The Truth Behind the “Women’s March”

By Ryan S. Walters

Sparks flew Sunday night, and into Monday, after Senator Chris McDaniel posted his thoughts on the national “Women’s March” on his Facebook page.

Senator McDaniel wrote:

“So a group of unhappy liberal women marched in Washington DC. We shouldn’t be surprised; almost all liberal women are unhappy. Perhaps there’s a correlation.

Nevertheless, I’m fascinated to see them exercise their First Amendment rights (however objectionable the message).

But I do have a question: if they can afford all those piercings, tattoos, body paintings, signs, and plane tickets, then why do they want us to pay for their birth control?”

Feminists from around the country descended on the Senator’s Facebook page with full fury to denounce him as intolerant, mean-spirited and the usual litany of invective we get from the “tolerant” Left, yet most of them, more than 95 percent, were from out of state. So their opinion really matters little.

Yet what did he say that was so bad and so offensive to these feminists? That he did not believe taxpayers should pay for, or subsidize in any way, birth control? Most decent Americans, particularly Christians, believe it to be offensive to fund someone else’s birth control. We are not on shaky ground here.

But when anyone questions feminist orthodoxy, we find out really quick how intolerant the Left actually is, that it is liberals, not conservatives, that are the most intolerant people in our country.

So how inclusive was this “Women’s March” in DC the day after Trump’s inauguration? It was so inclusive that pro-life women’s groups were barred from participating. And this shows exactly what this movement is really all about: Abortion. It is the feminist movement’s Holy Grail. All the rest is pure window-dressing.

Just look at their website under “Unity Principles.” There, under “Reproductive Rights,” it says,

“We believe in Reproductive Freedom. We do not accept any federal, state or local rollbacks, cuts or restrictions on our ability to access quality reproductive healthcare services, birth control, HIV/AIDS care and prevention, or medically accurate sexuality education. This means open access to safe, legal, affordable abortion and birth control for all people, regardless of income, location or education.”

Did you catch that? “Regardless of income.” As Senator McDaniel pointed out, that is a nicer, less direct way of saying “free.” Meaning taxpayers should pay for it or subsidize it.

But they do give a nod to the full socialistic, agenda-driven campaign backed by the likes of George Soros,, and other fanatical organizations, with calls for “workers rights” and other such communistic endeavors, like “immigrant rights” and “environmental justice.”

This movement, then, is not about individual freedom for all, and it is certainly not spontaneous, like the Tea Party, but it is the creation of radical groups bent on continuing their campaign to undermine our constitutional republic.

In fact, one of the protest’s organizers, Linda Sarsour, is a pro-Palestinian Muslim who favors sharia law, in addition to being an unhinged anti-Semite bent on Israel’s destruction. She was recently on Rachel Maddow’s show on MSNBC complaining that 22 states in the Union have banned the implementation of sharia law.

Stop and consider that for a moment: An activist for women’s rights wanting sharia law. Had she organized anything like this in the Muslim world, well, we all know what would have happened to her and every woman who participated in that march.

And what did we see at this “Women’s March”? Not patriotism and pride in the country, but crudity, vulgarity, and pure indecency. Yet it is supposed to be conservatives who are mean, nasty, hate-filled and intolerant. We are seen as, in Hillary’s words, a “basket of deplorables.”

But when the Tea Party held mass rallies on the National Mall, conservative activists did not use crude and vulgar language, did not dress up like female body parts, did not talk about genitalia, did not hold up signs with vile words and disgusting images, did not discuss sex or sexual topics like the President dreaming about an incestuous relationship with his own daughter, or about tampons, and did not express pride about being “nasty women.”

I believe such behavior insults and angers decent women, and will only drive more women away from the Democratic Party. As it should. In our past, women were always seen as the guardians and protectors of morality and decency in society, and they did a great job upholding those morals. Now it seems as though the feminist movement wants it to be accepted as normal and honorable to be “nasty.”

But as the Holy Scriptures tell us in Isaiah, “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes, and shrewd in their own sight!”

Politically, though, many Democrats believe that with these marches they have reversed their disappointing performance last November and have turned the country on its head, vowing to fight against President Trump every step of the way for the next four years.

Yet pollster Nate Silver of the FiveThirtyEight blog believes it is misleading because these marches, said to have drawn over 3 million participants across the country, were largely in blue strongholds, not red. About 80 percent were in states that Hillary Clinton won.

And, compounding the Democrats’ logic, most of the participants in the protests were white women, yet they seem to ignore the fact that 53 percent of white women voted for Trump over the first woman (who was also white) to be nominated by a major party. The good and decent women of America are in the majority and are with conservatives.

Coupling the march with the outrageous and violent conduct of the protesters during the inauguration, also funded by Soros and his ilk, and given the current crop of candidates for DNC chair, you can see where the Democratic Party is headed.

So let us not lose heart, nor be intimidated, by the protests and the nasty social media comments of these leftist women. They do not represent all women, nor do they represent what is right with our country. They are in the process of destroying their own party. As David Horowitz recently said, Democrats “are marching off the cliff.” I say back up and let them go!



  1. Upyours Trump says:

    I love the hypocrisy! Calling out liberals for supposedly wanting free stuff? Mississippi is NUMBER ONE on the list for states most dependent on Federal Funding. Calm down snowflakes, winter is coming.

  2. There’s no better or cheaper way to prevent abortion….than to provide birth control. The stats do not lie. The abstinence only poster child, Bristol Palin, now has two out-of-wedlock kids and her brother one. Don’t like abortion then prevent pregnancy it’s a really really easy concept and far cheaper than paying for welfare, food subsidy, healthcare, etc for unwanted children. Colorado has had it right for a while now time for other states….especially Mississippi where the majority of residents are poor and needs for basic survival many….one would think that free birth control would be obvious solution to those who want to both cut spending on welfare and Medicaid costs and decrease abortion rate….but it takes a basic understanding in simple mathematics that most republicans just don’t seem to have. In Colorado….”It is true that Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s figures reflect a 42 percent drop in abortions, a 40 percent drop in unintended pregnancies, and a savings range of $49 to $111 million in birth-related Medicaid costs during the period of time that LARCs were available for free to residents of Colorado. Funding for the program was briefly disrupted in 2015, and re-enabled in April 2016.”

  3. You seem to think that the global opposition to Trump’s crude fanaticism is some sort of conspiracy between feminist, communist, Islamic weirdos. It is not. I’m none of these but I am firmly against the intolerant, uncaring, divisive values that you are championing. Where in the Gospels, or anywhere else, does Christ say that he came to minister unto foetuses? It is unacceptable to make the non-existent rights of the unborn more important than the very real rights of the living.

