Patano: Why Political and Government Decentralization is Key to Saving Our State and Nation

By Brad Patano | UCF Executive Committee | @statedogg

United Conservatives Fund

image2Our country is $18 trillion in debt, fighting a war against an enemy our president refuses to acknowledge, and turning to the left faster than a NASCAR driver. The House and Senate are led by unprincipled self-indulging liberals, and almost every good person we elect to DC becomes a turncoat as soon as they see the marble hallways.

Washington DC is a mess, no doubt. Money and time, both limited commodities, are spent in absurd quantity to change the nature of Washington. Nonetheless, the maleficence in DC has become a distraction to conservatives’ quest to ensure the liberties our founding fathers sacrificed for are protected.

Washington DC and its thousands of politicians, lobbyists, and bureaucrats will never effectively be capable of solving our problems. We need to stop misusing time and energy trying to find the next national leader who can save us from ourselves. Instead we need to reallocate the governing authority to lower, smaller, more accessible governments.

Smaller more localized governments are much more responsive. Our founders knew that the best and most honest government was the government closest to the people. Patrick Henry said “The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them.”

The most efficient way to ensure our conservative values are represented in Washington is to make certain they are represented in City Halls, County board rooms, and the State Capitol. If we pursue local issues and candidates with the same enthusiasm we do national ones, we absolutely can make a difference.

We need good honest officials at the local levels of government. We need these local leaders fighting to reclaim authority from the governments typically thought of as a higher level. Our voices need to be heard. Speaking with a unified message is the first step, but we must now redefine our audience. Most often our voice is a whisper in Washington DC, but it could be deafening in City Hall. If we elect principled local leaders and hold them accountable, those leaders will eventually infiltrate the self interested aristocracy in higher levels of government.

Everyone should participate in this process. We need to be as informed about local issues as we are about national issues. We will have to diligently work to stay in tune and communicate frequently with our allies. Additionally, we need to engage with and monitor our local elected politicians. We need to ensure they know how we feel on issues and we need to ensure our friends and neighbors know how they vote on these issues.

Support that we typically offer to our national politicians will be necessary for local politicians, too. Most importantly, we need candidates! New ideas and new leaders are vital to the process of reclaiming our government. Citizens should not fall victim to thinking that local policy is not important or worthy of our time. The more local governments step up and solve or prevent problems the less opportunity Washington DC has to muddle our lives with its intrusive and liberty depriving regulations.

The United Conservatives Fund is committed to changing the political landscape from the bottom upWe are committed to communicating the importance of local government and promoting enthusiastic participation by all. We will search for candidates and when those principled candidates offer themselves for service we will dedicate significant resources to them to ensure their success.

UCF is a first of its kind organization. Never before has an organization of this scale dedicated its mission to local grassroots policy and politics. I am proud to be a member of this team. If you are tired of choosing between the lesser of two evils each time you vote then UCF is for you.

It’s time to engage the system, decentralize power, and bring control back to where, and to whom, it belongs.

Brad Patano is a husband, father, Christian, community volunteer, and small business owner. Brad is a proud graduate of Mississippi public schools and Mississippi State University. As a partner in an Engineering and Architecture firm on the gulf coast, Brad is all too familiar with the overreach and interference of government regulation. Brad, his wife Leah, and two children reside in Ocean Springs, MS.



  1. Brad, you make way too much sense, so don’t be surprised when the big money and big government supporters who claim to be conservatives begin to try to disengage you and anyone with these type thoughts as being on the fringe of the all powerful republican establishment and not really consequental in todays politics. They will say that it’s okay for career politicians and big government to do what’s best for us because evidently we are not informed or knowledgeable enough to know and understand the reasoning behind the things that they do. What they can not hide is the 18 trillion dollars of debt that you and I and any clear thinking citizen knows is terrible for our economy, yet they still continue the tax and spend mindset of the past few decades without any thought of the burden it will put on our children and grandchildren. You are right Brad, we must begin at the local levels to begin the weeding out process to muster the support to move out these entrenched career politicians and it’s time to start.

  2. Great observations Patano….thankfully there are young people in our Conservative world like you who are willing to be heard and not just seen. Over the years it has become apparent Washington, D. C. has become a place where freedom and liberty go to die. The extreme Left has had control over the microphone for many years broadcasting their ideology as if it were the dogma for a better world. But many people who heretofore never bothered to become aware of the dangers facing the collapse of our Nation from within are waiting to be told what they can do to stop the madness. Let’s decide on a couple of issues and unite in an effort to awaken the power of the silent majority and take the microphone away from the Socialists. And as they say: All politics is local.

  3. Hey Brad: You make a compelling apologia in part for the classical conservatism of the Founding Fathers. However, before you get too critical, just remember that the Constitution was forged out of many disputes and compromises–so much so, that a number of the Founders did not think that the Republic would last a generation.
    David Frazier

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