Conservative Review: Thad Cochran: GOP Establishment Poster Boy Marries Aide

By Steve Deace, Conservative Review, May 26, 2015

How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways.

On second thought, a column itemizing the legitimate reasons conservatives have for loathing the GOP Establishment would be longer than War and Peace. So why go through all that hassle when a picture – or in this case a snapshot of one southern liberal Republican – says a thousand words.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran.

Though he represents arguably the most conservative state in the union, Cochran has a failing “F” Liberty Score™ here at CR. He votes for conservative principles only 33% of the time. I guess I get the whole “the person who is my 80% friend isn’t my 20% enemy” thing, but what do you call someone who’s against you more than 70% of the time? One might call him an enemy.

This is the man the GOP establishment may have stolen an election for.

Recall about this time last year, when the GOP establishment was pulling out all the stops to save Cochran from being defeated by conservative Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel in the primary. Even going so far as to run a race-baiting campaign in an attempt to drive Democrats into the run-off to save the Republican Cochran from – get this – the Republicans.

Cochran survived a run-off because those accustomed to responding to race-baiting at election time answered the call once more. Mississippi counties, that President Obama won in 2012, saw a 43% increase in voter turnout between the Cochran-McDaniel primary and the runoff – allowing Cochran to win the Republican nomination despite losing Republican voters by almost eight points.

This subterfuge prompted an esteemed group of conservative leaders to send a letter to RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, alleging Cochran had coordinated a campaign that led to “casting of illegal votes, walking around money, race-baiting radio ads, race-baiting robo-calls, race-baiting fliers, and questionable financing.”

Of course, Cochran probably hasn’t coordinated anything in quite some time. Let’s just say his better days are behind him, and there’s a shuffleboard looming in his future and leave it at that. However, the GOP establishment figures were the ones that coordinated his despicable re-election campaign in an attempt to preserve their figurehead proxy. The campaign was led by Henry Barbour, who was heavily involved in Priebus’ ridiculous “autopsy” report following Mitt Romney’s loss in 2012.

One of the side plots that developed during the primary was rumors that the Bible Belt senator had been in a long-time adulterous relationship with his “assistant” Kay Webber, and that Cochran had engaged in this adulterous relationship while his wife of 50 years, Royce, spent the last decade of her life in a care facility suffering from dementia.

The Cochran campaign dismissed these rumors as “silly gossip” and even claimed Webber is only “a member of the staff and a trusted aide.” Four people were actually arrested and charged with felonies for photographing Royce and posting them online in a video to expose Cochran during the campaign. One of those charged committed suicide shortly after the incident came to light. Rose Cochran passed away in December.

All of a sudden, over the weekend, “silly gossip” became tying the knot. On May 23rd, Cochran married Webber. Thus, either the Cochran campaign lied last year about him having an adulterous affair with Webber, or this was one fast courtship for a guy moving and thinking slower than molasses in January. Consummated less than six months after the death of the woman Cochran had spent most of his life with.

This is now the point in the story when we fire up the greatest of all country music songs: “Don’t pee on me and tell me it’s raining.”

So to sum up, the GOP establishment fought harder and dirtier last year to keep an aging and largely disorientated liberal adulterer in the U.S. Senate, than they fought to get Obama out of the White House in 2012. They were more ruthless in defeating a true conservative like McDaniel, who actually represents the majority of Republicans both in Mississippi and nationwide, than they were in trying to defeat a full-blown Marxist in the White House.

With “friends” like these…well, you know the rest. I bet we could find a Democrat in a conservative state like Mississippi who would vote with us 33% of the time, and also has enough personal integrity not to defile the marriage covenant while his dying wife is withering away in a nursing home.

The GOP establishment is living proof the “lesser of two evils” eventually becomes “the evils of two lessers” when tolerated for too long.

