Cochran vs. Childers: To Vote, Or Not To Vote: That Is The Question

What are McDaniel supporters to do on November 4?

By Ryan S. Walters

The midterm election is nearly upon us. Finally we are at the end of what has been a very raucous, but very memorable, campaign season for the state of Mississippi. And now that the State Supreme Court has ruled against Senator Chris McDaniel’s appeal, there is nothing left to do now but vote, or not.

With the election now little more than a week away, it’s the McDaniel supporters who have the choice to make: Do they hold their nose and cast a ballot for Cochran, despite his nasty race-baiting campaign? Do they pull the lever for Childers and kick Thad to the curb? Or do they simply boycott the election and stay home?

Let’s look at all the options.

Option 1: Vote for Thad Cochran

The first option, and the one pushed by the establishment, is for all McDaniel Republicans to let bygones be bygones and be nice little Republicans and support the nominee. Honestly, I’d rather work for a week at an Ebola treatment center without a HAZMAT suit than cast a vote for Thad Cochran. It’s simply unthinkable in my eyes, but certainly an option for many Republican voters, at least those curiously obsessed with taking back the US Senate from Harry Reid and the Democrats.2014-06-25-Sen.Cochran-thumb

There are some serious flaws for conservatives who choose to take this route, however. One is the future of the seat. If Cochran is re-elected, many do not expect him to serve out his full six-year term. And if he does leave early, which may happen sometime after the 2015 state elections, Governor Bryant will most likely appoint his good buddy Congressman Gregg Harper to the seat, and Harper will be just another Cochran and we will have a much harder time defeating him in future races. So the eventual choice will be taken out of the hands of the people if Cochran is re-elected.

Perhaps the biggest reason is the conduct of the Cochran camp in the campaign to defeat Senator McDaniel, and for this reason it is my earnest hope that no McDaniel supporter casts a vote for Thad Cochran. To repeat what our side has said for months, Chris McDaniel, the choice of the Republican base in Mississippi, won on June 3. He won again on June 24 with nearly 60 percent of Republican voters. To win, Thad Cochran had to attract thousands of liberal Democrats and resorted to dirty, underhanded, sleazy tactics that are so beyond the pale that anyone who doesn’t recognize it as such has some serious moral issues. This day and age, you don’t call your political opponents racists and bigots, particularly fellow Republicans. You don’t use fear-mongering tactics, like the Democrats do, to win a party primary. And you especially don’t persuade the other side to support you with bribes and other goodies, which is another nasty, oft-used Democratic tactic.

So, to cast a vote for Cochran, if you are a McDaniel supporter, is to say that the uses of such tactics are acceptable. No right thinking, morally decent person can believe that. And Thad Cochran should not be rewarded for such behavior by receiving the votes of McDaniel supporters.

Option 2: Vote for Travis Childers

I have been hearing from many McDaniel supporters, and have read their posts on social media, who are vowing to vote for Childers on Election Day. This is a perfectly acceptable alternative for Republicans, to cast a protest vote against the establishment and teach them a lesson once and for all: don’t take conservatives for granted again or you will pay the price.

And why should conservative Republicans not vote for a Democrat? Apparently having Democrats select the nominee of the Republican Party is okay, so Republicans electing a Democrat to the Senate should be okay too.

pic_giant_052014_SM_All-in-the-Family-Travis-Childers-GTo his credit, Childers considers himself a “blue dog” conservative Democrat, and has taken hard positions that are to the right of Thad Cochran on a few big issues. He backs a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, which the freewheeling, spendthrift Cochran won’t support, and he signed the same pledge as Chris McDaniel promising never to support amnesty for illegals. And for the record, Cochran has voted for amnesty in the past and will do so again, just like his cronies at the liberal US Chamber of Commerce want him to. That’s why he won’t sign an anti-amnesty pledge. So a vote for Childers is not necessarily a liberal vote. In fact, it can be argued that Cochran is more liberal than Childers on several issues.