    • andydoerksen says:

      (1) Fetuses are not singled out in Scripture for the very simple reason that the unborn are assumed to be human beings with – surprise, surprise – human rights.

      (2) You rail against “intolerance” but display your own intolerance while doing so. News flash: _Nobody_ has ever been tolerant of anything and everything. And _everybody_ is a fundamentalist in the sense of being devoted to certain beliefs and values that they won’t give up without a fight.

      (3) You contrast the unborn with the “living.” So, the unborn “aren’t alive,” then? Of course they are. What kind of creature are they? What sort of DNA do they have? Why . . . human DNA, of course. What species does that make the unborn? Why, human, of course.

      (4) Even _if_ this was some sort of moral gray area (it’s not), on what grounds do you believe fetus-slayers have a “right” to other people’s money to pay for the killings?

    • Fetus is simply the Latin word for baby, which is a little person, many which are female, if you are a champion for female rights how can you be for aborting an unborn little girl or boy?

  4. Hiya Ryan – just want to correct a little “alternate fact” you have posted. Pro life women were welcome to and did march with us. Their group was not permitted to sponsor the march.

  5. What would happen if insurance covered birth control? Oh yeah, if that’s against your religion you don’t have to cover it. So I will assume that you will be more than happy to pay for increased Medicaid spending, food stamps, subsidized housing, WIC, head start programs and all the other things that go along with women having babies they can’t afford. Makes sense to you I suppose.

    • Oh no no no. It should be left up to the free market. That’s perfectly fine with me. As for all those government programs you cite, all those should go away! If you can’t afford a baby, probably should not be having one!

      • Renee B Hansen says:

        What enforceable measures have been taken to make sure the male who put the sperm inside the female’s body bear equal responsibility for health care costs, loss wages from work, additional resources if special medical needs arise, prenatal vitamins, possible emotional distress, gas or bus fare to appointments and all the other responsibilities that come with impregnating someone? What is your solution that equality is shown between the woman and man throughout the pregnancy?

      • Renee B Hansen says:

        Lori, If you’re thinking that way, then you should also conclude that irresponsible men should not have sex. So what do we do when irresponsible men have sex and impregnate a woman? How do we enforce a measure to ensure a woman makes the right call? What if the man appears to be very responsible, but isn’t once he finds out she’s pregnant? Will there be some sort of hearing to judge that the man was pretending to be responsible, but then decided not to be afterward? I’m trying to see how this would play out as an equitable solution. The man impregnated her just as much as she let him do it. Under your solution, a woman who has sex and gets pregnant by an irresponsible man can only carry, generally speaking, one baby in nine months. How many babies could an irresponsible man pretending to be responsible make in nine months? Hundreds. These irresponsible men have a much larger chance of creating unwanted pregnancies than the woman who has sex with him.

      • Renee B Hansen says:

        Also, Lori, I haven’t asked or expected tax payers to pay for anything. On the contrary, I’m asking for all responsible parties to do their share.

    • Makes sense to me!

    • andydoerksen says:

      You know what? If they kept their legs together they wouldn’t be having babies they can’t afford. BUT, even if they did, there’ a Alway the adoption option. But baby-slayers aren’t interested in that. They just want pleasure and death.

      • Renee B Hansen says:

        But answer my question…what regulations are you suggesting we put in place to enforce men to take responsibility for their actions? If they decide to put the baby up for adoption and someone is agreeing to cover medical costs, the women will still have to miss work for appointments and recovery after the delivery, if it’s a difficult pregnancy she may need more time off work that her employer is not obligated to pay her for and she may need counseling for post postpartum depression. What enforceable measures should be taken to be sure the man takes equal responsibility for the financial woes the woman will have to endure? And will all men be forced to take a paternity test when he claims it isn’t his? Who will pay for this?

      • Renee B Hansen….. the SOLUTION you keep demanding is don’t lay down with irresponsible men…. If you don’t want to foot the bill of a baby you don’t want or can not afford then don’t lay with men that will not take responsibility for what they create. Why should the taxpayers pay for your lack of morality?

      • Looks like you have it all figured out. From who’s to blamed to the quick easy fix. That’s all folks.

  6. You people. Hundreds of thousands of women, men, boys and girls attended the March. Among them were holocaust survivors, a Japanese women who survived the interment camps in WWII, Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers, sons, daughters, men, husbands, boyfriends, people from every walk of life, income level, race, and positive, uplifting signs, chants, messages farther than the eye could see. But your in your need to tear it down, you cluck your tongue and clutch your pears over a few salty signs and heaven forbid, women with tattoos or piercings. This March was not vulgar, it was sublime.

  7. Noderewon Pissedoff says:

    Your entire opinion piece is intolerant of choice. The constant message from conservatives is to fall in line, you don’t deserve a voice. The message is always about who pays for what. You pull out cherry picked pieces and individuals to indicate how how horrible these hundreds of thousands of individuals are, and ignore the fact that MANY conservative women are also there with them. It’s called FREEDOM! Maybe you have heard of that?

  8. Noderewon Pissedoff says:

    “This movement, then, is not about individual freedom for all, and it is certainly not spontaneous, like the Tea Party, but it is the creation of radical groups bent on continuing their campaign to undermine our constitutional republic.” Seriously? Wake up you sheeple! The Tea Party was anything BUT spontaneous. Funded almost in entirety by the Koch brothers, the Birch Society freaks who want to destroy the government and leave Anarchy to govern. Who wan ts to destroy the Republic and the Constitution? You need more education, freeloader.

    • Freeloader? Funny since I believe in ending the welfare state immediately!!

      • Renee B Hansen says:

        Does your plan include enforcing a “dead beat dad” to bear equal responsibility for any child he impregnates a woman with? To help pay a woman’s expenses accrued during the pregnancy (including compensation for loss wages)? Will there be strict laws to be sure the man pays half of all diapers, food, clothes, developmental toys, car seats, cribs and everything needed to be sure the baby thrives? And what if the man can’t do his equal share…how will be be punished? What if he goes to jail? Who will pay half of his share? “Women on Welfare” is only as big a problem as it is because of “Dead Beat Dads.”

