Senator Chris McDaniel Thanks Supporters On One Year Anniversary Of His Defeat of Thad Cochran

From the Facebook Page of Senator Chris McDaniel:

Hard to believe, but it has been one year ago tonight when conservatives across Mississippi, bruised and battered by a nasty campaign, came up victorious against 41-year-incumbent Thad Cochran, forcing a run-off three weeks later.

They called it a miracle. But we always knew, always had faith.

Thank you for standing by me. Thank you for being my friend. I will never forget your sacrifices. My family and I will forever be grateful for your trust and support.

We had a dream, and the dream is still with us.

God bless.




  1. P Tom Young says:

    May GOD bless you and your family Chris for what you have done for Mississippi, and what we need you to do for our country. Your job is far from finished. I wish I could join the fight but I’m now 83 and as much as I would like to, I haven’t the energy or the resources. STAY TRUE TO THE CONSTITUTION!!!

  2. Does Chris McDaniel need to put out articles like this to boost his ego or to make people feel sorry for him? It was a bizarre election, no doubt about that. It was enough to cause anybody to have a complete melt down, but as young as he is, he needs to be getting ready for other elections. This is the way Mother Jones summed up that past election, “the people of Mississippi preferred a lying, greedy old fossil to a young, unhinged anarchist.” Not complimentary to either candidate. I won’t be uncharitable enough to call Mr. McDaniel unhinged, but I am sure many of his supporters would like to hear about his future plans. It is too bad that he keeps on dreaming about a lost election.

  3. It is too bad that he keeps on dreaming about a lost election.

    Why do you care Horace? Why does his motivation matter to you, a detractor? Are you looking for a way to like McDaniel?

    • I don’t dislike Mr. McDaniel. Motivation matters to me because I am always looking for new conservative leadership. I don’t cross off a politician on my list just because he happens to lose one primary election. (How he handles losses is part of the game) Last year’s election is over and a new election is now on the horizon. At times, I am sure I am too critical of our state’s politicians. If there is something I dislike, they are going to know about it. I have called my senators’ and representative’s DC offices so many times they know me by name. I may be too harsh on them, but I don’t harbor any political hatred. I have learned that when you strip away the political hatred, you really do find ways to like some of these people. Like it or not, I hope that answers your question.

  4. Southern Belle says:

    Stand in there Chris! We are standing with you! God has great plans for you yet!!

  5. Douglas says:

    Trust in the Lord, Chris. He always sees farther ahead than we do.

  6. Instead of focusing on elections past, may I suggest that Ryan, Keith, and Senator McDaniel switch gears and write something and share their thoughts regarding the ongoing debate over the extension of the Patriot Act/Freedom Act, and what Senator McDaniel’s position is on the subject. After all, had he won the run-off, he would have been in the debate. This may be the biggest national security/Fourth Amendment decision of our time. Ted has been unusually quiet over this issue,

    • Those parts of the Patriot Act that permit the government to obtain private records (including business records) without judicial search warrants that provide probable cause findings against the targeted person are repugnant to the 4th Amendment.

      But nobody much seems to care about that. Just so long as the government has the power to “defend America!”

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