As for the whole re-taking the Senate argument, what does that matter? Does it really make any difference anymore? The last time Republicans had control of the Senate, as well as the House and the Presidency, it didn’t go so well for the conservative movement. In truth we were betrayed with more spending, more debt, and more government. It was so bad that the party was out in force apologizing to the people after the midterm debacle of 2006.

Does anyone really think it will be any different this time around? During this election cycle, the GOP has no platform, no agenda, and no ideas to speak of. Amazingly, they are not even running on repealing Obamacare anymore or against the administration plan to bring in as many as 35 million immigrants and put them on the fast track to citizenship. We simply can’t trust them to do anything about this lawless President. So far they’ve done nothing with control of the House and, without a new cast of true conservatives like Chris McDaniel, they won’t do anything with control of the Senate either.

And what about Harry Reid? He seems to be the personification of evil in the US Senate and a target for many Republican campaigns: Let’s rid the Senate of Majority Leader Harry Reid. Childers has promised not to vote for Reid for any leadership position, and although many might argue that he will surely go back on that promise, at least he has taken a public position on it. Has Cochran vowed not to support Mitch McConnell? Is McConnell really that much better than Reid? No, he’s not.

So the bottom line for a Childers vote is this: the only sure way to get rid of Thad Cochran and punish the establishment is to vote for Travis Childers. And in six years, we can replace Childers with a solid conservative.

Option 3: Vote for a Third Party

This is an option but not a very good one in my opinion. The only real choice here would be Shawn O’Hara of the Reform Party, who has run for just about every office for the past two decades, except for perhaps the Presidency. I’m not a big proponent of the so-called “wasted vote” argument but I think that certainly applies here. No good can come of a vote for O’Hara in this case.

Option 4: Write in McDaniel

While some McDanielites have pledged to vote for Childers, others are declaring their intention to write in McDaniel’s name as a protest vote once they are in the voting booth. These are voters who truly feel deprived that they can’t vote for the one they consider the real nominee of the party and seek a way to vote for him anyway.

But there are major problems with this idea. According to Mississippi election law expert John Pittman Hey, write-in votes for McDaniel will NOT be counted unless Thad Cochran is somehow removed from the ticket, either with a resignation or death. Then, and only then, would write-in votes for Chris McDaniel count. So any write-ins would be a truly wasted vote.Chris

There are also stories cropping up on social media that Cochran folks, even Cochran-supporting Circuit Clerks, are telling McDaniel voters who won’t vote for Thad to go ahead and write-in McDaniel’s name. They know it won’t count and this should be reason enough not to do it.

However, if voters simply cannot vote for Cochran, Childers, or O’Hara, and must do something, then this is the best option. Don’t leave the line blank and under-vote, leaving your ballot dangerously exposed on the table for someone else to take. And as we have seen thus far, our votes are not as sacred as they once were.

Option 5: Stay Home

A lot of McDaniel supporters might just be so disgusted with the whole mess that they simply want to stay home and sit it out. That’s perfectly understandable and a perfectly legitimate way to protest. If you don’t vote, then you can’t be blamed for the disaster that awaits us.

The only problem with this approach is that it only deprives Cochran of one vote. Rather than stay home, if these voters would go to the polls, hold their nose and vote for Childers, it deprives Cochran of two votes because it takes one vote out of Cochran’s column and places it in the column for Childers. That’s a swing of two votes, which takes the biggest bite out of Cochran’s backside.

No matter your decision on Election Day, we must understand that the race is officially over on November 4. It shall pass into history.

And even though we fell short of our goal of unseating one of Washington’s biggest spenders, fighting as we did against the entire establishment machine, we should be proud of our efforts but with our vote we can still have a major impact on this US Senate race, and should.

Yet I must make myself very clear on one thing: these are my opinions alone and my effort here is not to try to tell McDaniel supporters how to vote. But judging by arguments on social media, McDaniel supporters are clearly divided on the issue of what to do.

