The Return of Thaddeus

By Ryan S. Walters

Last Tuesday Vice President Joe Biden swore in Senator Thad Cochran for a 7th term. Upon seeing his old friend from his decades in the US Senate, Biden enthusiastically remarked, “Thaddeus!6374807_G Best guy in the US Senate right here. I can say that now because it can’t hurt him.” How wonderful!

This is yet another high-profile Democrat who has admiration for Thad Cochran. Remember, it was Harry Reid who praised Cochran on the Senate floor as a “wonderful man.”

It is a fair question that we have asked here at MCD for more than a year: Why do Democrats love Thad Cochran so much?

Even the state media in Mississippi, including the liberals, fawn all over Thaddeus the Great and rip any true conservative who opposes him. Bill Minor’s end-of-the-year column in the Clarion Ledger is a case-in-point, a piece he pathetically titled “Cochran endured a lifetime of adversity in 2014.” Minor believes Thaddeus deserves the “tragic figure of the year” award, if we had one that is.

Although Cochran’s appalling (and tragic) race-baiting and smear campaign is conspicuously absent from Minor’s piece. But what is present is flat-out lying. He writes: “Though in recent years voting more along Republican party lines [as opposed to his many Democratic votes, I guess], Cochran is still regarded as far more patrician than the hell-raising young Republicans [Like Chris McDaniel, I presume?] who have come along in recent years. Despite the fact he comes from the Deep South with a tradition of sending Bilbo-style racial demagogues to Congress, Cochran is noted for having never played racial politics,” which is why “erstwhile black Democrats crossed party lines to give him critical votes in the Republican Senatorial primary last summer.”

Hmmm, Mr. Minor is either a bald-faced liar, naive as hell, or he must have had his head in the sand from June 3 until June 24, as well as the months afterward. Or, smearing your opponent for seeking to hurt blacks, with hateful robocalls and radio ads in black neighborhoods, and using food stamps and welfare to bribe them to vote Republican is not racial politics in Bill Minor’s twisted opinion.

But, we are told, Thaddeus is incalculably valuable “to a poor, rural state like Mississippi,” Minor writes, for “his 42 years of Senate seniority (plus six years in the House) serve the state exceedingly well because he brings to the table a currency equal to a much larger state.” Why we are still economically in last place after Thaddeus’s years of service, Minor does not say.

Aside from praising Thaddeus for his gentlemanly ways and his wonderful refrain from divisive politics, Minor takes his own divisive shots at Chris McDaniel, calling him a “green horn,” and “an untested upstart from the piney woods, who … had links to the state’s dark Confederate past,” who came “from far out in right field with the organized back of the nut-fringed tea party, which to the surprise of veteran political observers, had ties to some deep-pocketed national right-wing special interest groups.” I guess Thaddeus had no ties to any special interest groups, like say Haley Barbour’s corrupt machine or the leftist Chamber of Commerce perhaps?

It is a crying shame that Mississippians are still subjected to this shameful drivel spewed from the mouth of Bill Minor and his ilk at the Clarion Ledger. At least his readership is exceedingly small, at least among the state’s conservative majority.

It’s also a crying shame that rather than have a genuine conservative in Chris McDaniel as a US Senator, a man who would embark on a true reform agenda and actually fight the Democrats rather than befriend and compromise with them, Mississippi is stuck with ole Thad, who showed his true colors in the recent lame duck session.

In two important votes in December, Thaddeus sided with Harry Reid and the Democrats – on the Ted Cruz constitutional point of order on Obama’s executive order on amnesty and the spendthrift “cromnibus” appropriations bill, which he unsurprisingly voted in favor, points that Minor ignored.

Now remember, during the campaign against McDaniel, Thaddeus tried to convince the state that he was really a conservative fighting for conservative principles, a remark MCD called the political “lie of the year.” But when he had two chances to prove his conservative bona fides during the lame duck, he went right back to his old ways – turning his back on the Constitution and spending money in an irresponsible fashion that has gotten us more than $18.1 trillion in debt.