  9. Mr. Walters,
    I live in MS, participated in the Jxn March, and commented Senator McDaniel’s page. If you had bothered to come to one of the marches in our state you would have seen a wide range of people–moms, grandmas, dads, white, black, Latino–who care about women’s rights and equality. Perhaps you could have learned something by talking to some of the marchers. It’s about more than birth control: many care about ending domestic violence, about having pregnant workers treated with more respect, about equal pay and, yes, even about ending conditions worldwide that lead to high mortality rates for women etc. I pray you will open your heart and your ears to listen to what you don’t understand rather than simply ridiculing it,

    • Nothings says “I deserve respect” like dressing up like a vagina, putting vulgar messages on posters, and having some of the most vile women in entertainment as your voice. Maybe you would get more respect for your effort if you at least made it seem like you deserve it.

      • Renee B Hansen says:

        Nothing says respect like a man who said, “Grab ’em by the pussy.” If you think those messages were vulgar than you must think Trump is vulgar too. That is where the “vulgarity” originated from. Those signs were reflecting the attitude he represented about women to make you see how vulgar he is. You see it now, but refuse to accept it comes from him?

      • Yet 53 percent of white women voted for him.

      • Cynthia Hood says:

        Your president said those things about women. So I guess its ok for a man to say vulgar things about a woman and her lady parts? When a woman stands up and wants to be heard she is now vulgar? He has not once acknowledge his insulting and vulgar behavior today women! Or any other group he threatened or made fun of. I for one do not want to live in a country that treats a woman as chattel! I will not sit down and hold an aspirin between my knees just to please you or anyone else! So, I ask you, where were you durning the election? Why didn’t you stand up and say wait hold on those words could be about my wife, daughter, mother, grandmother, niece, sister-in-law? This is what the march was about!! The insults and just plain ugliness of his campaign upset a lot of people! We stood together to let others know this behavior is not what our country stands for!

      • Yeah he said that … 12 years ago privately when he didn’t realize he was being taped. Shouldn’t have said it, obviously, and not something I would ever have said but he wasn’t out saying it publicly. And yet 53 percent of white women voted for him! And against another WHITE WOMAN who is the face of modern feminism!

  10. E. Scales Rheinfrank says:

    My family has lived in Mississippi for over 9 generations, and I am offended by your post. The over 3 million people who participated in the March last Saturday were not all liberals. They were men and women from all walks of life that came together to support equal rights and tolerance. The March was not about abortion or birth control. That is an issue that is important to some that were there but that was not the focus of this March. We watched our president make fun of a disabled person on TV; brag about sexually assaulting women; make racist comments about minorities and immigrants that have resulted in a rise in hate crimes against minorities in the US. These are the facts. The right to peacefully protest is our fundamental right as Americans. How dare you criticize Americans for coming together to march for something they believe in. How dare you try to deflect and lie about the issues. The protesters are on the right side of history, sir, and you, like so many politicians from Mississippi before you, are not.

    • Never said it wasn’t peaceful. I said it was vulgar and disgusting!

      • Renee B Hansen says:

        The people who were “vulgar and disgusting” were only sending the same message back that the president himself put out there. If you think the women were vulgar and disgusting then you better think Trump is too. The point was for people to see how vulgar and disgusting Trump is. If you missed that you are consumed by “alternative facts.”

        Trump: “I moved on her actually. You know she was down on Palm Beach. I moved on her, and I failed. I’ll admit it. I did try and fuck her, she was married.”
        Unknown: “That’s huge news there.”
        Trump: “No, no, Nancy. No this was [inaudible] and I moved on her very heavily in fact I took her out furniture shopping. She wanted to get some furniture. I said I’ll show you where they have some nice furniture. I moved on her like a bitch. I couldn’t get there and she was married. Then all-of-a-sudden I see her, she’s now got the big phony tits and everything. She’s totally changed her look.”
        Bush: “Your girl’s hot as shit. In the purple.”
        Multiple voices: “Whoah. Yes. Whoah.”
        Bush: “Yes. The Donald has scored. Whoah my man.”
        Trump: “Look at you. You are a pussy.”
        Bush: “You gotta get the thumbs up.”
        Trump: “Maybe it’s a different one.”
        Bush: “It better not be the publicist. No, it’s, it’s her.”
        Trump: “Yeah that’s her with the gold. I better use some Tic Tacs just in case I start kissing her. You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful… I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything.”

      • Renee B Hansen says:

        Bush: “Whatever you want.”
        Trump: “Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

      • People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

      • You’re vulgar and disgusting!

      • I’m not the one dressed up like genitalia.

      • So Renee, you are saying the whole vulgar act by these women was because of something Trump said 12 years ago in a private conversation? Really? Did you march against Bill Clinton? he did a lot more than say vulgar things. Several women came forward and said he violently raped them. And they all claimed Hillary contacted them with threats. But I bet you supported her as well. She was also funded by a Countries that treat women worse than dogs. That believe you have no rights. Did that upset you? Did you take to the streets and protest it? If not then that makes you a hypocrite.

      • Renee B Hansen says:

        Yes…I do have a big problem with all of that!!! And I did not support Hillary. And I was not educated, as wise nor brave enough at the time to know I could march against it. Over time, I’ve learned a lot about empathy and putting yourself in another’s place and more about the things that normalize sexual assault. Just because I was ignorant about it then, but more educated about it now, you think I shouldn’t care? I have learned and changed. And that is in the past. The real problem isn’t that he said all those things and got caught, the problem is the “shrug of his shoulders” the claiming it to be “locker room talk” and what he said and did AFTER the tape was released. By not accepting the seriousness of what everyone heard him say, he contributed to the normalization of sexual assault, the normalization of fucking a married woman, the normalization of objectifying a woman by the size of her tits. Then he continued to throw out insults to women who claimed he sexually assaulted them. That happened only a month before the election. Those are the actions I’m holding him accountable for. And they are all vulgar and disgusting. How you can you not think it is?

      • I hate to break this new to you Renee, but every man you know from your husband, your dad, to your preacher has at one time or another said something vulgar and sexist in a private conversation. All people say stupid stuff in private conversations at some point in their life. I bet you have said something at some point that you would not have wanted the world to hear.

