Independence Day: What Does It Mean Now?

From the United Conservatives Fund:

As you celebrate this weekend, we hope you will reflect on the wonderful things that our country has accomplished in the 239 years since the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Reflect on what the formation of an agreement by a self-governed people has achieved. We should not be ashamed of our history, but we should cherish it and learn from it.
Allowing the self-serving to apply an irresponsible modern view of historical figures plays directly into the hands of those who second guess the founding and fabric of our nation. We are what we are, because of who our forefathers were, what they faced, and the courage with which they faced it. Their imperfections, whatever they may have been, do not and should not change their gift to us.
Pray for our state and nation. More specifically pray for one another. It is our individual strength and courage, much like that of those who came before us, that is needed as badly now as any other time in our nations history.
We hope you will read this document and reflect on the sacrifices that were made so that we may be given the opportunities we have to fight for our freedom today.
From the team at UCF, Happy Independence Day!


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