Ted Cruz at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition Summit



  1. I wonder why Mississippi Conservative Daily is not addressing the reasons why Ted Cruz and Rand Paul voted against the GOP 2016 House- Senate Budget yesterday. They were the only two republican senators who voted with the democrats. Mississippi Conservative Daily makes it a big issue when Thad Cochran votes with the democrats, but hasn’t questioned the actions of the far right conservatives when they vote against their party. I would like to know the reasons for their votes.

    • Jane Green says:

      Exactly, Horace.

    • Senator Cruz’s explanation was a good one I think. He said the plan uses revenue from Obamacare taxes to balance the budget, so that’s essentially a plan to keep Obamacare in place and not repeal it. Once again, Establishment Republicans are screwing us over. My concern about the plan is that it balances the budget in TEN YEARS! That’s outrageous! So ten more years of debt! It can be done much much sooner than that.

      • michaelw says:

        well i hope they got their answer, the reason they voted against it was it is a bad deal. enough said!!

  2. William Smith says:

    That’s ridiculous. “I did not vote for the resolution to balance the budget because it did not get rid of Obamacare.” Yes all the establishment types really messed us over with a balanced budget.

    • michaelw says:

      i wander what happened to ole thad’s campaign promise that we must abolish obamacare, not continue to fund it. i wander when he is going to lead that fight, i guess he just lied, shocking. a balanced budget maybe 10 years down the road, maybe 20 years down the road, no maybe 50 years down the road. yes you’re right all of these scenarios are ridiculous. their solution, just keep kicking the can down the road.

    • I don’t think its ridiculous at all. The plan uses Obamacare revenue to balance the budget, which means the GOP Congress, many of whom ran on repealing Obamacare, is FULL OF CRAP once again! And they wonder why we don’t trust them and I frankly don’t know why anyone would.

  3. William Smith says:

    According to the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, the budget would increase America’s economic growth by more than $400 billion over the next decade. In Mississippi, that could mean more than 10,000 new jobs.

  4. horace says:

    Well, after being so against it and calling it a bad deal, Senator Ted Cruz voted for the Corker-Cardin Iran Nuclear Review Agreement Act, leaving Senator Cotton the only one against it. So, it won’t be a treaty after all. Nobody has any earthly idea what Ted Cruz is going to do from one day to the next, especially Mississippi Conservative Daily. Ha! Ha! Ha!

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