I would simply ask that you weigh these options carefully, pray about it, and vote your conscience. And when November 5 dawns bright and early, McDaniel supporters need to come together once again to fight our common enemies.

So let us exercise our constitutional rights and our sacred duties of citizenship, then reunite on Guy Fawkes Day and begin a new push for better government.



  1. William Smith says:

    Wow! Five options. All acceptable but the first. The two most acceptable options are to stay home or vote for Childers. The most acceptable option is to to vote for Childers. Now the Mississippi CONSERVATIVE Daily virtually endorsing a Democrat and asserting it makes no difference who controls the Senate. So the McDaniel candidacy ends up with his followers voting for a Demcrat whose actual voting record is liberal and voting for Harry Reid to run the Senate. It’s not your father’s conservatism anymore. Not the conservatism of William F. Buckley or Ronald Reagan. That’s not good enough. Not pure enough. This new conservatism is not conservatism but radicalism posing as consevatism.

  2. Wow, to think that I would be a radical for wanting a balanced budget. I would be a radical for wanting illegal aliens to follow our laws to citizenship. I would be a radical for wanting to secure our borders. I would be a radical for not supporting tainted elections. I would be a radical for not agreeing to be a puppet of the big money super-pac establishment and following their orders and guidelines with no thinking for oneself allowed. I would be a radical for voting for who I decide is the best candidate when I enter the polls. If all this marks me as a radical come election day, then go ahead and mark me and count me radical.

  3. William Smith says:

    You are not a radical for your views You are a radical for your absolutism, your willingness to wreck and ruin, your unwillingness to work within the R Party, and your refusal to accept as allies those who disagree with you on strategy. Radicals usually kill their closest allies for not being pure enough.

  4. “A lot of McDaniel supporters might just be so disgusted with the whole mess that they simply want to stay home and sit it out. That’s perfectly understandable and a perfectly legitimate way to protest. If you don’t vote, then you can’t be blamed for the disaster that awaits us.”

    I will have to disagree on this point. Silence is complicity. Not voting does not give anyone a free pass on responsibility. In fact the way elections generally turn out when it comes to numbers of voters; a whole lot of bad consequences can be laid at the feet of people who don’t vote. IMHO

    • Zorek, I think I’ve seen your comments elsewhere online, and if memory serves me correctly, you support Travis Childers because you respect and agree with him–at least more than you do Thad Cochran. I intend to vote for Cochran, and wish you would reconsider, but you do have to vote for the person you think is best. In defense of those who choose to abstain this year though, I think that there are times when someone can feel bound to abstain. If voting for one candidate seems to support corruption, and voting for another candidate advances a cause you don’t support, then that could be a moment when it’s best to simply not vote. I find Cochran palatable this year but for conservatives who don’t, it may be preferable for them to stay home rather than actively endorse the Democratic candidate if they don’t really support him.

      • Sorry, but based on the way Cochran “approved the messages” in this last election, I wouldn’t vote for for Cochran for dog catcher, let alone Senator.

  5. So you want to apply my unwillingness to work within the republicans so you can label me as a radical however you fail to apply the same principal to the establishment repubs who will not accept the ideas and pleas of the 185000 or so who voted to go in a different direction and schemed so didn’t have to answer to the voters. By this principal then I would believe this would make your views either elitist or hypocritical. So if you want to label me, fine, but apply the same thinking to the establishment.

    • IMissNixon says:

      Well said michaelw; but like so many concepts, conservatives will get it and the RINO establishment will not get it. Even if they do get it, the concept threatens their ‘side’, so intellectually they have to deny it as wrong-headed.

  6. Silly Michael, don’t you know that you’re a radical when you don’t want to compromise… going along with what they want?

