Bad Friday: Obama’s Economic Woes Continue

What had been billed as a “robust hiring streak” came crashing down on Good Friday as the government released jobs numbers for March, while scaling back its previous data for January and February.

According to the figures for March, the economy added just 126,000 new jobs, even though economic forecasters had predicted nearly 250,000. The Fed has also lowered its economic growth prediction to zero, meaning they do not expect the economy to grow as they predicted, if it grows at all. [Read more…]

Buchanan: Will the GOP Capitulate Again?

Pat Buchanan has always been right on trade!

By Pat Buchanan,, February 20, 2015

“Free trade results in giving our money, our manufactures, and our markets to other nations,” warned the Republican Senator from Ohio and future President William McKinley in 1892. ”Thank God I am not a free-trader,” echoed the rising Empire State Republican and future President Theodore Roosevelt.

Those were the voices of a Republican Party that believed in prospering America first. [Read more…]