Campaign 2014 Rewind: Is this what the MSGOP means by “expanding the base”?

Here is a Democrat campaigning for Thad Cochran for the June 24 MS Senate Primary Runoff.  Notice what she says at the end when she is asked:  “It’s all about taking down Chris McDaniel”?   She replies, “That’s all it is.  He ain’t no earthly good.”  So it’s not about Thad because he’s the better candidate and would be better for Mississippi, it’s to take down Chris McDaniel!  The Mississippi Republican Party must be very proud!!



  1. frank gordon says:

    “If it’s not close, they can’t cheat.”

    Need to get enough votes so stuff like this can’t happen.

  2. Hey MCD: If I understand the recording correctly, when asked the question, “What do you think about all of the Democrats who are voting for Thad?”, The lady being interviewed responded, “I think it’s a good thing–I’m glad to see they’re doing it.” By making this statement, she is asserting that as a Republican, “I’m glad (as a Republican) to see they’re (Democrats) doing it.” She also said that Thad is good for Mississippi. This sounds to me that the base of the MSGOP is indeed being broadened to reflect the existing demographics. If so, this is a positive sign of development for the MSGOP. Don’t the McGOPERs want to be inclusive of all conservatives, regardless of race?
    David Frazier

    • Also, I might add, as a fellow conservative, I do agree that we “conservatives are the heart of the Republican Party”, and that to continue in our recent “winning ways”, it will be important that Republican nominees for statewide and national offices continue to have the support of the “conservative base”. But most McGOPers delude yourselves if you really think that you represent the conservative base of the Republican Party. Rather, extremists like yourself are merely the lint that clings to the fringe of the conservative base that surrounds the Republican Party. This is evident by the fact that notwithstanding the tens of millions of dollars that your national groups have expended in the last four years in your misbegotten attempts to unseat solid conservative incumbents in the primaries at the statewide level, your efforts have been all for naught. The only two exceptions of which I am aware at the U.S Senate level are Ted Cruz and Mike Lee–and they may be endangered for reelection since they have accomplished next to nothing for their respective states. The reason is simple. You and other neo John Birchers simply do not represent the party’s broad conservative base. Notwithstanding your best efforts over the last fifty years, you folks have never been representative of the classical conservative ideals propounded AND applied pragmatically by Goldwater-Buckley-Reagan. But because you folks operate so intensely and communicate so well with one another via the internet, you continue to convince yourselves into believing that you are the point of a righteous political spear that is just waiting to be hurled into battle that will slay all political foes. Psychiatry calls this type of thinking “delusional”. Therefore, for the sake of conservatism in America, please allow those who are skilled, trained, and knowledgeable in the law and the political discourse of our time to lead us back to a state of fiscal responsibility in a practical/ pragmatic way; let them continue to guide the nation to its commitment in fulfilling the promise that all men and women are equal before the law, and that therefore we are all entitled to equal protection under the law; and that all persons in America are entitled to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and the right to contract according to one’s needs and abilities. These are the ideals of conservatism as foreseen by the Founding Fathers.
      David Frazier

    • So maybe you can explain Frazier why all those new Republicans, er, Democrats, so quickly changed their minds and returned in November to vote for the Democrat Childers.

      Because, for example, if you study the June 3rd, June 24th and November 4th precinct level results for Jackson’s black majority precincts — (and I’ve studied Jackson’s precincts for every State and Federal election, primaries and general, going back to 1999) — you’ll quickly and easily deduce that the support of black Democrat voters in Jackson for Thad Cochran’s candidacy somehow vanished soon after 7:01 PM on June 24th just as quickly as it suddenly materialized after his second place finish on June 3rd. I’d be willing to bet you Frazier — because from sampling I already know it to be the case — that the same phenomenon happened in majority black Democrat precincts up and down Mississippi.

      It is laughable how reflexively you (and so many others in the MSGOP) want to allude that somehow McDaniel supporters pointing all this out must have some unresolved problems with race. Of course we want to be inclusive of all conservatives regardless of race. But merely pointing out the uncomfortable fact that the Cochran runoff campaign used race baiting to motivate black Democrat voters doesn’t make anyone racist.

      Drawing attention to the actions of the Cochran camp is about elections, voter tendencies, campaign tactics and in the runup to June 24th voter manipulation. It is about past election results — and repeated proven conclusions based on those historic results — which clearly documents a voting pattern where black voters in Mississippi vote as an 85-98% monolithic bloc for Democrats regardless of the candidate, incumbency, qualifications, competence, experience or mental disposition election after election after election.

      Drawing attention to the sudden lurch of those voters after June 3rd to the Republican Cochran (and the campaign tactics that stimulated the lurch) and then, after June 24th, just as quickly away from Cochran back to the Democrat Childers is not racism, nor racist, and it is intellectually dishonest of a person of your background to suggest otherwise. But maybe I have you pegged wrong.

      You can keep on pretending here to operate in that alternate universe of denial but I strongly suspect you actually do know the truth about what happened on June 24th just as so many Republican Cochran supporters in Mississippi have already admitted privately. What you and the rest of the MSGOP establishment kool-aid drinkers can’t do is admit publicly to any understanding as to the truth of how Cochran won the runoff because it is a truth that doesn’t set you free and betrays the true state of your bondage.


