A Stroll Down Memory Lane: November 1, 1996

You might be wondering why that date is significant in Mississippi politics.  Well on that day State Auditor Steve Patterson resigned from office.  Why?  According to the Daily Journal, it was over “charges that he had submitted false information to keep from paying Hinds County taxes.”  After fighting over the allegation for months, he eventually pled “guilty to the misdemeanor charge of filing a false affidavit to keep from paying county taxes through the purchase of a car tag.”

In comparison to the Pickering Scandal, it seems kinda lame now doesn’t it?  Yet it is just as corrupt and Patterson did the right thing.  We cannot tolerate even the slightest hint of improper behavior in the State Auditor’s office.

So the first SP (Steve Patterson) resigned.  What will SP (Stacey Pickering) number 2 do?  And what will voters do tomorrow?  It might just be the most interesting race of the day.

See full story here:  “Steve Patterson Calls It Quits,” By Bobby Harrison, Daily Journal, October 11, 1996


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