Hey Mississippi Republican Party: Take this election and shove it

Jim Cegielski, Laurel Leader Call, October 27, 2014

Where is Johnny Paycheck when you need him? If there was ever a time for a song called “Take this election and shove it,” it’s now.

I’m not talking about the race for Circuit Court Judge, where we have four outstanding men running for the job, providing the electorate with four very good and highly diverse choices. If you can’t find a candidate who meets your liking between Grant Hedgepeth, Billy Joe Landrum, J. Ronald Parrish and Dal Williamson, then there is something wrong with you. Personally, I like all four gentlemen, but personality-wise and the manner in which they would handle the job couldn’t be more different.

This will be one of the very few races in which most people are going to have a tough time narrowing their choice down to just one candidate. Wouldn’t it be great if all elections were like that?

The election in which Johnny Paycheck would come into play is the United States Senate race between Thad Cochran and Travis Childers. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against Travis Childers. He stopped by our office on more than one occasion, and even though I don’t agree with him on all the issues, he seems like a genuinely nice man.

No, the reason that I would shove this election is, unlike the Circuit Court Judges’ race, where we have a plethora of good choices, the Mississippi Republican establishment has stolen our choice in the Senate race.

Like the Texas army at The Battle of San Jacinto spurred on by the war cry of “Remember the Alamo,” any Jones County conservative with a conscience must heed the cry of “Remember Chris McDaniel” and take action. The Mississippi Republican establishment, all those people WE have put into office for the past 15 years, thumbed their nose at us. They point-blank told us, “We don’t care who YOU want as your candidate. We don’t care if YOU want change. We will do whatever it takes, including joining forces with the opposition, as long as WE get to stay in power.”

If we now turn around and vote for these same people, starting with Cochran, then we are nothing but a bunch of schmucks who deserve to be taken advantage of by the rich, elitist, power-hungry politicians who have been using us for the past decade and a half. We can’t possibly let that happen.

I see it as our duty to dish out whatever retribution we can for the miscarriage of justice that took place in the Republican primary runoff. The senate seat was hijacked out from under our native son. Every citizen who voted for Chris McDaniel, especially here in Jones County, needs to remain angry and vigilant in this, and every upcoming election, until the perpetrators of this elector al crime have been weeded out.

I know a lot of you will be tempted to show your disdain for the way Chris McDaniel was railroaded by staying home from the polls. I implore you not to do that. If you do, you are only helping spendaholic Thad Cochran keep his seat.

Some of you are thinking, “I don’t know if I can bring myself to vote for a Democrat.” I haven’t voted Democrat in a statewide election since moving to Mississippi some 20 years ago, but it is time. You must stop thinking of Republicans as “conservatives” and Democrats as “liberals.” There is nothing conservative about Thad Cochran.

I’ve heard the phrase a thousand times: “I didn’t leave the Democrat party, they left me.” Well, guess what? When the Republican establishment will join forces with the opposition against their own base in order to keep power, then it may be time to say, “I left the Republican Party because they screwed me” and change course once again.

I became a Republican when Ronald Reagan was president because of his vision and leadership. He was brave enough to change the course of America after the disastrous Watergate and Jimmy Carter years. He was brave enough to stand up to the Soviet Union, bringing an end to the Cold War and the collapse of communism. And, he was brave enough to cut taxes to get the economy moving, bringing about two decades of an economic boom.

In contrast, I haven’t even seen a single Mississippi Republican, including our governor, who was brave enough to stand up and say that what the Cochran campaign did to hijack the Republican primary was wrong. Sure, it may have been legal, but it was still wrong. You just don’t ask Democrats to vote in a Republican primary runoff because it is the only way to keep your over-the-hill patsy in power. They all know it was wrong but they are a bunch of pussy…cats, too scared to stand up for what is right because they don’t want to make the rich and powerful angry and risk losing their power.

These aren’t the kind of people I want leading Mississippi. Until we get some honorable, brave people — like Ronald Reagan — back in positions of power in the Republican Party, both state and nationwide, I will no longer consider myself a Republican.

On Tuesday, this Independent will “Remember Chris McDaniel” as he casts his vote for Travis Childers.



