Funeral for Officer Liquori Tate #HattiesburgPolice

Once again Mississippians at their best, turning out in mass numbers, despite the weather, for the funeral procession of Officer Liquori Tate!


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  1. Last week members of the U.S. Senate honored Law Enforcement, particularly fallen police officers. A number of U.S. Senators gave some nice tributes to fallen officers from their states. Only Senator Chuck Grassley briefly mentioned the two fallen officers in Mississippi. I expected at least one of our Senators to mention the fallen officers on the floor of the Senate, but neither one of them offered any kind of tribute. If it had not been for Senator Grassley nothing at all would have been said about the officers. Where were our two Mississippi U.S. Senators? And what did they have to do which was more important?

  2. michaelw says:

    Career politicians are never shameful of their actions even when it doesn’t reflect the feelings of the people that put them in office and whom they are supposed to represent.

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