Steve Deace is a nationally-syndicated talk show host and also the author of the new book “Rules for Patriots: How Conservatives Can Win Again.” You can “like” him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter @SteveDeaceShow



  1. Senator Cochran does not always vote the way the Conservative PACs want him to vote, but he votes with his party most of the time. Many people in Mississippi do not agree with these so-called conservative principles and feel that they are far from being the correct way to vote. Chris McDaniel would like people to believe that he lost the election only because of race baiting, but one of the reasons he lost was because he couldn’t decide whether or not he would violate his conservative principles by sending aid to the Gulf Coast during Katrina. When a candidate cannot even connect to suffering humanity in his own state, he loses big time. Unless these Bible Belt Conservatives have been in Cochran’s bedroom, it is still speculation whether or not he was having an adulterous affair. There were also ugly rumors about Chris McDaniel. Whatever, the four men invading the nursing home were trying to prove, they still committed a felony. There were rumors that Chris McDaniel was the big guy who ordered this invasion of privacy. Of course, he denied it, just like the rumors of Cochran’s adulterous affair were denied. So which rumors have been the dirtiest?

  2. Bill Smith says:

    This is my Blog on the subject of Sen. Cochran’s marriage, Below the link are the two concluding parapraphs:

    To those who were sure already that Senator Cochran is the worst sort of human his marriage to his staffer confirmed and added to their already negative judgments. One of most oft repeated accusations Cochran detractors have made is that he is senile, can’t carry a conversation, doesn’t know how to get from here to there. If that is the case, you’d think they might have a little understanding and show a little compassion.

    But then the Pharisee, the priest, and the Levite are too much with us – each of us. We’re pretty confident we better pass by on the other side lest we contract defilement or that we have the standing to pick up the first stone.

    • That was a good post on your blog, Bill. It reminded me of a line spoken by Scarlet O’Hara in GWTW. “High time you made her your wife!.” How many politicians do you know that you can really trust?

  3. MichaelW says:

    The problem was not that Senator Cochran was having an affair and has been having an affair for years. Heck everybody who wasn’t a turnip new that. The problem became when his campaign denied it, lied about it, and I guess he condoned it as he is the head of his campaign (unless you count the Barbours).
    They lied to the people that he is sworn to represent. Therefore I have no faith in this man or any of his actions as they are directed by other people who are hell bent on holding onto the power and the purse strings that go along with it. I believe this marriage was made to simply qualify her for all the benefits of a retired or deceased Senators wife. If he loved this woman so much, why didn’t he simply divorce his first wife many years ago.
    Yes, it was all about politics and keeping his “Good” name and pulling the wool over the eyes of the people he is supposed to represent. I think Gentleman Thad is not a gentleman at all if you consider the actions of his campaign, his office, and yes even Thad himself. Well, it is time to now wait for Ole Thad to go ahead and retire so that the established Republicans can appoint the next Senator and bypass the Electorate. These people will do anything to hold onto power, just wait for it Mississippi.

    • Bill Smith says:

      Michael do you believe eveything that McDaniel and his campaign said – by postive statement or denial?

      • MichaelW says:

        No I don’t believe everything they say or what anyone says and does, and I do not believe everything you say or write as gospel either. However I know Chris McDaniel and the type man he is and compared to the some of the sludge in the Mississippi Republican Party, well let’s just say he stands a head and shoulders above a lot of these folks.
        Let’s just say you and I have different opinions of what the truth is. I call it as I see it.

      • Bill Smith says:

        I write opinion and don’t try to portray it as gospel. I would not want you, even if you were so inclined, to read anything I write as something other than the views of a fallible man. When it comes to what truth is, the possibilites are that 1) I am wrong, 2) you are wrong, or 3) we both are wrong but not that we both can be right at the same time if we differ I think that when it comes to the me in question I have relatively though not not be any means absolute confidence in Cochran than you and relatively less confidence in McDaniel. Those are opinions or judgment calls on the parts of us both.

    • Did you really think that his campaign was going to confirm that he was sleeping with his aide? How would it grab you if his new wife is appointed Senator? I thought about that when I heard the news.

  4. I have been following Steve Deace for three years. His sense of demagoguery is on the same level as Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell back in the 1980s when they were still relevant. The only real difference is that Steve is a very limited podcast operator with an audience which exists almost exclusively by equally radicalized members of the Iowa Christian Collectivist Community. His attempts to go into syndication have all been for naught due to his version of theistic radicalism. What little national exposure he receives is via an occasional guest column with Therefore, I respectfully suggest that you do not place any reliability in either Steve’s histrionics, or those of his so-called Conservative Review. Steve is to Christianity what Menachem Begin was to Judaism, and what al-Zawahiri is to Islam–a radical even among his own people and his fellow Christianists.

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