      • Hey Mr. Ano: If I gave you the impression that I was playing with the race card, then I apologize. I did not realize that anything contained in my post said or implied that. Like you, I too abhor that tactic. It is demeaning to the intended recipient as well as to the sender. However, you must surely know that the MSGOP has been infected with disgruntled former Dixiecrats going on 40 years. As for your statistics, I’m not prepared to argue about that. However, even assuming that you are correct, I think that we can all agree that you have to start somewhere. Who knows, perhaps this last election involving The Anointed One has inspired a whole generation of African Americans in Mississippi to see the light of conservative thinking, and in turn become active in MSGOP elections, thereby allowing them to make a return to their historical political roots.
        David Frazier

    • Anonymous says:

      She says at the beginning that she is a Democrat….

    • Anonymous says:

      You misunderstood the recording. She stated at the beginning that she was a democrat. Get with it! Pay closer attention next time.

  3. One would be nieve or just plain blind to believe that the democrats who voted for Ole Thad in the Republican primary were interested in joining the republican base to help broaden the Demographics of the Republican Party. They were race baited to believe that a racist was going to cut off their funding. This lady has no intentions of being a republican or supporting them in the future. Believe what you want, but you and I both know the truth.

    • Hey Michael: There you go, making assumptions based upon outward appearances. If Ann Coulter were judged by her outward appearance, many people might assume that she is some kind of a bleach blonde, cleavage thrusting fem fetale who imposes her sexual attributes on middle-aged white guys in order to get them to listen to her. I’m sure that she would take great offense to such a generalization, and would accuse those of thinking that way as being sexist or even misogynist.

    • I don’t believe I said anything about this ladies outword appearance except to go by her own word that she is a democrat.

  4. My apologies Frazier. The comment @ 10:40 am was from me.

  5. Therefore, for the sake of conservatism in America, please allow those who are skilled, trained, and knowledgeable in the law and the political discourse of our time to lead us back to a state of fiscal responsibility in a practical/ pragmatic way;

    I’m sorry Frazier but your belief that the national Republican Party has the courage and political will to lead the country “back to a state of fiscal responsibility in a practical/ pragmatic way” is, to use your term, delusional.

    The Republican forcing to spend $349 million dollars to complete a new rocket test tower at Stennis for a program that was cancelled in 2010 — and $700,000 annually into perpetuity for its mothballing — is beyond delusional. It was fiscal lunacy.

    Our country is more likely to see a currency devaluation, insolvency and anarchy before the current leadership team within the Republican party can muster what it will take to resturn the United States to fiscal responsibility.

    • Hey Mr. Ano-JT: I am confident that with the election of a pragmatic Republican as President and a Republican congress in 2016, that we will see the beginning of a return to fiscal sanity. On the other hand, if the Republicans control both houses of congress and the White House, and they still do nothing to get spending under control, then I agree that it will be just a matter of time before the country implodes from all of the debt.

  6. I believe that is some of the differences of some conservatives and the people who support the established Republicans, that being even if they had control of both houses and the presidency, they would still do nothing about the debt. All we have to go on is their recent history for print, tax, and spend government. I wouldn’t bet on these career politicians bringing back fiscal sanity. Evidently that hasn’t happened in say 18 trillion dollars ago.

    • But Michael, we have not had both houses of congress and the White House controlled by the Republicans since I believe the 1950s when Ike was President. The closest we have come in my lifetime was when Reagan was President, but the Democrats still controlled the House. Tip O’Neil made it clear to everyone that the Reagan Revolution stopped at the doorway to the chambers of the House of Representatives. He killed most of Reagan’s economic initiatives and caused the debt to therefore increase under
      Reagan. We have a unique opportunity to do it right this time if we can all get behind a conservative Republican who puts pragmatism over ideological purity.

      • frank gordon says:


        Republicans controlled both houses (and had a majority on the Supreme Court) for 6 out of 8 years of the Clinton presidency.
        Republicans had both houses of Congress, the majority of the Court, AND the Presidency for 4 out the 8 Bush years.

        Look it up.

  7. Hey Frank: As to Clinton, you confirm my point. The GOP did not control both branches of government. However, it should be noted that when Clinton left office, the annual budget was actually operating at a surplus. As to the Bush years, I stand corrected. That is a perfect example of an executive power grab during a time of national crisis. W used our fears following 9/11 to greatly expand the power of the executive branch by exploiting America’s fears to aggressively pursue the neoconservative military designs in the Middle East and at the same time to create much more in the form of government bureaucracy. In less than 8 years in office, W managed to double the size of the national debt. You are correct. W will go down in history as one of the very worst presidents in the modern era. What is worse is that to conservatives, he betrayed everything that he claimed to have stood for after 9/11 occurred. To be sure, America changed after 9/11, but he overreacted terribly, so much so that the Middle East and America are still paying a huge price for his mistakes today and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.
    David Frazier

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