ACC: Mississippi Attorney General Dares Reporters To Find Any Evidence Of Hollywood Funding… So (TechDirt) Did

Mississippi Attorney General Dares Reporters To Find Any Evidence Of Hollywood Funding… So (TechDirt) Did, December 21, 2014

In case you haven’t been following this story, the Motion Picture Association of America, the trade group for Hollywood headed by former senator Chris Dodd, has been accused of “improperly”hood-ag-cc-565x423 (that’s the right word at this point) influencing states’ attorneys general in an effort to make life hard for Google. Google, Hollywood believes, makes it too easy to find “pirated” content online. So the barons of the big screen may have been calling up buddies in AG offices around the nation to put pressure on the Internet giant. The Attorney General in Mississippi appears to have been a particular Hollywood friend. Odd place for the studio execs to find an ally but hey, politics is weird like that.

Being a southerner myself and being quite familiar with the evangelical world (not directly, I grew up Catholic, but it was all around me as a kid) I’ve got to believe that there are quite a lot of folks in Mississippi who would might not look kindly on an AG which is an ally of what many evangelicals consider an overtly “anti-Christian” industry. Doing Hollywood’s bidding sure seems like a short term political strategy in Jackson.

Kudos to TechDirt for their ongoing reporting of this story.

The saga of Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood and his cozy ties to Hollywood continue to come out. He’s been claiming that, sure, he met with Hollywood’s top lawyer, Tom Perrelli, had him prep Hood for a meeting with Google, and even took a ~4,000 word angry letter that Perrelli wrote for him, signed it as his own and sent it to Google — but he did all that without knowingthat Perrelli worked for Hollywood’s top lobbying arm, the MPAA. Uh huh.

And then in a press conference, he insisted that he was doing this out of his own interest in protecting the children — but also admitted that his office didn’t have any intellectual property experts and didn’t have a million dollars to do an investigation (approximately the amount the MPAA’s leaked emails show them discussing to fund this investigation) and that he needed to rely on such help from “victims” to make his case. It’s fairly rare, though, that “victims” of a crime run the actual law enforcement investigation and fund it as well.

The entire TechDirt article is well worth the read, so to see it Click here.



  1. Hey McGOPers: I must admit that a McDaniel vs. Hood race would be interesting in 2015.
    David Frazier

    • If McDaniel were to run for AG it would be interesting to see where the established Repubs allegiance lies, with an established Democrat who turns a blind eye or a fellow republican who may expose their corrupt activities. Your right on this one Pappy, it may be interesting.

      • Hey MW: I think that you would be pleasantly surprised with the support that The Anointed One would receive from all factions within the State GOP in a race against Mr. Hood–if, and I use the word “if”, he can learn to control his narcissistic spewings and quit attacking the conservative bona fides of his fellow Republicans. If not, then once again, he won’t even make it out of the primary. Mississippians seek leaders who can work with others. We are not Texas where leadership is sometimes measured by the level of dissent one can create.
        David Frazier
        David Frazier

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