of a Confederate flagJim-Web-D-VA-ap from their respective state capitols.

This same frenzy has led Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnnell (R-KY) and Kentucky GOP gubernatorial candidate Matt Bevin to call for the removal of Jefferson Davis’ statue from the Kentucky State Capitol.

Webb wrote on Facebook: “The Confederate Battle Flag has wrongly been used for racist and other purposes in recent decades. It should not be used in any way as a political symbol that divides us.” [Read more…]

Shapiro: “Blowing Up History: The ISIS Tendencies of the American Left”

By Ben Shapiro, Breitbart News, June 24, 2015

As Republicans everywhere ran for cover this week over the removal of the Confederate flag from the South Carolina state capitol grounds, the left moved onto its next agenda items even as the right rushed to acquiesce: removal of monuments to Thomas Jefferson thanks to his slaveholding, removal of monuments to Confederate figures from government buildings, removal of Confederate gear for sale from Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, and other private sellers. [Read more…]

Pruden: Politicians Don’t Let Charleston Tragedy Go To Waste

By Wesley Pruden, Washington Times, June 22, 2015

The funeral processions to the graveyards in Charleston will be crowded unless the families can keep out the interlopers, exploiters and other cheap opportunists. The easy riders have hitched up their hobbyhorses for the big parade.

Some of the long riders want to shoot down the Confederate flag. Others have oiled their long rifles for the promised cavalry charge against the National Rifle Association. Even the Arabs, who have never distinguished themselves on a battlefield, want to join the mob to avenge murder of Christians at Charleston. [Read more…]

WSJ: The New Nationwide Crime Wave

This piece completely disproves the two Ole Miss professors who attacked Senator McDaniel for his column on rising violence in the inner cities and against police officers.

The consequences of the ‘Ferguson effect’ are already appearing. The main victims of growing violence will be the inner-city poor.

By Heather Mac Donald, Wall Street Journal, May 29, 2015

The nation’s two-decades-long crime decline may be over. Gun violence in particular is spiraling upward in cities across America. In Baltimore, the most pressing question every morning is how many people were shot the previous night. Gun violence is up more than 60% compared with this time last year, according to Baltimore police, with 32 shootings over Memorial Day weekend. May has been the most violent month the city has seen in 15 years. [Read more…]