So is that why two of the nation’s worst Democrats – Harry Reid and Joe Biden – love Cochran so much, because they can count on his continual support? You betcha!



  1. Hey Ryan: Please tell me what is wrong with having your senatorial adversaries refer to you as a “wonderful man”, or the “best guy in the U.S. Senate”!? Would you rather have them say that the people of Mississippi have eelected a narcissistic asshole? (It takes one to know one.) An effective legislator is required to be able to work well with his colleagues and make pragmatic decisions in his voting record. You would rather have a Cruz-like or David Duke-lite rep who is only concerned about his narrow ideals, even at the cost of causing repeated government shutdowns. As the new chairman of the Appropriations Committee, his appointment is important in at least one area that is crucial to America’s security and defense. Roger Wicker has been appointed as the chairman of the Senate subcommittee on naval and shipbuilding needs. Therefore, as the continuing needs for the navy are accommodated by the naval subcommittee, this will mean that Wicker’s subcommittee will be sending shipbuilding authorizations to Cochran’s committee to appropriate the monies necessary for the construction and refurbishment of these vessels. In the process, you can be sure that Senators. Cochran and Wicker will be authorizing continued naval constructions at Ingalls Shipbuilding in Pascagoula, which is also the state’s largest employer; and that with all of the spin-off business in the private sector, that makes the Mississippi Gulf Coast area the only economic engine in the State which continues to fire on all eight cylinders year after year. But to do this year in and year out, your legislators cannot be narcissistic assholes. They must be pragmatic in their approach towards governance. Therefore, sometimes it’s quite a good thing to be a wonderful man or the best guy in the Senate.
    David Frazier

    • Yep, nothing like having a top republican in the hip pocket of the democratic leadership. Especially one in charge of appropriations who will help keep the printing press going. I’m sure the democrats are all shuttering. As far as what I am sure of what our senators will be approving, who knows. I am sure that to have everything that Ingalls wants we will have to give everyone else what they want or guess what, they want vote for our projects. I guess this is the compromise that everyone seems to be so proud of. Yep, everybody gets what they want, more government dependence, more bailouts, more government subsidy, more deficit spending, more cronyism politics, more propping up wall street, more higher taxes, more federal education overreach, more federal regulations, more , more, more, more. Finally there has to be a reckoning day for all this debt, national bankruptcy, recession, depression, financial kaos? Don’t think it can happen? Think again. And what a legacy we will leave to our children and grandchildren. I am sure our grandchildren will look back and thank our senators and congressman for all that they did to build a ship, subsidize a farmer not to plant, bailout rich bankers, increase the welfare state, and so much more all this while keeping Mississippi last in just about every category you can name, even after being in Washington for half a century. Yep, no wonder the dem’s think so much of our leadership, I just doubt we get the same response from our grandchildren years from now when we are 50 trillion in debt. And if you don’t have any children or grandchildren then I might understand ones thinking of just take care of me and to heck with the future, but if you do then it doesn’t make sense to me to think that spend, spend, spend, is a good thing.

  2. Bill Smith says:

    RE people liking Sen. Cochran I am at a loss to understand how that is a negative. To be cordial toward your opponent and to have the respect of your opponent would seem to be good things. These used to be consdered virtues. It was not uncommon, especiallly in the Senate, for people to disagree without treating each other as enemies. Somehow for Mr. Walters and those who take his approach to politics purity is proved by animosity and meanness. This, of course, is the politics that Mr.McDaniel practices.

    Had Senator Cochran not been re-elected, then Sen. Shelby of Alabama would be chair of Appropriations. The same money would be spent but with Alabama in an advantageous position. Sen. McDaniel, if elected, would have been a junior Senator and would have virtually no say on whether or not money were spent or where. In place of Senator who believes in legislating and knows how, there would have been a Senator who prides himself on taking stands but who would get nothing done. Moreover, any prospect of success in reigning in federal spending and reducing the deficit will require a skilled legislator like Sen. Cochran and not a adversarial speechmaker like Sen. McDaniel.

