It Begins: Lt. Governor Tate Reeves Flip Flops on Common Core

Well if you didn’t know it was election time in the state of Mississippi, you should know by now.  Our illustrious Lt. Gov, Tate Reeves, has now decided it’s time for the state to dump the federal Common Core education standards and create our own.  Anyone with any little dab of common sense knows this is all political pandering to the conservative base, much like Governor Phil Bryant has done previously.  With rumors abounding about possible challenges next year, Tater is hearing footsteps behind him, conservative footsteps, and he’s attempting to shore up the base, the same base he went against in the Senate race last year.

But this should be blatantly transparent to every conservative in Mississippi.  It’s even more infuriating when you consider the fact that Reeves once fought FOR Common Core!  Senator Chris McDaniel, head of the Mississippi Senate Conservative Coalition, said as much today:  “Although I’m pleased to see him ‘change’ his position, it was Tate Reeves who fought against the Senate Conservative Coalition when we fought for repeal and/or the defunding of Common Core. It’s a matter of public record. He has been an advocate for Common Core and has killed our bills and amendments to repeal it. We don’t need him to create a task force, WE NEED A FULL REPEAL OF COMMON CORE.”

Earlier this afternoon, Senator McDaniel released the following statement on his Facebook page:

“I am pleased to see Tate change his mind on Common Core, but I fear this is little more than election year pandering,” said McDaniel. “The Mississippi State Senate Conservative Coalition has stood strong against Common Core from the beginning, and the Lt. Governor stood in the way and dismissed our efforts at every opportunity.

Leaders like Senator Michael Watson, Senator Angela Hill, Senator Melanie Sojourner and all of our coalition members have taken our message to the people across Mississippi and we have shown time after time that this is another federal scheme in a long line of federal schemes. Mississippi parents and Mississippi educators can do better. 

The Lt. Governor’s call to name a task force to look into Common Core is not necessary. We know what Common Core is. We know what it is attempting to do. We just need the courage to stand up for Mississippi parents, teachers and students and end this now. That’s what we tried to do in the 2014 session. That is what we will do again in 2015.”

Tate Reeves’ shift should be no surprise to true conservatives in Mississippi, and it probably won’t be the last one we will see.  He’s a typical politician who is only looking out for his job and his political future.  He is unprincipled and cares little for the common man in Mississippi.  It’s time to send this selfish little man home next year.



  1. IMissNixon says:

    As our peerless leader said of F. Chuck Todd’s new book……’sad’. But not surprising; our Jackson leaders are Gruberites. Manipulating the well-being of the children in this state this way is a small price to pay for political gain. The added bonus is that with continued leadership like this, we will maintain our place at the bottom of most lists of significant metrics.

  2. Hey MCD: You and The Anointed One are correct on this score. However, I predict that Tate and Phil will not be the only MS elected officials who will be crawfishing on Common Core as they seek reelection. The important question next year should come down to “why” they want to back away from the CC national standards in math, science, and English? If it is to put more control in the curriculum selection back to the State and local school boards and away from learning “critical thinking” at a higher objective national standard, then the reasoning is probably flawed and being done for rank political purposes. After all, Mississippi’s public educational system is in critical need of improvement. On the other hand, if the CC standards are only being applied to teach our students how to be better “test takers”, without the benefit of learning how to think on a critical basis level, then perhaps The Anointed One got it correct in his initial objections. Hell, even a blind hog will find an acorn occasionally.
    David Frazier

  3. Tator Tot never fails to underachieve even in changing his mind. He is more than sad; he is unable to see that his abrupt change of a core principle makes his pandering pathetic. Any one who has had personal dealings with him can attest that his arrogance is far greater than his intellect.

  4. frank gordon says:

    The secondary purpose of Common Core is the teaching of condoms, masturbation, and homosexual mechanics to children aged from 5 to 11 years old. The justifieable outrage at this goal often obscures the more insidious establishment of “Education Czars”. Those of us who know history understand that the Communists established the “Czars” to act as absolute despotic rulers over the people. These “Czars” are the primary purpose of Common Core. Once they are established, there can be no freedom of education or freedom of thought, or traditional values allowed for the next generation.

  5. If there are any knowledgeable educators out there who object to Common Core, I would appreciate it if they would share with the rest of us the reasons for their objections. Thanks

  6. My 2nd Grade Grandson was doing some of his math homework a few weeks ago while at my house, and my daughter was showing me the problems. Most were simple arithmetic subtraction such as 6-2= ? However the process to reach these answers was at least an 8 step process that he was having a hard time understanding. After looking at it, I’m sorry I didn’t understand it either and neither did my daughter. I few days later the teacher had scraped this process as no students were understanding how to get the correct answer or the disibilitating process to achieve what should be a simple process. I’m sure some so called Educational Genius out of Michigan, California or Washington D.C. can explain why it is in the best interest of educating our children to take so many steps to achieve an answer that they should get in 1 or 2 steps.

    I’m all for educating our children, however with this approach to math, I kind of understand how the morons in Washington D.C. got us 18 Trillion dollars in debt.

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