For what it’s worth, our governments are back to work today

Today both the Mississippi legislature and the US Congress are back in session.  We found it very interesting that Y’all Politics had this to say about the political Opening Day:  “Guard your wallets, your children, your businesses, your vote and your sanity, Mississippi!”  How is it that a political website that fought as hard as they could for the status quo, and will do so again in elections this year, could dare say such a thing?  Excuse me but it is the TEA PARTY and folks like Chris McDaniel, Melanie Sojourner, Angela Hill, and Michael Watson who are at the forefront of seeking change in this state and in this country, while folks at Y’all seek to keep the same ole trains running.  So please spare us the complaints!

Speaking of change, the movement to oust John Boehner as Speaker of the House fell just a few votes short today.  In all, 25 members voted against him.  Although that was the biggest rebellion against a sitting Speaker since the 1860s, it was not enough to deny him the majority and force a second ballot.  All three Mississippi Republican congressmen supported the Speaker.  No shock there.  But what is shocking is that of the 50 new members, many of whom campaigned on opposing Boehner, only one stuck to principle and cast a ballot for someone else.  That is not a good sign of things to come.  If we can’t oust a man who is hostile to conservatism and to conservative members, as he has shown not only in the past but also today, then we will only reap more rotten fruit.  We cannot continue to elect the same politicians every year and hope for a different result.  As Einstein once said, that’s insanity.



  1. Bill Smith says:

    Good to see Boehner impose some party discipline.

  2. Bill Smith says:
  3. Well it appears that Boehner is using Gestapo tactics to punish congressman who failed to vote for him by not assigning committee duties or pulling them off prior committee assignments. I am sorry, I thought this was America where someone could vote their conscious or those of their constituents without fear of retribution, but I guess that doesn’t apply to the republican establishment. The more of this type tactics that the establishment hierarchy exploits the more divide they are going to cause among conservatives. So lead on Mr. Boehner, maybe you didn’t understand that in the last election the voters were throwing out the democrats. The next election it may be some established republicans who get the boot. Well, I guess it was like Trent Lott said, we have to punish some congressman to keep them in line. Nope, no independent thinking allowed within the republican party. Come to think about it, didn’t they have this type of goings on in Germany some years back. Yea, Mr. Boehner don’t forget that 14% congressional approval rating is looking dead at you, or should we call you Adolf.

  4. Bill Smith says:

    It’s called party discipline. Much needed. Can’t accomplish anything without it.

  5. Yep, no independent thinking allowed or you want get as much bacon as the good little followers.

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