  1. Time for us to rally in this race and blow the seams in the Republican cabal . We then need to , after voting in Childers put our full efforts to taking over the Republican Party . We are conservatives and will stay Conservatives , but there needs to be a purging that leaves no doubt about this states Sovereignty and for whom these resources belong .
    From our education system to entitlements , we do not need to rely on the Federal Government and it’s programs with their Socialist / Communist underpinnings and their Homosexual / Anti-God agenda’s . From Zero – Based budgeting to Illegal Immigration which kills jobs , loads the welfare rolls artificially , and now brings pandemic potential diseases , we can do so much better managing our states resources .
    This state has oil everywhere on land and in the offshore areas , we have refineries to back up that production . We are no lightweights in the oil business . We have timber and manufacturing based on that , we have ship building , we have the Stennis Space Center supporting 30 companies involved in Rocket Testing Internationally . MS. is a music and movie hot spot with a colorful history and a vibrant future . Casino’s and Vacation giant from our shores to our hunting and fishing . Food production in our Delta , and manufacturing in a great climate with plenty of skilled labor . Add that together and 41 years of the ” King Of Pork ” bringing ” Billions ” into our state . Now ask your self = WHY IS MS. IN 50th PLACE ???-. Why do teacher’s buy food and materials for their students ? Why are Individuals and Corporations making a killing and why are we putting up with all of this .
    The Haley / Cochran / Wicker / Harper / Democratic Party / Black Churches / and a host of other leaches and robber baron’s were outed . Now they must be purged . We need RICO investigations and prosecutions . We need to back and strengthen our MS. Tea Party and the new and growing County Conservative Coalitions . That means vote for Childers tomorrow join with your neighbors after you vote . Then let’s take our state back . Put God back where he belongs and like a Stennis Rocket soaring get the hell out of 50th place never to see that stigma again .

  2. William Smith says:

    Re Reagan, the Mr. Cegieslski is either not knowledgeable of history or delibertaley misrepresenting it because Reagan was not the Reagan of his column. Most definitely Reagan was a conservaive, and btw my kind of conservative. But he also was always a pragmatic conservative and big tent Republican. He was not the sort of conservative the McDaniel people who write here think he was, and not the kind of conservative they would support once they knew him and his record. Made too many compromises and his embrace of other Republicans was too broad. And he chose to have big increases in spending and a growing deficit. To put it succintly, Reagan was too much like Cochran and would consider Cochran a reliable ally. He is the kind of conservative Reagan would endorse and campaign for. There is a need to educate oneself about Reagan and to use his example honestlly.

    Re the post by Mr. Kenney, he provides us with insight into the the minds of so many of the hardcore McDaniel supporters. Inaccurate. Misinformed. Heat without light. There will be those who read that and will say, “He nailed it,” when in fact he reveals what is wrong with McDanielism and why it won’t work and can’t succeed in MS.

    • IMissNixon says:

      I don’t understand all the acrimony from the troll infestation on this site. Obviously Thud will win simply because he is the best senator Mississippi, or the nation for that matter, has ever sent to Washington. His backers and supporters are true and just. They have only all Mississippians best interests at heart. The rest of us are, alas, misinformed. Too ignorant of ‘how it works’ to support the preeminent incumbent. Too ‘inaccurate’ in our political views to understand that Thud is THE Reagan conservative and McDaniel isn’t the right kinf of conservative.
      If only I had the benefit of the political wisdom in the comments on this website before I voted this morning, I might have done the right thing.

      • Sanity reigned among the vast majority of voters today in Mississippi.

      • Sanity huh? Yeah things are going so well for the state!

      • William Smith says:

        MS has a friend and advocate in Sen. Cochran. The state history of slavery, reconstruction, segregation, and failed intergegration are big reasons for its economic struggles. Visit the Delta. Sen. Cochran has done what a US Senator can do and the past and present Governors have done much to make things better. In other words, though MS is last in a number or areas, MS is better off than it would have been without these men. So, yes, sanity reigned on the part of the great majority of voters. The ball is now in the court of the McDaniel supporters. Do they want to have an influence on and work with and within the Party? Or will they stay outside and continue to talk about “the estalbishment”, “Boss Hog Barbour”, “those liars, cheaters, corrupt race baiters”, “Cochroach” etc. The voters have repudiated that stuff and done so decisively. So McDainiel, Sojourner, the editors/columnists of this site, and the McDaniel followers who voted for Childers have some decisions to make.

  3. According to Jim’s logic, The Anointed One was wrong for seeking out the votes of people from the Reform Party, Constitution Party, and Independents during the primary/run-off.

  4. William Smith says:


    “WASHINGTON — It was late spring, and Republican leaders knew that if they wanted to win the Senate, they needed to crush the enemy: not Democrats, but the rebels within their own party.

    And Chris McDaniel, a Senate candidate from Mississippi who had a history of making sexist and racially insensitive remarks, was a problem.”

  5. BinkyMcGee says:

    So. Some of the hardcore McDanielites really did vote for Travis Childers. You really don’t see how that is the same thing as the Democrats voting for Cochran ? You did the same action that you and McDaniels so vehemently condemned. I guess you people aren’t too introspective? And yeah, McDaniels is dangerous because he’s crazy.

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