UCF: Senator McDaniel to end week-long tour tonight on Gulf Coast

Senator Chris McDaniel will be joined tonight by Gulf Coast conservatives in D’iberville to complete a week-long tour of the state announcing the launch of a new member-led political action committee. McDaniel started last Friday in Tupelo and made stops in Southaven, Pearl, and Hattiesburg over the past week.

Hundreds across Mississippi have turned out to learn about the United Conservatives Fund’s unique approach to political action. The organization brings together a diverse executive committee representing 5 key groups in the conservative movement.

“We brought together social conservatives, fiscal conservatives, the TEA Party, Libertarians, and the new conservative coalitions,” McDaniel said. “Everyone has a seat at the table. We may have our disagreements on some issues, but we are willing to set them aside for the good of the whole and to focus on the three tenets we will work together to promote.”

Those three tenets, according to McDaniel, are three things all conservatives understand and believe.

“We focus on decentralization of government, true federalism or the proper relationship between the federal and state government, and lastly, a high moral tone that values volunteerism and helping others in the community,” said McDaniel. “These are the ideals any true conservative supports.”

United Conservatives Fund will begin collecting information on candidates running in the upcoming state elections in the next few weeks. Following a vetting process, the executive committee will then make determinations as to which candidates the PAC will support and by what means.

The announcement of the launch of the United Conservatives Fund continues this evening at the D’iberville Town Green and Visitors Center at 10004 Central Ave. at 6:30 PM.

Find more details about this event HERE.



  1. frank gordon says:

    The Houston Texas tea party org has raised a large amount of money for Chris, but red tape prevents them from making contact. The feeling is that he needs to get past the state level and go national soon. The opportunity for a national move is at hand, but might not last long. One org has about 70K for Chris for statewide campaigns, but the options are closer to 400K if he will commit to go national.

  2. Mildred Lewis says:

    Should be thousands attending meetings instead of hundreds.

  3. Hey Guys: As part of the tour, on January 26, The Anointed One held a UCF event/press conference in Pearl, MS. However, it was reported and shown to be only very sparsely attended. As a result, there was plenty of free parking available for the attendee(s). As for Frank’s post about all of the Tea Party, 9/12, and McGOPer folks who are determined to part with their hard earned money, please be advised that I will be delighted to receive and accept their generous contributions. Considering all of the constructive suggestions, legal advice, observations on social issues, and pragmatic political insights that I have been imparting to the followers of MCD since June, 2014, perhaps I should be financially compensated for all of my efforts. Don’t ya’ll agree?
    David Frazier

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