Alan Lange: Political Entrepreneur

By Ryan S. Walters

The great historian Burton Folsom, professor history at Hillsdale College, wrote a groundbreaking book defending many of the so-called “robber barons” of the Gilded Age, infamous men such as John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Cornelius Vanderbilt, and J. P. Morgan. In Myths of the Robber Barons, Folsom delineates two classes of tycoons – market entrepreneurs and political entrepreneurs – one good, one bad.

If an entrepreneur is defined as “a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on financial risk to do so,” then what is a political entrepreneur?  “A political entrepreneur uses government funds in business, which greatly reduces any financial risks to the ‘entrepreneur.’” So a market entrepreneur would be the former, someone who uses the free market, and takes risks, producing goods and services that people want, need, and desire at a competitive price.

John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, J. P. Morgan, James J. Hill and businessmen like that were successful market entrepreneurs, using the capitalist system, as well as their brains to create successful companies. Others like Jay Gould and Edward Collins used their connections in government to get ahead.

Alan Lange, the Chief Scribe at Y’all Politics, is very much the political entrepreneur. He has a multi-million dollar company – MuniStrategies, LLC – that is subsidized by you, the taxpayer. In fact, the purveyor of Lange’s government largess is none other than Senator Thad Cochran. In 2011 Cochran’s Washington office announced the allocation of $81 million in tax credits to boost economic development in Mississippi, which is essentially the same economic philosophy as Obama and the Democrats. Receiving $28 million of those tax credits was MuniStrategies.

So now you can see why Alan Lange, with his Y’all Politics site, fought so hard to save Cochran’s hide in 2014, assisting in the trashing of Chris McDaniel, and why he steadfastly defends such Establishment types as Stacey Pickering, Delbert Hosemann, and Brice Wiggins. Chris McDaniel would never have awarded such favors to Lange or anyone else for that matter. Lange needed his cash cow to keep his company afloat, and he knew that well would be dry with McDaniel, and he will need new sources when Ole Thad is no more. So a John D. Rockefeller he is not.

In an interesting side note on Lange’s efforts to stop McDaniel at any cost, one of his “community advisors” and “partners” at MuniStrategies is New Horizon Ministries, headed by Bishop Ronnie Crudup, who led the “All Citizens for Mississippi” PAC during the runoff campaign in June 2014. Crudup’s group, housed out of New Horizon Ministries and the recipient of vast sums from the Barbours, was an integral part of the race-baiting strategy that denigrated McDaniel as a racist and a friend to the KKK, and pulled Cochran across the finish line.

Crudup’s name was once listed on the MuniStrategies site, but now it just lists New Horizon Ministries in an obvious attempt to hide their tight connection to one another.

As history teaches us, there’s no low that’s too low for a political entrepreneur bent on gaining taxpayer money for his own purposes. And yet Alan Lange has the gall to question Senator Chris McDaniel’s integrity and mine. Shameful.


  1. Hey Ryan: As you know full well, MuniStrategies is not the first company to seek and receive tax credits. Nissan, Ingalls Shipbuilding, and Chevron to name few, have been receiving tax breaks for years. How is MuniStrategies any different in principle?

  2. Ryan, you really one to jump on a Mississippi conservative entrepreneur whose company is trying to help distressed communities get industries and with industries jobs. That’s the kind of good work for which conservative ought to be commended and which others ought to be encouraged to do.

    Alan must have really stung you with his latest response to you. I though it was quite clever.

    And are you ever going to get to the point you can write about anything or anyone without finding some way to relive the 2014 election? If there is any future for the kind of non-Buckley-Reagan conservatism you espouse, there has got to be some way to move on and into the future.

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