      • Renee B Hansen says:

        What you said, WildBill, is exactly the problem. We all are saying things that contribute to making sexual assault “normal.” We all have said things like “He only pinched you because he likes you” or “boys will be boys.” Society has been indoctrinated into believing that sexual assault is inevitable. We all say so much to teach girls how not to get raped when we should be teaching “Don’t rape.” Sexual assault is a huge problem and diminishes a woman’s worth and self esteem. Let’s not make it ok to say these things. If Trump would have said he was sorry and gave the world an indication that, from this point forward, let’s do what we can do to stop sexual violence…we wouldn’t have anything to be up in arms about. And back to your point, just because we’ve all done it, does not make it ok. It’s harmful and I feel bad about the times I told my daughter that a boy pushed her down because he likes her. I was teaching her that it’s ok for a boy to hurt her. How awful I was!! I’ve educated myself on why there is so much sexual assault and I’m changing my ways. To defend what he said was “ok” is vulgar and disgusting. I truly understand your feeling that since it was so long ago and everyone does it so it’s fine….but my feeling is different. I feel in contributes to sexual violence against women and I would feel bad about myself if I didn’t do things that can help. And those who called attention to that vulgarity shouldn’t bother you as much as the ones who use it to normalize sexual assault.

  11. Ryan Kelly says:

    You, Mississippi, are THE MOST SUBSIDIZED state in the union. You suck the most federal dollars than any other state. You eagerly accept the most welfare. You let blue state California pull your weight. You are LAST in public education. So really, you wanna talk about taxpayer freebies?!!

  12. Disturbing to find out Soros was behind this well planned and executed women’s march conning women. Also, one of the major Organizers was a Linda Sarsour, a proponent of Sharia law which totally contradicts women’s rights. This article from Germany says it all……/ We need to verify intent before we jump on board again.

  13. For all of you liberals out there who have criticized this article, you need to stop and think about the bottom line here. It is not the responsibility of our government to pay for birth control or for abortions. This country has far too much debt already. Not to mention the fact that abortion is murder. The life that begins with conception is a life that deserves to live. God said in His Word “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you.” There will be a day of reckoning for all of your actions. In your heart you know that abortion is wrong. That is why you people feel such guilt and want others to join your actions. But there is grace and forgiveness. Instead of picking up a protest sign and using obscene language, wearing obscene costumes depicting genitalia parts why not pick up a Bible and discover God’s love and forgiveness? “As it was in the days of Noah so shall it be when The Son of Man returns.” Will you be ready?

    • Renee B Hansen says:

      What enforceable measures have been taken to make sure the male who put the sperm inside the female’s body bear equal responsibility for health care costs, loss wages from work, additional resources if special medical needs arise, prenatal vitamins, possible emotional distress, gas or bus fare to appointments and all the other responsibilities that come with impregnating someone? What is your solution that equality is shown between the woman and man throughout the pregnancy?

      • You keep saying that but it is still idiotic. Do you believe the male should have a say so in abortions? Everything should be equal, right?

      • Renee B Hansen says:

        WildBill, Why do you think it’s idiotic? Please explain. Of course I think a male should have say in an abortion as long as he is required and enforced by law to be equally responsible for all the things I mentioned. How can we put that measure into place?

    • The Christian bible is not what governs the many other religions, backgrounds and beliefs of this country. Celebrate diversity with us, won’t you, love? Please consider how hurtful your words are to those who are different or less fortunate than you. You cannot hide behind religion as a way to strip women of their right to equal pay and equal treatment under the law.

      • I never said anything against diversity or equal rights/equal pay. No one has lost any rights. Trump hasn’t taken anything away. I think a person should live their lives exactly as they choose, just don’t ask me to pay for it.

    • Marmay Pierce says:

      Hmmm genital parts are obcsene. What must you think of Melania’s nakedness?

  14. Isn’t there a place called Hattiesburg that needs the Senator’s attention? Why is the “Senator” focused on taunting people on FB instead of helping the victims of that tragedy?

  15. Not very bright, are you? The way to prevent abortions, is to provide birth control. And birth control should not be only the right of the wealthy — get it?? Poor women need it too. Try and figure this out, as I know it’s really difficult for your brain — but THIS is actually how to prevent abortion, if you are so against abortion. And what kind of Christian, by the way, does not believe in helping those who are struggling? The Hypocrite kind of Christian, which is what you are. Picking and choosing what is most convenient for your little selfish and sexist brain to believe in. You know what? You go ahead and stay in your time warp of 1955…But the year is 2017. And women will NEVER put up with this anymore.

  16. Traci Gatewood-Jacquet says:

    Hmmm….I don’t have a tattoo. I’ve never been on welfare of any kind. I’m married to my high school sweetheart – 28 years and going strong. I’ve been employed since I was 14. I’m 52 and run a family owned insurance agency. I have one employee who receives healthcare, vacation time, sick leave in addition to her salary. I pay my taxes and file every year. I’m a part time caretaker for my elderly parents. I own a home. Yeah I’m such a radical. I have spent some time in the state of MS. Lots of Dollar Stores, abandoned homes, and poverty the likes I have not witnessed coming from CA. It was depressing. No wonder y’all have such a hateful mindset.

  17. Arguing with your viewpoints will only make you dig your heels in the sand and I’m frustrated because that means you won’t hear me out. Although we don’t all practice Christianity, we are all good people and we don’t believe you should regulate our reproductive rights the very same way we don’t regulate yours. For the record, women also deserve equal pay and equal treatment under the law – conservative or not. We’re not angry. We are frustrated. You would be, too. You just paint us as angry and shrill to make your argument stronger.

    • So you are saying, what you do with your body is nobodies business but yours, but its my responsibility to pay for it. OK, got it.

  18. Maxene Harlow says:

    That’s perfect it is still my choice to have a baby or not. Where do men like you get off telling me I am a baby killer? Plan Parenthood saved my life when I had female problems which led to abortion. I know it’s hard for you politicians to remove church from state? I want say your a good Christian what I see is hipacritical asshole. Don’t make discussions on women’s private parts. I do live in Mississippi
    Maxene Harlow

  19. Renee B Hansen says:

    What enforceable measures have been taken to make sure the male who put the sperm inside the female’s body bear equal responsibility for health care costs, loss wages from work, additional resources if special medical needs arise, prenatal vitamins, possible emotional distress, gas or bus fare to appointments and all the other responsibilities that come with impregnating someone? What is your solution that equality is shown between the woman and man throughout the pregnancy?

  20. Byron O'Neal says:

    Let’s clear up Planned Parenthood federal funding. The two sources for federal funding are, Medicaid and Title X. Title X does not allow for federal reimbursement for abortion. Medicaid does only in cases of rape, incest or to protect the life of the mother. Perhaps you are a hardliner and feel that even in those extreame cases that abortion should not be legal. Ok, I hear you. If you are genuinely concerned about those unborn children who’s life was the result of violence, in the case of incest where medical complications are more common, or where clearly the mother and child could be in danger your solution to largely poor women is to simply strip all possibility of medical assistance by completely cutting all federal funding from PP? That’s cruel and lazy. Seems to me that’s hiding behind Christianity as an excuse rather than showing god’s love and getting involved. What would Jesus do? The strongest witness is to show people that you care. That’s why I volunteer.

