Ted Cruz Announces Mississippi Leadership Team, McDaniel & Plunkett Named Co-Chairs

Cruz for President Announces Mississippi Leadership Team

Sen. Cruz Names Mississippi State Co-Chairs Senator Chris McDaniel and Keith Plunkett

HOUSTON, Texas – U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, today announced the beginnings of his Mississippi Leadership Team, consisting of top Mississippi conservative activists and current state senators. Led by Co-Chairs State Senator Chris McDaniel and Keith Plunkett, the group will be in charge of helping to assemble and grow Sen. Cruz’s grassroots network in Mississippi in advance of the March 8th primary.

This Tuesday, Sen. Cruz will visit the Magnolia State on his ‘Cruz Country ‘ bus tour to speak at locations across Mississippi, including a “Down Home Breakfast” at Connie’s Fried Chicken in Tupelo and at Sweet Pea’s Table in Olive Branch. The events schedule may be found at www.tedcruz.org/cruzcountry.

“Ted Cruz’s values are Mississippi’s values, and Mississippi is essential to the 2016 primary election process. I understand what it means to be a strong, principled leader who will fight even when it is not easy to do so. Ted Cruz is that kind of man,” said State Sen. Chris McDaniel. “That is why I am so incredibly excited to serve as a Mississippi Co-Chair for the Cruz campaign. I look forward to spreading Sen. Cruz’s conservative message and helping elect him to be our next President.”

“I am thrilled to work with such a tenacious group of courageous conservatives who have shown time and time again that they will vigorously fight to defend conservative principles,” said Cruz. “I am honored that they will help spread my message to all Mississippians.”

The Cruz for President Mississippi Leadership Team includes:

State Senator Chris McDaniel, State Co-Chair, Ellisville

State Sen. Chris McDaniel is the state senator for the 42nd District of Mississippi. McDaniel leads the United Conservatives Fund, a member-led state political action committee dedicated to advancing the conservative movement and electing true conservative candidates. McDaniel leads the fight against Obamacare and is a former federal law clerk.

Keith Plunkett, State Co-Chair, Flora

Keith Plunkett is currently the Policy and Communications Director for the United Conservatives Fund. Throughout his career he has worked on communications and policy issues with a range of public officials, from Aldermen to Congressmen, and a variety of businesses, government agencies, and non-profits. He has served as a board member of several non-profit, civic, and political organizations.

State Senator Melanie Sojourer, Natchez

State Sen. Melanie Sojourer represents the 37th District of Mississippi and is a sixth generation member of Oakwood Plantation in addition to serving as a community and church volunteer.

Kolby Busby, Jackson

Kolby Busby is currently the Mississippi Federation of College Republicans Executive Director. Formerly, he was the President for the College Republicans at Jones County Junior College. Busby has been an activist for a variety of conservative causes throughout Mississippi.

Laura Van Overschelde, Pearl

A former nurse anesthetist for 37 years, Laura Van Overschelde is currently the Chairwoman of the Mississippi Tea Party and a council member on the Mississippi Humanities Council.

Brad Patano, Ocean Springs

Brad Patano is the President of Young Professionals Business Leaders and is an Executive Committee Member for the United Conservatives Fund. As a partner in an engineering and architecture firm on the gulf coast, Brad is all too familiar with the overreach and interference of government regulation.

Steve Hopkins, Southaven

Steve Hopkins founded the DeSoto County Conservative Coalition



  1. William Heino Sr. says:

    If you see something, say something.

    Ted Cruz looking forward to what?

    In the entire history of the United States, as never before, is the meaning of “natural born citizen” more understood now in defining our Constitution, due to changing world events.

    As citizens, “We the people..” in support of our United States Constitution, cannot let well intentioned citizens to support theories unsupported by the Constitution, and the reasoning behind it’s adoption, U.S. law, and the Immigration Act, in order to promote a candidacy for President of the United States.

    The United States Constitution, “No Person except a natural born Citizen of the United States, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office…”

    The qualification being, “No person except a natural born Citizen…” If you are born in the United States you are then, therefore a “natural born citizen” of the United States. Ted Cruz on the other hand, born in Canada in 1970 to a United States citizen is not considered a “ natural born citizen” of the United States, but a “citizen” of the United States.

    Why? The Naturalization Act of 1790 passed three years after the U.S. Constitution was written with the wording, “natural born citizens”. However, the 1790 Naturalization Act was superseded by the Naturalization Act of 1795 which changed the language from “natural born citizens” to just “citizens.” The change meant to clarify the U.S. Constitution, “No person except a natural born Citizen of the United States,….”

    Senator Cruz was born in 1970 to an American citizen while living in Canada. He came to the United States at the age of 4 in 1974.

    Senator Cruz will make it a point to remind listeners, “..Constitutional Rights are under assault everyday,” and the law as it is,… “under the Constitution.” Along with that, his understanding of Immigration and Nationality law. One of the requirements of naturalization is, “… and do you have an understanding of U.S. history and government (civics)?” Senator Cruz‘s actions and lingering Constitutional questions of his candidacy are in direct contrast to his proclamation, ” I will not apologize for defending the Constitution.” Confusing, by one who either misunderstands or disregards the reading of the Constitution, one clearly unqualified, to run for President of the United States? Trashing the Constitution, and 229 years of American law.

    Another of the many law references for Senator Cruz to overcome in his quest to “establish justice” is the 1952 amendment to the 1857 Immigration and Naturalization Act. Which reads in part, “…in all other respects, however, the naturalized citizen stands, ‘under the Constitution’…on a legal footing with the native citizen’ save as regards eligibility to the Presidency.”
    (The Constitution and What it Means Today. Page 89. Edward S, Corwin. 1978 Edition Princeton University Press.)

    On a whim, Senator Cruz is attempting to rewrite United States history, remaking the Supreme law of the land, the U.S. Constitution,. Since 1795, Congress has required that all candidates for naturalization formally renounce allegiance to their native land and all other foreign power. After living in the United States since 1974, 42 years after entering the United States as a “alien” meaning, any person not a citizen, only then in May of 2014 Senator Cruz renounced his Canadian citizenship.

    How else do you differentiate two distinct persons in birth? One being born to a United States citizen living in, say for example, Canada? A Canadian at birth. The other being born in the United States. Are we to call them both “natural born citizens“? But, natural birth happened in two distinct and different sovereigns. Like all law you need to define each birth place with a label allowing for the difference, because the courts will not let you get away with it.

    And further troubling is Senators Cruz’s response to a question of family citizenship, his response, “I’m not going to engage in a legal debate.”

    “When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands that have connected them to another, and to resolve…” Declaration of Independence July 4th 1776.

    The Declaration of Independence was signed to separate us from the “reasons dating back to England.” There are those that will desperately cling to “English common law” to explain how a carpetbagger from the North can be President of the United States, because “English law is clear and unambiguous.”

    As never before is, “natural born citizen” understood more than it is now.

    Because we manage to survive no matter who is elected, we will survive even one not “a natural born citizen” is elected president. (I guess).

    William Heino Sr.


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    Ted Cruz Announces Mississippi Leadership Team, McDaniel & Plunkett Named Co-Chairs – Mississippi Conservative Daily

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