#RememberMississippi on November 4


Sean Hannity: Do not support “despicable” Thad Cochran in the general election!



  1. You lost. Another Republican won the Republican primary. Get over it. Whining about losing is no way to go forward. I live in Mississippi. I always vote Republican. Which means I conceivably could vote for you. Not that I would now.

    I do not care who Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Sarah Palin, or anybody else who does not live in our state thinks I should vote for. Why should I care what they think? Why do you?

    Your constant citing of their endorsements, coming as they are from people who do not vote in Missisippi, speaking to a huge listening audience, which also does not vote in Mississipi, is pathetic. Congratulations. You won in talk radio endorsements. Didn’t get you elected though did it?

    I can’t take you seriously anymore.

    • I find it interesting that you establishment folks are not concerned in the slightest about the viciousness of the campaign, so I guess the ends justifies the means with you? We have principles that we don’t sell to the highest bidder. Obviously you people have no principles and would probably sell out to Satan himself in order to win an election!

  2. Isn’t it amazing that the establishment supporting guys haven’t commented on this post yet? Problem is they know what the establishment did to one of their own and by supporting the acts of the Barbours, Cochran, and their cronies they condone it. Folks, this was and has always been about money and Power for the hierarchy of the Mississippi Republican Party and has never been about the people of Mississippi, Black / White, Republican/Democrat/Independent.

    • As a Cochran voter, I, for one, have not commented because there doesn’t seem much to comment on and I fear I’ve commented too much lately anyway. The Sean Hannity recording appears to be from four months ago while the legal battles for the Senate race in Mississippi were still ongoing. And, additionally, I do not really wish to defend the campaign tactics of Cochran’s allies. Indeed, those tactics made me angry more often than Chris McDaniel’s did prior to the election, and Cochran almost lost my vote. He did not, but only because I disagreed with some of Chris McDaniel’s own campaign styles and actions. I came to disagree with Chris McDaniel even more after the election. The point to debate now is how to move forward. I stand for winning people over to conservatism, for uniting the establishment and the Tea Party in common causes, and for a more conservative U.S. Senate after this year’s elections. That’s why I’m still mystified as to why elements of the Mississippi Tea Party are backing someone (Travis Childers) who has supported Nancy Pelosi in the past and who would likely throw the U.S. Senate to Democratic control. Abstaining from an election I can understand if principles dictate that; voting for Travis Childers and deliberately trying to destroy the Republican Party this year, I cannot.

  3. Conservative? Ain’t she from San Francisco?

  4. William Smith says:

    For one thing this is a very old Hannity comments. For another, Hannity it is often hard to take Hannity seriously because he engages his tongue before his head often. I stopped watching long ago. It really did not seem to be something needing comment but since you asked, here it is. But, now your comments – strident, hyperbolic, untrue… well they really are not worthy of comment, exept to say, Principled? Not you, my friend.

    • An old comment? It was June 25. Not too old! You just don’t like to hear the truth about what happened in this primary run off! You can’t stand to hear how your guys behaved! They should hide their face in shame for the way the acted! And anyone else you thinks it was a good strategy!

      • William Smith says:

        I don’t think so. Still waiting evidence. Still waiting to see something worse than things said done by McDaniel and supporters. Still waiting filing of charges.

  5. William Smith says:

    What I do hope Miss remembers for a long time is how McDaniel was on the radio and how he comported himself post runoff. We were spared.

    • Spared what exactly? A man who reveres the Constitution? A man who believes in limited government? A man who believes in paying down the debt, not increasing it? A man who is sick and tired of compromising with liberal Democrats and watching our nation go down the drain as a result? Is that who we were spared? I think you got some screws loose!

  6. William Smith says:

    Spared an immature politician whose radio show and post runoff words and conduct have revealed a person who lacks the gravitas and good judgment neccessary to serve effectively n the Senate. He has stirred up his followers so they are strident, ill-informed, and willing to pull the house down on all of us if they can. Its now clear that McDaniel and Sojourner have burned all their bridges. Their only chance is somehow to “take over” the party and clean house of the “esablishment” including the Govrernor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, the other US Senator, the R House delegation, the state Exec Com. That’s not going to happen. McDaniel and Sojourner are speech makers and rally attenders but not effective legislators. They aren’t going to take over the party, but they have and will create an atmosphere of nastiness. They did not have the good sense to know when to cut their losses or the savvy to work within the party. Immature, unwise, angry, ineffective, You have to be a grown-up to be effective. You have to know how to rally people without turning them into an aggrieved,self-destructive group. You have to know how to work with others. In other words you have to be like Reagan. As I say, we were spared. For that I am thankful. Checked all my screws and all were tight.

    • Hey Guys: As I have said all along, The Anointed One is an anarchist through and through. He does not seek to build up. He wants to tear down, just like Ted Cruz and his fellow anarchists at the DeMintia Foundation. As for Melanie, I see that she still refuses to make any type of financial filing with the SOS for 2013 as required by law. She is reportedly the only state legislator who continues to refuse to make any kind of filing, even an incomplete one due to “lost” records. The matter has been turned over to the AG. When she is prosecuted, convicted, and banned from holding any other public office, I assume that all of the McGOPers will cry out “persecution”! The fact that she is expected to play by the same rules as everyone else is irrelevant. But then again, in the land of Traditional Mississippi Values there are rules for a few powerful white folks, and then there are rules for the rest of us. But to the true McGOPer Believers, facts don’t matter. They will see it as the Establishment giving Melanie some payback for supporting The Anointed One in such a public manner.

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