    The good Senator’s behavior and attitude was shameful and divisive. Is that how you want to be portrayed? I don’t. For the record I’m a registered independent who just reached a hand out of my own bubble. I’m welcoming and value your opinions as long as they aren’t spit at me with vitriol. So let me tell you just a bit about me because I think both sides are a little too eager to throw out words like “radical” and we have to get away from considering anyone not like us as “them.” I was raised southern baptist in Tennessee. I grew up around livestock and cutting tobacco. I own my own photography business. My wife works with veterans who have PTSD and we as a family have gone to great lengths to support getting her through school so she could do what she does. It’s heartbreaking ya’ll. I have a beautiful boy who I love more than anything else on the planet. I like soccer and read quite a bit when I’m not taking pictures. I used to lead workshops to various national parks to share the beauty of this great land with others. Does that sound like a radical to you? Of course not. Reasonable people are out there on both sides and in between. I read this post and find it to be shamefully misinformed.

  21. The American people should not pay for the health insurance of the representatives and senators. They obviously dress nice and have nice clothes and can afford to purchase their own health care. As well their life long retirement packages are RIDICULOUS and cost the taxpayer far too much money that could be better spent on health and education. Every year they vote a raise for themselves. I think minimum wage and social security benefits should increase at the same rare. As well, everyone working for the people of the United States should have drug tests.

    • Actually, Senator McDanial has long been a proponent of term limits and does not think we should have career politicians. And he would probably agree with you on the drug tests as well.

  22. you seem like a really good representative of the left.

  23. Hey Ryan: As usual, you and the Annointed One lavish in hyperbole when you make your arguments. However, it should be said that a woman who lives in the U.S. today certainly lives in the “Goldielocks” time period of human history and development for being a woman. After all, she enjoys the following rights in a way that even a generation before many of those rights would have been unthinkable:
    1) The right to exercise the franchise to vote for whomever she chooses;
    2) The right to believe whatever her conscience dictates, and to live her life according to her own independent judgment;
    3) The right to the same societal benefits and to live her life as a man;
    4) The right to invoke her natural, fundamental right to decide her own reproductive health choices, including the right to receive abortion healthcare services;
    5) The right to determine for herself her choice of spouse, companion, and/or partner;
    6) The right to divorce herself from her spouse, companion, or partner;
    7) The right to decide for herself how she wants to adorn/dress/appear in public without a man, the state, or religious authority dictating to her;
    8) The right to own and inherit property without having a man to oversee it;
    9) The right to travel wherever and whenever she pleases;
    10) The right to make her own decisions and to make her own life choices;
    11) The same right to equal protection under the law as a man;
    12) The same right to due process of law as a man;
    13) The right to speak freely, assemble in peaceful protest, and to worship according to her independent conscience;
    14) The right to hold any public office;
    15) The right to seek an education according to her skills and abilities;
    16) The right to make career choices according to her personal drive, determination, and abilities;
    17) The right to refuse and say “no” to anyone–regardless;
    18) The right to bear arms;
    19) The right to simply be who she chooses;
    20) And the list goes on.

  24. Verity Jones says:

    The Republicans are are sure doing a bang up job in Mississippi. High rates of poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, teen pregnancy, and dead last in education. On top of it you if have your hands out for as many federal dollars (freebies) as you can get. Quit trying to manipulate people with abortion rhetoric to try to maintain political control. If you cared about babies so much than you wouldn’t have such high infant mortality, childhood food insecurity, and education problems. The republicans are the ones marching themselves right off a cliff. There are plenty of democratics that are pro-life. Your article is full of “alternative facts” about the woman’s march in an unsuccessful attempt to try to undermine it but you are actually helping our cause so thank you. You can only stand on lies and hypocrisy for so long before people catch on. Change is is happening whether you like it or not.

    • You’re right, change is happening! We just elected and inaugurated Donald Trump! Keep dressing up like genitalia and we will be there a long, long time! But please tell me what alternative facts I use?

      • Renee Hansen says:

        Is there a reason you haven’t answered my question? I truly believe addressing our concerns and coming to a solution that is equitable for both men and women is important for us to work together. I haven’t called anyone names and have responded in an objective tone. But no answers to how to hold a man legally responsible for impregnating a woman and enforcing that law. This is a workable framework for preventing abortions and it deserves some introspection. The fact that I asked that question numerous times and it was ignored points to a very valid reason for why we marched. This inequality has not been addressed by lawmakers no matter how long and hard we have tried. What is it that stops you from seeing this? And I am not asking in a mean tone at all…i honestly would like to know so I can change my approach so we can all find a common ground.

    • Republicans are marching right off the cliff you say? We are not beating up our political opponents, torching limousines, smashing windows, and other acts of violence, nor are we dressing up like genitalia and using vulgar language and talking about sex in public. We just won the White House, House and Senate, and are about to take control of the Supreme Court. Since Obama, Democrats have LOST more than 1,000 offices, including 64 House seats, 13 Senate seats, 13 Governorships, and 33 State Houses. There are only 5 States where Democrats control the Governorship, the State House, and the State Senate – a political trifecta. The Republicans do in more than half the States! Republicans also hold 31 of 45 Lt. Governorships and 70 out of 99 legislative chambers! So I think you should rethink your position on this one!

  25. I say, let them march! The more they march they expose themselves as to their true nature. Let’s see more torched cars an limos! Let’s see more women with “pussy” hats on! let’s see more women with fake vaginas on their heads. Does that len any type of credence to their movement? Sorry, but I find it hard to take a woman seriously dressed in that sort of garment. Let folks like Judd get up on stage and rant, let us hear their radicalized, pre-written mutterings. It is nothing, it will blow away like fallen leaves in a brisk wind.

    For example, we were all worried about black lives and the police over a year ago and the BLM started, understandably concerned. But then they show their true nature; violence, looting, beatings, murders, gunshots, assassinations, and blocking streets and highways that incurs the wrath of every one who needs to get some where, to block ambulances from delivering needed relief, to having the elderly have physical problems waiting in the sun for their protests. The BLM’s reputation has suffered greatly due to this, this new “femNazi” movement shall suffer the same fate.