  7. I have agreed with some points made on this blog and disagreed with many others. However, I am mystified at the logic of this endorsement of Travis Childers. Why are some elements of the Tea Party seeking to endorse Travis Childers and the Democratic Party, when the Democratic Party stands absolutely and completely opposed to almost everything the Tea Party claims to support? Do not misunderstand me. I voted for Cochran and intend to vote for him again, but as a conservative, I understand that some voters may want to abstain because of the deplorable campaign tactics of Cochran’s allies. I can understand a principled abstention. Similarly, I understand Democrats, Republicans and independents who support Travis Childers because they truly believe in what he and his Party stands for. As a conservative, I disagree with them, but let’s voice our opinions at the ballot box and may the best ideas for our country win. Many in the Tea Party, however, do not seem to be planning to vote for Childers because they support him but rather because they want to get at the Republican establishment. I hope that they are doing what they truly think is best, but here are a few reasons I would argue that their decision is extremely unwise: 1) Tea Party supporters objected to the fact that Democrats voted in the Republican primary. It makes little sense to toss those concerns to the wind by themselves becoming Democratic voters who earlier voted in the Republican primary. That eats away at any moral high ground McDaniel may have had on that issue. 2) A Travis Childers’ win would be seen as a win by the President and the Democratic Party. Whatever positions Travis Childers may have taken on the campaign trail, the media would spin his victory as evidence that both the GOP and the Tea Party can no longer win even in red states. 3) Should Cochran win even with the Tea Party voting for Travis Childers, Cochran and his allies would have no reason to listen to the Tea Party at all once he’s back in the Senate; he can win even when the Tea Party supports his opponent. The Tea Party would lose influence. 4) I don’t know much about Travis Childers’ personal views, and I don’t want to slander someone who may have personal integrity, but I think the Tea Party would be wise to consider the possibility that Mr. Childers’ more conservative policy positions are simply an effort to pander to the Tea Party. Indeed, most of his immigration and balanced budget proposals would not pass in a Democratic Senate so he can make whatever promises he wants with little fear of having his feet held to the fire later. 5) Voting in someone like Childers while at the same time planning to vote him out six years later seems risky at best. Once Childers becomes an incumbent, he could be a Senator for a very, very long time; Mary Landrieu, Mark Pryor, Kay Hagan and Claire McCaskill are just a few examples of incumbent Democrats in reddish states who have proved surprisingly resilient. If you don’t support Childers and don’t want him elected and re-elected, be careful voting for him. 6) The argument is made in the blog post that Childers will not support Harry Reid, but Cochran will support Reid’s moral equivalent–Mitch McConnell. Since even Rand Paul also seems to support McConnell, it might be time to be consistent and re-think which individuals are Tea Party and libertarian heroes. In conclusion, each voter must do what he or she thinks best, but in my opinion, if the Tea Party actively backs and votes for Travis Childers, they will lose influence with the Republican Party, they will not gain influence with the Democratic Party (which will still not see them as base voters), and they will betray their own principles by supporting the party of Barack Obama and the candidate that he wants to win. I personally will have a hard time viewing Thad Cochran as a RINO when the people who use that term are voting for the Democrats. I am surprised that some in the Tea Party are actively considering becoming a political arm of the Democratic Party while at the same time opposing the Democratic Party’s core principles. That seems like a bad arrangement for all involved. If you must abstain from voting this year, fine. If you are a Democrat or a Republican who truly supports Travis Childers, fine. But if you’re just voting for him to get at the Republican establishment and with intent to vote him out years later, be cautious about the wisdom of that decision. That said, I do agree with Ryan Walters that you should vote according to your conscience; just make sure it’s your conscience that’s speaking.

