Senator Chris McDaniel Pens Open Letter to Mississippi Conservatives, Steven Palazzo Breathes Sigh of Relief

From Senator Chris McDaniel:

Dear Friends,

For months, friends and supporters have been asking me to run for Congress against Steven Palazzo. Such requests have only intensified in light of Steven’s inexplicable support of President Obama’s disastrous budget, whereby many Congressional Republicans (including Mississippi’s entire GOP delegation) voted to fully fund the president’s liberal agenda, including Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, sanctuary cities, climate change, refugee resettlement programs and his unconstitutional executive orders.

Put simply, the Omnibus Spending Bill they supported did not honor the promises they made to the men and women who elected them. Instead, the bill adopted the big-government agenda of Democrats and effectively forfeited our Republican victories of 2014, while cementing Obama’s priorities for nearly the full remainder of his term.

Ninety-five House Republicans displayed courage in fighting the president. But Mississippi’s delegation did not. Each of them surrendered without a fight and blindly supported President Obama in the same manner they blindly supported the failed leadership of House Speaker John Boehner.

Mississippi’s two U.S. Senators were no better. Both Roger Wicker and Thad Cochran surrendered to President Obama without a fight, despite the fact that Cochran is the Senate Chairman of Appropriations. Although twenty-six courageous Republican Senators voted “no” to the deal, our delegation joined with the Democrats to give Obama another major victory.

Making matters worse, instead of using the “power of the purse” to defund the President’s executive orders, they issued press releases threatening to “take a stand” and “censure” the president, knowing such actions were nothing more than deceitful political theater. But we were not deceived. Had they really wished to fight for us, they would have never supported the President’s budget. They would have pushed back earlier, with more principle and aggression.

Interestingly, it seems the only time they display courage, if only theatrics, is just before an election qualifying deadline.

Based on their repeated actions, it seems their loyalties are with the DC establishment, and not the good people of Mississippi.

For these reasons and others, conservatives across the country, including Mississippi, feel betrayed by their Republican Congressmen. I feel betrayed by ours as well, with most national conservative organizations rating the members of our federal delegation among the least conservative Republican Congressmen in the entire republic.

Like many of you, I would love to see immediate change. I would love to see politicians fighting for us, instead of special interests. I would love to see our Congressmen listen to the people and display real courage, instead of catering to government insiders and lobbyists. But lasting change takes time, patience and hours of incredibly difficult work.

As to the 2016 primary challenge against Steven Palazzo, thank you for believing in me. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your support.

However, I already have previous commitments to Senator Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign as his state chairman, the Mississippi Senate and various other projects I cannot yet report. With a young family, successful law practice and an incredibly stressful and busy political career, my primary focus must remain on what is best for the overall conservative movement and the people of Mississippi. At this time, the conservative movement is better served if I do not mount a challenge for U.S. Congress.

In my opinion, I can better serve the movement we started in 2014 if I remain in Mississippi. There is much work still to be conducted, and I need to be in Mississippi to complete it.

At this time, being one Congressman out of 435 others would not represent a political promotion for me or the movement. God has already blessed me with a platform and a message, and I do not need to be in DC to share it. Being in DC would greatly interfere with the plans I have for Mississippi and its people. We are just getting started. The future is bright. The battleground is being prepared for a bigger fight.

I pray my passion for reform has not caused you to withdraw from me or the conservative movement. Like you, I am burdened with grave concerns for our state and republic; and I can say with conscious truth that there is not an individual on earth more willing to sacrifice than I would to relieve us from this historically heavy reproach.

I want to thank you for the prayers, friendship and support you have always shown me. Thank you for being my friend. But perhaps more importantly, thank you for the personal sacrifices you have made for the betterment of Mississippi and the survival of liberty.

I believe in you. Today, I have more faith in our fight than ever before. I believe in the people; and I believe in their righteous anger. Moreover, I believe in our power to effectuate change.

Remember Mississippi.

If there is anything I can do to ever assist you, please do not hesitate to contact me. Until then, I tender the offering of my high esteem and respect.

Sen. Chris McDaniel



  1. Thank you for your support of Senator Cruz. He is the only constitutional conservative in this presidential race!

  2. Whatever you decide and move forward with, you have my unwavering support. Thank you for all you have done and tried to do for our state.

  3. Wait…Palazzo breathed a sigh of relief? Yeah. OK.

  4. Steven only wins because of the Pine Belt. McDaniel OWNS the Pine Belt.

    McDaniel would destroy him.

  5. Very well stated! You should be in DC now, and would have been the 27th ‘NO’ vote on the Omnibus. I am glad we have you in MS though! I was worried I would have to shift some donations from Sen. Ted Cruz to you there for a minute! Good luck, God Bless and!!

  6. Frances Kirbh says:

    Palazzo wrote in his letter that I receive on my email each month that he voted AGAINST the bill and that Cochran and Wicker voted for it. I have always believed Senator McDaniel and also believed Palazzo; so now I am confused. Did Palazzo vote for or against the bill??

  7. Chris for US Senator. Send Wicker home.

  8. I AM GLAD Senator McDaniel is staying here in the State as we have much to do HERE! Without his light to follow we are fumbling in the dark. With leadership in the executive offices who do not communicate with the people unless something alarming happens, we see governance by crisis. Sad to say that we have little hope of that changing. When we have rampantly fraudulent elections the chief executive officer NEVER acts upon much less even comment: his own party hires Democrats to boost up the numbers for the flagrantly mental status of Cochran, ignore the abusive poll workers in Franklin County, the ballot stuffing boxes of Hattiesburg. Those are just a few. I hope all will go to the liberty action petition that supports a bill to FORCE officials to uphold the laws that are passed.
    To sign please follow this link:

  9. Please consider running for the MS Senate seat that Wicker is holding. He is a very disappointing Senator. He has become a tool of the Lobbyists as well as the US Chamber of Commerce and the other established Elites.

    • Senator Wicker has right at a 100% ACA conservative rating. Mop, I’m afraid that you and the rest of the McGOPers are simply disaffected tools who don’t realize how fortunate MS and the country are to have such stable, steady, and serious conservative representation/leadership in Washington in the person of Roger Wicker. Why in the name of The Pine Belt Messiah would we want to replace him?


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