    • Renee Hansen says:

      “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” ~ JFK I tried all day to calmly and respectfully ask how to hold a man equally responsible for a pregnancy and no one answered it. I am asking for equal rights. It is ignored and called “idiotic,” If no one listens when we are cordial and respectful then how do you propose we fight an injustice? If you don’t work with us to find a common ground and only throw back insults, what other path do you think we should take?

      That question is the first of many that need to be hammered out for everyone to have equality in this country…including the unborn baby.

      And by the way, I am not pro choice and I am not pro life. I am pro “stopping as many abortions as possible while holding both the man and woman equally responsible.” I believe both sides of the spectrum have gone too far and we will never resolve this issue until we meet each other in the middle.

      • So you don’t have equal rights? What rights do you not have? What rights have been taken away from you? I will tell you one right you have today the men do NOT have – the right to kill an unborn child. Even the father has no right to stop that.

      • For someone that asks the same question over and over and can’t get an answer tell me this… I know of a women that has four kids and had 4 different abortions with one of those right at the legal limit as she was well passed 20 weeks and had to go to another state to have the abortion. This women has many problems with one of them being she can’t keep her legs closed up! This is obvious in the fact that 5 of these 8 known pregnancies were by different men and the three by the same man had several of the abortions in between the three children being born and that was still amid rumors that not all three of the kids were in fact by her husband even though he claimed them as his so everyone let him believe they were his whether they were or not. This women has used abortion as a way to get rid of unwanted children to hide the fact she was cheating on her husband and as a form of birth control. This did not work forever as you would expect because the husband did finally catch on after the forth child was born by-racial so it was pretty obvious it was not his baby. She had no way of knowing at the time who’s kid she was carrying and took a chance that the one time she slept with a man of different racial background would not be the one and it came back to bite her in the ass. I don’t know who payed for the four admitted abortions but I personally would be sickened by the thought that tax payers would have to fit the bill! Now my question to you is do you condone that kind of behavior and do you think that it should be OK to just kill babies so that your husband don’t find out you have been sleeping with everyone in the neighborhood or using it for a form of birth control and just make tax papers pay for the abortions! It’s obvious to me that birth control might help but if you are not responsible for your actions to start with and have the mind to use birth control then it does no good. If you are not willing to be in control of your own life then there is nothing that others can do for you. The best and safest way is to know better than having sex with irresponsible men to start with!! I am not grouping all women together in this category because it’s not something that happens all the time but these are the kind of consequences that come with the subject of abortion and since you have many people that don’t believe in abortion at all it is unfair to make everyone as a tax payer pay. I think it would be more appropriate to have the people that are all for it like Hillary donate to fund to help their fellow abortion followers instead of taking from people that want nothing to do with it….

      • Renee B Hansen says:

        First of all, you still haven’t answered my very first question. You just proposed a new one to me that I will respectfully answer.

        It is not equal rights for a woman to bear full responsibility of a pregnancy. Could we agree on that? There was a man and a woman who created that baby. Right now, there are no enforceable measures in place that make a man pay his equal share of all the things I’ve previously listed. Carrying a child is a massive responsibility that can drain a woman emotionally and financially. This systematically creates an inequality where a woman will have less resources than a man….money from loss wages, a loss of a job if the woman works where there is not paid family leave, possible emotional issues…lots of things. So we’ve been living in this inequality for years…where the man doesn’t have enforced responsibility and also doesn’t give it. But the government has done things to help bridge this inequality…access to affordable health care, birth control so the man can’t impregnate her to begin with and counseling and many other things many woman cannot afford when they have to pay for all the costs. Even this doesn’t equalize a man not taking responsibility, but it helps. The new political leaders have made it clear that their agenda is to no longer provide these services. When Planned Parenthood no longer receives funding, all these women are going to be left alone to foot the bill of their pregnancy…TAKING AWAY THE EQUAL RIGHT TO HAVE THE SAME FINANCIAL EQUITY AS THE MAN WHO GOT HER PREGNANT. I am totally in agreement that the government shouldn’t be handing out all this funding but a big reason they have to is because so many men don’t pay their share. Do you agree that if men were held accountable, it would create a whole other income to keep the woman from need government funds? And also makes things equitable between the man and woman?

        In addition, the human rights of the baby we have worked so hard to protect, are also at stake. Please take a long hard look at how we can be sure we are doing all we can to give that unborn baby the same chance as all other unborn babies to develop into a healthy, born child. I marched so that the government wouldn’t take away the unborn child’s rights by taking away a pregnant woman’s access to affordable health care. Because even if the man or woman doesn’t have health insurance because of their irresponsibility, I don’t think the unborn baby should suffer the consequences. Do you?

      • I think Obama has let too many out of prison to the point that people no longer think they should have to reflect upon their actions. You do the crime you do the time, right.. You want to completely skip the responsibility of making the baby to start with and move straight to the oh sh*t I’m pregnant. While I am morally in agreement that both men and women should both be equally responsible for a child I think that education would be more beneficial in teaching people to know the consequences of pregnancy before having sex and a baby instead letting everyone be unaccountable for their actions and making up for it by handing out birth control and abortions. It comes back to safe sex and not having to worry about diseases and if anything handing out birth control or saying don’t worry we can abort that baby in no time encourages people to just go a head and have sex and does not educate people on ALL the consequences of sexual activity. I think that people should first think about the responsibilities of having a child to start with before thinking about how the responsibilities are to be split up. I see it as a women has the choice to have sex and make babies because any women that is having babies against her will would fall under another category and that is rape which we have laws for.. Men can’t force women to take birth control because that would also be a crime. And as I stated in my post before you have women that are obviously not responsible and use abortion like a birth control and so my point is that it’s not always cut and dry on who shares what responsibilities but the one thing that I can be sure of is that a woman should be educated enough to know that she is the one that has to carry the baby for 9 months you can’t split that in two and in the long run if she decided that she was going to sleep with a man knowingly not using any preventative measures to prevent pregnancy then whether or not that man is around in 9 months or not she will be having a baby. I am not saying that’s right only that it’s true and this is a real issue we face with single mothers having to raise children on their own and that’s why I think we should work with educating people instead of enabling them and then worrying about it after the fact. I keep hearing “my body my decision” does that only factor in when a women wants to abort a baby? Does that not mean anything until she is pregnant? It kind of kills me how you have women saying it is their body and they should be able to decide on an abortion but if they don’t want to have an abortion then it’s how can we make men pay their part!! Is it me or are these people saying that men have no say unless the women decides she wants to keep the baby? So if I said Ok to your let’s make men pay their half and be completely responsible for everything just like you are asking for would you support a mans right to prevent a women from being able to abort their child? Giving some rights takes others rights away so you have to be careful when playing around with peoples rights… My whole problem is tax payers paying for abortion I can deal with the rest by taking responsibility for my actions but once the government gets involved playing around with your rights you no longer have a say and then you follow the laws or pay the price!!