  8. The only thing that makes sense is to vote for Childers , we know if Thad gets in ; it is a sure switcheroo to Gregg Harper , again without our permission and harder to reverse . No one likes this but I specifically remember the Tea Party in the beginning pledging to vote for the best candidate’s we could find , be they Republican or Democrat . Well here is push come to shove .
    There is no doubt that all of our leadership should have been in front of this issue , and we should have already debated and formulated a clear response . Here we are a few days out from a major election decision , and we have no clear defined course of action statewide . We literally just sat there watching a legal action in a state where we know the courts are as corrupt as the politicians and never got serious about contingency voting .
    Everyone did and is working their tails off , and we have done much with very little . But we must tighten up , the leadership must become inspired and more open to ideas from the people . And we need to attract more Patriots to the fight .That includes Businesses and our Churches
    And Mr. Walters laid out a reasonable argument of why voting for Childers is in our long range best interest . Consider the blow to Joe Nosef , Cochran , Barbour , Wicker , The turncoat Bryant if they watch their money laundering operation go up in smoke . This cabal is dug in deep and it will take real serious and in your face action to take it back . We are the ” Davids ” in this battle , and the polished stone to the head of ” Goliath ” is a vote for Childers . And then in the confusion and turmoil , we need to replace every single lying , conniving , evil one of them .
    Please vote for Roger Gerrard to replace Gregg Harper . And As Always Remember Mark Mayfield . I refuse to let any of these scum return to office to be rewarded for what they did to Our Friend and his Family .

  9. Thomas Cramer says:

    It no longer about politics or votes. It is about principles. BTW, it doesn’t have to be over on November 4th. I am writing in for McDaniel. I am aware of State Law however under Federal Law every legible vote must be counted. This is a Federal position not a State position. I contend that the State law only applies in State elections. As exposed by the “hanging chads”, in Federal Elections every legible vote must be counted.

    • A write in for McDaniel is a throw-away vote. It will not be counted as per Mississippi law.
      2013 Mississippi Code
      Title 23 – ELECTIONS
      Article 13 – BALLOTS
      § 23-15-365 – Write-in candidates; applicability of section to elections conducted under Sections 23-15-974 through 23-15-985

      Universal Citation: MS Code § 23-15-365 (2013)
      (1) There shall be left on each ballot one (1) blank space under the title of each office to be voted for, and in the event of the death, resignation, withdrawal or removal of any candidate whose name shall have been printed on the official ballot, the name of the candidate duly substituted in the place of such candidate may be written in such blank space by the voter.

      (2) The provisions of subsection (1) of this section shall not apply to elections conducted under the Nonpartisan Judicial Election Act.

      • On this point, I think Zorek Richards is correct. I’ve not heard that write-in votes will count this election except in the cases listed in the laws Mr. Richards cites.

  10. IMissNixon says:

    To MCD: Great piece. I am 100% on board with your options. This is exactly how I have been proposing it to my friends and acquantances, though not in so many words (literally). Great job, and, as always, ignore the trolls and naysayers!!!

  11. Paul Ragan says:

    If you are a McDaniel supporter who thinks Cochran took the nomination unfairly or illegally, then I encourage you to write in McDaniel. Vote your heart. Stay true to the end. Votes will be counted, and then if McDaniel gets the most votes, court challenges can start all over again on who to seat in the Senate.

    • That’s not how Mississippi voting law works. A McDaniel write in will NOT be counted. Write Ins are only counted in limited cases (death of candidate, etc), but it does NOT apply to McDaniel case.
      2013 Mississippi Code
      Title 23 – ELECTIONS
      Article 13 – BALLOTS
      § 23-15-365 – Write-in candidates; applicability of section to elections conducted under Sections 23-15-974 through 23-15-985

      Universal Citation: MS Code § 23-15-365 (2013)
      (1) There shall be left on each ballot one (1) blank space under the title of each office to be voted for, and in the event of the death, resignation, withdrawal or removal of any candidate whose name shall have been printed on the official ballot, the name of the candidate duly substituted in the place of such candidate may be written in such blank space by the voter.

      (2) The provisions of subsection (1) of this section shall not apply to elections conducted under the Nonpartisan Judicial Election Act.