    In the end Mr. Walters could be satisfied only if Sen, Cochran were as misliked in the US Senate as Sen. McDaniel is in the MS Senate and if Mr Cochran were as much an obsrtuctionist as Sen. McDaniel. That would be a bad deal for MS and for the country.

    I think most Mississippians appreciate the work and history of service of Sen. Cochran and have a good bit of compassion not Mr. Walters’ scorn for him in the painful things he experienced in the past year.

    • A skilled senator like Thad cochran to Reel in the debt, you must be kidding. He has never met a spending bill he didn’t like and has never led any fight to reduce the deficit. And the idea that no matter who is in the leadership role of appropriations then the same amount of money will be spent? This type of thinking is ludicrus and has helped us get 18 trillion in debt and growing. As far as scorn for Senator Cochran, the scorn for Senator Cochran began when he began to neglect the citizens of Mississippi in favor of Washington insiders and his big money cronies. And then when the people began to take notice and possibly decide on a new direction, then the big money cronies began to spit their venom upon the candidates who would dare upset the money pipeline and resort to every tactic to try to hold onto power and Senator Cochran had to have known what the campaign was doing and agreed to it. So maybe he is not such a gentleman after all. Like it or not, career politicians like Senator Cochran, Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, or any of the rest of Capital Hill Bunch are not good for the state, the nation, the economy, or any other aspect of the federal government. We need new young, energetic, conservative leadership. Not the same old dog and pony show that we have had for 50 years of spend, spend, spend government and we will make it better next session. Like it or not we will get a new (Junior) Senator one day and the old establishment and their endorsers will see that the sky didn’t fall when Senator Cochran is not in office. It will only fall when the country is Bankrupt. I just hope it’s not too late and we leave this mess to our grandchildren to clean up.

  3. frank gordon says:

    Sour grapes are on sale this week.

  4. Bill Smith says:

    Michael, would less be spent with Sen. Shelby as chair?

    • Less has got to be spent by somebody or there is never a solution to the deficit problem and eventually there will be a high price to pay down the road. Just how long can we continue to kick this can down the road, answer me that? Somebody, some time, someday, somewhere has got to make the choices that none of our career politicians are not willing to make. Ole Thad will die in office leaving the legacy of what he is already labeled, king of pork, while still leaving Mississippi last in every category.

      • Bill Smith says:

        Michael, a couple of points about spending. First I agree that somehow spending has got to be reduced. But, if there is not a crisis, the public does not have the stomach for draconian cuts. So what is required is to find a rational and palatable process for reductions. Second, the only way to reduce spending is to do away with and/or cut back on the things for which money is spent. Appropriations has the job of funding what has been approved by the Congress. I suppose that there could be a refusal to appropriate the money for things already approved. That would likely lead to a shutdown and, when that happens, it cuts against the Republicans every time which further reduces their ability to do anything good. Radical solutions do not work except in times of crisis. Third, there is a need for some kind of reform in both the Senate and the House, but it is very hard to change a system where part of the job is to look out after your district or state. Until some kind of consensus emerges regading this, it is necessary that MS’s Senators and Congressman should look out for the state.

        The reasons MS is last in so many areas have nothing to do with Sen. Cochran’s legislating. In fact had he not looked out for MS things would be much worse. The reasons MS is last are many and many of those are related to race and resources. Slavery, Reconstruction. Jim Crow, Segregation. Integration. Education. Natural resources. Work force. Look at the Delta and figure out how to move MS forward. It’s beyond me how you fix that. But MS is always going to need to recieve more federal dollars than it contributes till those problems are solved.

        Of course, MS is going to have a new junior Senator eventually. Transitions always occur. The hope is that in the Senate and Congress you get a good balance between those wtih wisdom and experience who know how the legislative process works and talented younger Congressmen and Senators who can over time assume leadership. Not all are able to be leaders. Some lack the temperament and skills. Taking a constant adversarial approach with your own Party and those of the other Party whose help you need to move legislation. My view was and is that Sen.McDaniel would not have been good replacement for Sen. Cochran. I hope by the time he retires there will be better men/women to choose from who will be good for MS and the country.