      • Renee B Hansen says:

        Tommy, first of all, I keep asking the same question over and over because no one has ever answered it. Instead, y’all keep asking me more questions, that I keep respectfully answering. You said, “For someone who keeps asking the same question over and over,” how is that so bad…what are you trying to call me out on? I don’t get it. But I will answer your question…

        I absolutely don’t condone that behavior. The woman you told the story about sounds awful. I don’t know her, but I’ll take your word for it that she is. That pisses me off she had all those abortions! I’m trying to make sure the least amount of abortions happen as possible. Is this your goal, too? How do you think we can work together to achieve this goal? Because I don’t want my tax money to be used for abortions either! Usually when the woman doesn’t have the money to have one, that is when a government uses those funds. It’s possible that the man who impregnated her could have those funds….I think making him equally responsible could give the couple a higher income that won’t qualify them for it. Wherever federal funding is being used….it should stop. And if the two that created the baby can afford it, then not our problem. So the couple doesn’t have the abortion. Then the man who got her pregnant should bear equal responsibility for all the hardships endured as a result of that. That is all I’m asking. That we have an enforceable method to hold the man responsible. If it doesn’t make civil sense to you that is should make financial sense. Also, I mentioned in a previous post, further in this article….let’s keep the human rights of the unborn child – that we are all working so hard to protect – in the forefront of our minds. What measures need to be taken so that this unborn baby receives the same chance as any other unborn baby to have a healthy birth? Do you agree we should do that?

        You brought up the issue of the woman having sex with irresponsible men and blaming her for that. If you blame a woman for that, you also must blame irresponsible men for having sex. It all goes hand in hard. It would be an injustice, don’t you think, to hold a woman to one standard, but then not hold that man to the same one? Irresponsible men are impregnating women as much, and in your story more, as women having sex with irresponsible men. You story proves this point. ONE irresponsible woman had sex with MANY irresponsible men. All these men got one woman pregnant. This woman produced one baby in nine months. As I was reading it, I got this sick feeling in the pit of my stomach thinking about how many more unwanted babies each irresponsible man, produced during each of those nine month periods.

      • Yes in the post I wrote about the irresponsible woman you could say that the men were also irresponsible but I know that the one person in the husband took responsibility and he was also played for a fool and had lots of people laughing behind his back all because his wife was willing to sleep with any and everyone including his own brother. The point to this story was that like with everything else you have people that take advantage of government assistance and I for one would not want people to take advantage of tax payers to pay for the abortions of someone that plainly has not enough since to quit being impregnated by any man willing to have sex with her…

    • Renee B Hansen says:

      Please excuse me, I made a typo that affected the meaning of the sentence. Where I had a “can,” I meant, “can’t.”
      “And if the two that created the baby can’t afford it, then not our problem.” Sorry about that.

  26. Maybe if Mississippi didn’t lead the nation in infant mortality, you and your “pro-life” claims would have some integrity. But the truth is, conservative policies have made our state last in all the good things and first in all the bad ones… and yet people keep voting you in because you pander to their religion, even though it’s almost impossible to find any of Christ’s teachings in a modern Republican.

    If conservative policies were truly the best ones, states like Mississippi would be a utopia leading the rest of the country. But the proof is in the pudding — your ways have held us back for decades, and you’ve been very lucky that people here are well-trained and are obedient when they’re told to mistrust the people you tell them to mistrust, and don’t look at the results they get from the votes they cast.

    Now the country has elected a mentally ill man who cannot tell the truth (and, worse, I think he can’t even recognize it), who will be a puppet for anyone who feels like flattering him. Amazingly enough, conservatives are now wanting to be buddies with Russia! Reagan’s “evil empire” is now someone you defend, and you attack anyone who questions him.


    The Women’s March was full of this country’s true patriots. You just wave a flag and quote the Bible and hope it distracts everyone from what you REALLY stand for… which is anything but what Jesus taught or what the American forefathers fought and died to establish.

  27. Renee B Hansen says:

    So in anyone is following this tread, you will see I’ve asked over and over for a solution that makes men equally responsible for a pregnancy they helped create. The only solution offered was that women shouldn’t sleep with irresponsible men. This reasoning also leads to the conclusion that irresponsible men shouldn’t have sex. If you deny this isn’t a valid conclusion based on the solution you gave, then I encourage you to really look into yourself and wonder why that is. It is extremely sexist. I am trying to create a bridge of understanding and a way to work to the common goal of preventing abortions. If you can’t admit to the sexism involved, you will never be able to stop the abortions that irresponsible men help create.

    Also, Ryan, you never answered one of my questions and there were many posed. Everyone kept asking me more questions, instead of answering mine and I answered them all. I asked many questions in my responses to yours and other’s posts and you never answered one…not a single one! I am trying to come together as a nation, but you have shown no desire to do so.

    I will not be coming back to this board. In two straight days there has not been one response from you that shows any desire to truly stop abortions and I see I am wasting my time looking for help here. If you’re glad I’m gone….ask yourself why? And is it a compassionate reason? At least try to answer that question truthfully, if only to yourself.

    • No I agree with you that men should take equal responsibility for children that are theirs but would you also agree that a father has equal say in an abortion?

    • Don’t think I’m a the bad guy here I hear you and 100% agree with just about everything you are saying. I do think that both parties should share an equal responsibility but I think that we have to look at the big picture as to how these problems can be prevented instead of how the responsibilities are to be split up and who pays for what. I am not trying to be a smart ass but I got the idea that by posting the same rant over and over that you are are set on what you are saying and just want an answer to how you can achieve that goal without asking how can it be made fair for everyone or working with others to find a common ground. As I was saying there are many factors that go with having children and by women having the right to abort a child for any reason they want it takes away the rights of the man that may have wanted to keep the child. I’ll put it this way by no means do I see people against abortion listening to people like Madonna, Ashley Judd, and people that want to riot and burn cars. These people are nothing but a distraction and if anything sicken reasonable minded people into being close minded people. I can’t answer your question as to how to hold men completely responsible for their half because there are laws that conflict with each other giving rights to some while taking away from others. I totally agree that a man that does not take responsibility for their child is a piece of sh*t and should keep their pecker to them self!! But me as a man can not say OK the women should hold all the rights in saying if she wants to have a baby or not and after she decides then I come in and do my half like I really had a say in the matter. So I guess what I saying is that to answer your question as a man would be to give up any say in the matter and say that a man should not have any dog in the fight till the women says pay up.. You agree that laws should be fair for everyone right not just men and not just women. You would have to agree that a women can stop this from ever being an issue by not having sex or at least knowing to have some way to prevent pregnancy before doing so. While I think men should take care of the children they create I also know that other than condoms men can’t control whether or not women are taking birth control or not and when it comes down to it the women has the ultimate decision on whether or not they decide to sleep with a man and take that chance of getting pregnant… If you are seriously looking for answers and not just on this site to troll them because you don’t like the message they send out then try to talk to people like you are willing to work for an answer and not just demanding that someone answer your question!

