Senator Chris McDaniel Says Boehner Should Be Ousted As Speaker

Matthew Boyle, Breitbart News, Mississippi’s Chris McDaniel: Oust Boehner

chris-mcdaniel-bus-flag-apMississippi state Sen. Chris McDaniel is calling on Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill to oust Speaker John Boehner.

“It is clear Republicans across America want someone other than John Boehner as speaker, and nowhere is that truer than here in Mississippi,” McDaniel said in a statement provided to Breitbart News. The conservative favorite earned more Republican votes than Sen. Thad Cochran in last year’s Republican primary and the subsequent runoff,  but Cochran retained his seat by convincing Democrats to back him in the GOP runoff.

“With the new year and a new Congress, our elected officials have been given the opportunity to choose new leadership. Our Mississippi Representatives should do the right thing and vote for someone other than John Boehner for Speaker of the U.S. House,” McDaniel said. “Republicans may be in control of the legislative branch, but they lack principled leadership.  Consequently, true conservatives have faced an increasingly hostile environment from the DC establishment. It takes more than empty rhetoric to lead. The GOP must become a party of principle again. And in so doing, we have to learn to fight for conservatism and our Constitution again.”

McDaniel’s conservative ally in the state senate, Sen. Michael Watson, already called on Rep. Steven Palazzo to vote for a Republican alternative to Boehner. Palazzo’s spokeswoman Jill Duckworth has not provided a comment yet to Breitbart News is response to either state senator’s calls, but has received the requests and is checking with her boss as to which Republican—Boehner or one of the alternatives—he plans to vote for.



  1. P Tom Young says:

    Chris, I called and emailed Palazzo today urging him to vote for someone other than Boehner. They were not answering the phone and the mailbox was full. And I received no response from the email. I’m about done with him.

    • Tom, palazzo is following the script of being a good little republican, he has and will continue to be a follower of the establishment along with one who loves to party when in Washington although he has toned it down some. He has always been in tune with the big money and big spending. So expect him to support Boehner and all other entrenched hierarchy.

      • Hey Guys: PTom and Michael W are correct. Mr. Palazzo is an empty suit. We had a perfect opportunity to replace him with a person of principle, Gene Taylor, but the McGOPers in the Pinebelt area voted overwhelmingly in favor of Mr. Palazzo, and to keep him in office. If the McGOPers had been so concerned about electing a person of principle during the primary challenge, they would not be having this discussion today.
        David Frazier

  2. Have to agree with saltwaterpappy on this one, I voted for Taylor personally, but the albatross around his neck was the prior party affiliation and that didn’t set too well with some of the electorate who couldn’t see past it. Taylor always was his own man and based his voting record on sound judgement and not party affiliation.

  3. Bill Smith says:

    Now that it is done, I am glad Boehner is again the Speaker. If there had been a desire to replace Boehner, the time to have attempted it would have been in the conference, which was not done. Challenging him when the matter was before the whole House accomplished nothing but to cause iill will among Republicans and a certain amount of happiness among the Democrats. What all the last minute flurrying was about was to let two dozen Republicans make a protest. It did not push the ball forward at all. And now those who mounted the protest have either got to kiss and make up with the Speaker or risk his shutting them out. A dumb move on their part. Now if the Republicans do not contiune to shoot at one another, with Boehner and McConnell in leadership we can get some thingd done. It will not be enough and can never be enough to satisfy such as Mr. McDaniel, but that’s not the goal anyway.

    • Now that the same old folks that help us get 18 trillion in debt are back in the leadership roles, I doubt they are able to come near to accomplishing what they are saying they are going to do. The President has already told them he will veto their first piece of legislation and I very seriously doubt they have enough votes to overide him, even on something that is a no brainer such as the pipeline deal. I do however see them continueing to increase the deficit and compromising what little they are able to push through, as this has been their pattern for years, spend and compromise, spend and compromise, tell the electorate that the sky is falling without them in power. If I ran my house the way these entrenched politicians run the congress, I would be Bankrupt, my wife would have divorced me, my children abandoned me, and the Bank would have evicted me from my home. Let’s all hope they change their ways and do what is good, just, and what is best for the country as a whole and not just bring home more bacon with reckless spending while trying to satisfy every congressmans and senators petty wants.

    • Ann American Citizen says:

      Bill Smith….has anyone told you how really uninformed you are? Yes they could have taken the vote in November after the General Election, however he waited until about 3 weeks afterward to vote on the Cromnibus. The Cromnibus did nothing for the people of this country, who actually paid for it! What your wonderful speaker did, the sneaky bustard was to tell the house members that the vote would be delayed and after they all left for the holidays, he took a surprise voice vote! A classic Obama move, taken right out of the book of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi! Not only that but they added things to it which were not in the original and congress was not given the bill to read as promised 3 weeks prior!

      It came out later that the bill was actually formulated through the summer while they were all running on conservative values and lying about everything that was in the bill! But hey….there are always JAs like you to believe what they say!

      • Bill Smith says:

        Explain to me how, if everyone had gone home, there is a recorded vote on the spending bill.

      • Hey AAC: Of all the McGOPers who have made posts within the last six months, yours is the least sensible. I say this in the knowledge that some of the McGOPers have posted some very inane stuff. I may not always agree with Bill, especially when he attempts to mix religious, sectarian beliefs with the secular world of politics and governance. But I would never call him “really uninformed”. Bill has demonstrated over the last six months not only a theoretical knowledge, but also a pragmatic
        working knowledge of the American political system and our way of governance.
        David Frazier

    Hey Guys: This is what usually happens when you put ideological purity above political pragmatism. Boehner is now exacting some pain.
    David Frazier

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