McDaniel: Legislation Needed to Stop Obama’s Liberal School Agenda

By Ryan S. Walters | @ryanswalters73

In recent weeks, President Obama, less than a year from leaving office, announced new policies regarding the nation’s public schools, specifically the rights of students who identify as transgender, to use the bathroom, locker rooms, and showers of their choice, meaning the gender that they identify with, not with the genitalia they happen to possess at the moment.

The policy was a reaction to a state law passed in North Carolina that specified that one must use the restroom according to the gender of one’s birth. In other words, if a person possesses male genitalia, then by law he is a male and he must use the men’s restroom, not the restroom of the gender he might believe he is in his mind.

Such a policy makes logical sense. But remember we are dealing with liberals, and, with the twisted left, logic and common sense fly right out the window. As crazy as the Obama order sounds, this is just the next phase of his transformation of America, a radical move that strikes at the very heart of traditional values. He cares nothing for protecting kids; only the continued destruction of the very foundations the nation was built upon.

Many states have vowed resistance to this latest presidential decree and have joined forces in a federal lawsuit, including the state of Mississippi. But initially the Mississippi Superintendent of Education, Dr. Carey Wright, vowed to comply with and enforce the Obama directive. Only after considerable public and political pressure, did she reverse her decision.

Senator Chris McDaniel has drafted legislation he plans to introduce in a special session this year, or in the next legislative session in January, that will prevent the Superintendent, or any employee of the State Department of Education, from enforcing any federal education regulation or executive order handed down from Washington that does not pass Congress.

The McDaniel proposal states:

“No federal regulation, executive order, or administrative interpretation of a law, promulgated or issued by the federal Department of Education or other federal agency which is not enacted by the United States Congress an signed by the President of the United States, shall be enforced or ordered to be enforced by the State Superintendent of Education or by any official, agent or employee of the State Department of Education.”

Furthermore, the new law would require the Department of Education, before entering into any agreement with a federal agency or enforcing any new regulation or law, to publish their decisions in the Mississippi Register and allow for at least 90 days for public comments, and also notify the chairs of the appropriate committees in both houses of the state legislature.

This law has three specific purposes: Protecting the state’s children, who should be in a safe space of their own in the school’s restroom; reining in what has become an out-of-touch State Department of Education that has no regard for the values of the general public in Mississippi or their representatives in the legislature; and pushing back against President Obama’s unconstitutional decrees and orders on the state’s public schools.

We should urge every member of the legislature to pass this important bill.

Read the full bill here: Education and Federal Power Bill



  1. Laura Van Overschelde says:

    The enactment of the U.S.Department of Education by Jimmy Carter was the construction of the gateway against what is clearly an unwanted and offensive delving into the lives of our children and families. Time to stop it PERMANENTLY AND EFFECTIVELY!

  2. Go ahead. Then lose all federal funding for un-uniting the States over complete nonsense. Buh-bye Felicia!

  3. Hey Ryan: You and Chris make some good points. However, last night, Bernie Goldberg (a conservative journalist) was on O’Reilly discussing the topic. He pointed out that in those schools which have maintained open transgender bathrooms, that there have been no reported acts of aggression by the anatomically boys against girls when they share the girls’ bathrooms. The students go into their respective stalls, do their business, and then leave. The real problem he pointed out is having transgender open showers and locker rooms. He made it clear that young girls don’t need to observe male genitalia (and visa-versa), even when the children involved are “harmless” towards others. Ryan, what does your research indicate?

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