  28. When I was a teenager, the doctors couldn’t figure out why I was sick and constantly in pain. As it turns out, Endometriosis was literally eating me alive. It took until 22 to get the diagnosis.By then my ovaries, gall bladder, and colon had been attacked. I had been bleeding internally (severely) because Endo bleeds the same way uterine tissue does for 9 years. I was in so much pain all the time. I have been living with Braxton Hicks contractions for over 10 years now, and that’s despite my 6 surgeries to correct the problems as the Endo pulled my organs out of place. At 27 it was necessary to have a complete hysterectomy to kill the Endo.

    You know what the standard treatment for Endometriosis is?

    Birth control. It’s for the regulation of estrogen and often putting a leash on the internal bleeding.

    10 – 20% of all women have some degree of Endometriosis. Most never know that’s why they have such bad cycles or suffer infertility. Some have tons of Endo and suffer no pain, while others have a penny’s worth and a million dollars worth of pain.

    I encourage you to check my facts. Better yet, call an endocrinologist that specializes in Endometriosis to verify what I’m telling you. Ask them how it ruins the lives of their patients.

    Then look those patients in the eye, those 12 – 24 MILLION patients in the eye and tell them you can’t help them because of your personal morals.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your health issues, I really am. And I understand that’s the standard treatment for it. And I’m not one of these conservatives that oppose birth control pills. Those are decisions between a patient and doctor. But I don’t want to pay for your medications (any of them) and you shouldn’t be paying for mine. And this is not an anti-women stance. Taxpayers should be paying for men’s viagra pills either.

  29. Ryan, I agree with much of what you and Sen. McDaniel have said on these issues. I believe abortion is taking innocent human life and that no one’s right to choice regarding their own lives entitles one to take an innocent life just because that innocent life is dependent on them. I agree that much of what occurred last Saturday was reprehensible. I defend the rights of those folks to march and protest, but I do not approve of their violence or of signs such as, “If Mary had had an abortion we would not be in this mess.?” Moreover, while Trump kept fluctuating between my last and next to last choice of the Republicans who offered themselves to be the Party’s nominee, I ended up voting for him, support him, and generally like what he has done so far. I also think that people unhappy with the election results are trying to de-legitimize him, and I don’t approve of that any more than I did conservatives trying to do the same to Obama. We have elections, someone wins and someone loses, and the winner becomes President.

    But you seem determined to shoot yourself and the conservative movement in the foot. You simply cannot come to terms with reality. You are ready to see welfare ended immediately. You are ready to phase out all entitlements. You are unwilling to provide women with non-abortive birth control. You maintain MS is not a conservative state. You are not willing to say what, if welfare and other entitlements were removed, would happen to MS and its poor. You keep attacking those who are your natural allies, Nobody is pure enough for you except McDaniel and what’s left of his base.

    The realities are very different. The US by an overwhelming majority consisting of both Republicans and Democrats has not stomach for getting rid of welfare or other entitlements. They are prepared to provide women with birth control if that will reduce their dependence on government. They see is as a good deal. They do not want to see people dying for lack of food or healthcare. Mississippians in the majority do not want what would happen to our state if federal dollars were removed. Most Mississippians are conservative realists/pragmatists. They believe in conservative principles, but they are not nuts. They want not ideological answers but solutions that will work.

    Mississippians are conservative by and large. The Republican Party in MS is conservative.Our congressional delegation is conservative to a man. But you and Sen.McDaniel keep attacking your own, alienating your allies, and trying to destroy the unity of conservatives is MS. Good work.

    • I’m not unhappy with the election results. I’m a Trump man! I supported America First, fair trade, restricted immigration, and stopping foreign adventurism before it was cool – Buchanan in ’92, ’96, and 2000 when I was his state vice chair.

    • “But you seem determined to shoot yourself and the conservative movement in the foot. You simply cannot come to terms with reality. You are ready to see welfare ended immediately. You are ready to phase out all entitlements. You are unwilling to provide women with non-abortive birth control.”

      Those are long range goals; never said we should do them right now immediately!

      • You say it both ways, Ryan, Once in reply to a comment about MS’s dependence on federal dollars you responded: “And I am for stopping all of that immediately! Please read and be informed!” (Quote by Ryan Walters above)

        But you also say you want to phase these things out. So let’s think about that. You take where we are right now. Tell us exactly where you want to go – or state your goal. Lay out a step by step plan that get us thee. And give us a timeline. When would you begin? How long will it take to get from here to there?

        And be specific about where MS will be without all those federal dollars.

      • Meaning I would cut it off immediately if I could. But that’s not practical and we all know it. In fact McDaniel’s plan (which he would have laid out if the coward Cochran would have debated him but who knows he might have started talking about all the indecent things he did with animals again) was to phase it out over time. That can be done practically speaking.

    • “You maintain MS is not a conservative state.”

      No I said Mississippi is not GOVERNED by conservative principles, and one look at the government will show you that.

    • “Mississippians are conservative by and large. The Republican Party in MS is conservative.Our congressional delegation is conservative to a man. But you and Sen.McDaniel keep attacking your own, alienating your allies, and trying to destroy the unity of conservatives is MS. Good work.”

      Thad Cochran is conservative huh? You and two other people think that. Unity of conservatives in MS? They really showed it in 2014 didn’t they? Forgot about that race-baiting campaign against McDaniel didn’t you? Did Chris McDaniel EVER hurl anything like that at them?

      • Yes, Thad Cochran, Roger Wicker, and test of the delegation save Bennie Thompson are conservatives. My guess is that if you surveyed the voters now about who now is undermining the united, and the answer would be Chis McDaniel.

        You are no going to accomplish anything till you stop re-living 2017 and move on.

  30. Let me rephrase one: MS is a conservative state, governed by conservative Legislature, Gov. and Lt. Gov.

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