Senator Chris McDaniel’s Statement on Supreme Court ObamaCare Ruling

Senator Chris McDaniel today released the following statement regarding the ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court on ObamaCare:

“The people of this country have once again been blindsided by the U.S. Supreme Court, as the majority opinion inexplicably ignored longstanding Constitutional restraints, including the separation of powers doctrine.

Had the Court employed the usual rules of interpretation, Obamacare would have incurred an injurious, perhaps fatal blow. However, the majority opinion simply rewrote the law in an effort to save it. Interestingly enough, the Constitution does not grant such authority to the Court. All federal legislative powers belong to Congress, alone.

When the Supreme Court begins rewriting legislation to rescue it, as they did in its previous rulings on Obamacare and again today, then we all have to question if we are seeing a ruling class that has successfully grasped the reins of a runaway and uncontrollable government.”

Sen. Chris McDaniel Press Release



  1. Tom Young says:

    Well Chris, I don’t know about you but I’m going to start passing my own laws. Heck, the president passes his own laws and SCOTUS passes laws they want, so why can’t I? Those people have no regard for the law of the land, the Constitution, and they should all be impeached!!!

  2. David Frazier says:

    Chris is correct on this one. A textual reading of the statute clearly demonstrates that the ACA was worded as it is in order to “encourage” states to sign up to run their own exchanges in order for participants to qualify for the tax credits. The worst part of it all is that the Supreme Court has committed a blatantly tyrannical act by usurping its authority under the rule of law, for what it rationalizes to be the greater good. As Justice Scalia said in his dissent, the law should be renamed “ScotusCare”.

  3. Let you or I try to stand before a judge in a tax case and say that it was our intent to transact an asset purchase instead of an entity purchase and see how far we get.

  4. Bill Smith says:

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