  5. Your entitled to your view, my view is that Senator Cochran and career politicians like him are not good for the country or our state and continue to push us further into poverty by keeping us in debt and dependent on federal dollars (which are really our dollars). The state or the people do not benefit by this albatross of debt around our neck and just because we get some handouts from the federal government for a few pet projects does not make our every day financial situation any better for the average citizen, when our money has no value or buying power. If you think your money has value then take it on down to your local bank and open up a Savings account or CD and you will find out just how much your money is worth.

    Also, it never amazes me that some people still blame slavery, Integration, Reconstruction, or whatever else happened 75- 150 years ago for today’s problems. Heck, we were all slaves at some point in time. As far as the Delta goes, their problems will be fixed when the society that lives there decides to fix it. We are not fixing it by creating a welfare state and dependency from the federal government in that area or any other area of the country. We have got to change the mindset so the government is offering a hand up and not offering handouts.
    I believe that it is the duty of government to help old folks, children, and invalids. Everyone else can take care of themselves.

  6. Bill Smith says:

    Michael go look at all the dollars the come to MS from DC. Ingallls, Meridian. Keelser, Columbus military bases, highways, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, hospitals, schools, colleges and universities, etc etc and tell me what happens when you pull all that out. MS is not not getting a “few projects.”

    Of course the legacy of slavery and all that followed has a tremendous impact on MS and its economy. To think otherwise is to stare reality in the face and deny it is there.

    Now give me a plan of what the people in the Delta are supposed to do to fix their situation. You can begin by telling me what jobs they would get.

    Now if your money is worth nothing at the bank, if you take $1000 cash and buy a CD does your $1000 become upon purchase of the CD something less than $1000? The only way your $1000 in a CD is going to become more “valuable”if is inflaction and interest rates increase. Maybe you want to try to the stock market?

    • Man, you want the government to supply everything for everybody, jobs, healthcare, college education, Food, Medicare, housing, transportation, and everything else you can name. You must belong to the socialist party, not the republican party. I thought the Republican party was supposed to be the party of limited government and lower taxes. What do you expect the people themselves and the state and local government to provide, evidently in your eyes, nothing. I certainly understand why we need term limits on these career politicians and we need them in a hurry. We just all need our career politicians and the federal government to provide for all of our needs, they can fix everything, Yea right.
      Trillions of dollars in debt and growing and you want to continue to turn it all over to these clowns to provide for all our needs or guess what, the sky is gonna fall. If you don’t believe it then just ask the guys in Washington D.C. I think I’m through debating the Bankruptcy of America with you, you seem to be for it and I’m against it. I’ll just leave it at that.

      • Bill Smith says:

        My point was and is that the Feds are already putting tax money into all those things. So what is your plan for cutting off or reducing those recipients to tax money – the public schools, Medicare and Medicaid, the highway program, and the rest. So pull those dollars our. Would you do it all at once? Over time? What kind of process woud you employ? In other words the devil is in the logistics. So give us a plan. I, of course, am a conservative Republican. As such I am for conservative not radical solutions to problems.

      • Michael and many other McGOPers forget that the Preamble provides that the Constitution is to “provide for the common defence and the general welfare” of the nation. As conservatives surely we can admit that the socialist train left the station with the advent of New Deal and Great Society programs. The challenge for us as conservatives now is to manage our limited resources the best that we are able by gradually
        reducing the size and scope of government. Otherwise, the day may come when it implodes like a dying star, only to create a nova-like destruction of our way of life, and our country.
        David Frazier

  7. Bill Smith says:

    Let me give you a concrete example to work with. You’ve got all those federal dollars coming into MS for the highway program. So let’s cut it off and let’s direct every one of those dollars to reducing the deficit. Now you’ve got the highwys to build and maintain. What are you going to do about that? Forget the plans for building new highways? Forget about maintenance of what exists? Forget about replacement of deteriorating structures? Or are you going to get the Legislaure to raise taxes on Mississippians?


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