  12. One other word of caution about endorsing Travis Childers: Any conservative candidates who do that may hurt their own credibility within the Republican Party and among conservatives in general in future. If Thad Cochran’s camp hurt his credibility by embracing Democratic talking points, just think about what harm could come to Tea Party candidates’ credibility if they actively seek to help the Democrats keep control of the Senate. If you think Travis Childers is the best candidate and worth voting for, then by all means vote your conscience. I may disagree with your choice, but I at least can respect that you’re voting according to your conscience. If you’re just trying to get back at the Republican establishment though, be careful before getting too entangled in the Democratic Party unless you really want to do so. I understand your anger, but I don’t think that anger is worth destroying the conservative cause, and mark my words, if the establishment and the Tea Party can’t figure out how to work together, then we will go down to defeat–not just this year, but for many years to come. I really don’t think either group (establishment or Tea Party) has the strength at the moment to win nationally on their own.

    • Cal90 I’m thinking that credibility with the criminal cabal that is the MSGOP is just the very last thing I will be worrying about . I’m sure you must have missed that the MSGOP colluded with not only the Democratic Party but also used it’s complicity with Bishop Ronnie Crudup to advance the story that Chris and the Tea Party were racist and extreme . Not only that , there is records of vote buying orchestrated by the Barbour Cabal . Of course there is anger , the question is , are you not informed on these issues or do you think there is some way to work within the parameters of such a criminally corrupt and evil organization ?
      I see us going forward and rebuilding the MSGOP minus the thugs that have control presently . But we the Tea Party are going nowhere and the MSGOP needs us not the other way around . You must not be aware of the new growth of the Tea Party and the RCCC among others . And yes Travis Childers is far and away more conservative then Thad . Thads voting record is abysmal , even voting against our gun rights and for Obama Care .

      • Robert Edward Kenney, I do not endorse all of Thad Cochran’s positions or tactics, but I also was not fond of Chris McDaniel’s campaign, so I almost abstained during the primary. In the end, I weighed what my best move would be and voted for Thad Cochran. Whether I was right or wrong, the primary is over. Now we face the general election. As I’ve tried my best to explain above, if you think that Travis Childers is the best option in this election and you endorse him, then vote for him. I disagree and would be more than happy to outline why, but in a representative democracy, each person has to make their own voting decision. My concern is that some in the Tea Party seem to be endorsing a Democrat while remaining opposed both to that candidate and to the Democratic Party. They seem to simply want to get back at the Republican establishment, and I question the wisdom of that. Travis Childers, by his own decision, is a Democrat and whether he votes for Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader or not, he will be allied to the Democrats in the Senate. I believe that, per a Jackson Free Press article, he voted at least once for Nancy Pelosi as House Speaker. If Thad Cochran loses points with the Tea Party because he supported Mitch McConnell as Senate Minority Leader, I fail to see why Mr. Childers should get a free pass by the Tea Party for his own voting record. A Tea Party endorsement of Travis Childers seems to me to go against every principle the Tea Party claims to espouse, and I just don’t understand. How can Thad Cochran be deemed to be in trouble for recruiting Democrats when some in the Tea Party intend to vote Democratic themselves? I just wish that both the establishment and the Tea Party would quit spending millions of dollars against each other and instead spend millions of dollars to win others to the conservative cause and to promote good for all of America’s citizens.

    • Conservatives dont have credibility in the Republican party, thanks to people like Henry Barbour and Reince Preibus. “Credibility” is a PR motion when it comes to politics.

      • No one in the tea party or any other conservative would be voting Democratic in the Senate Race if the established Repubs would have embraced them (their base) in the primary as they should have, instead of embracing the Democrats. They had an opportunity to bring the republican party together in Mississippi and make it dominate for generations to come. But they decided not to do so and to not accept any ideas or concerns of the 185,000 who decided for a new direction for the Republican Party and schemed to make sure it didn’t happen so they could stay in control of power and money. Whether Cochran or Childers wins this race will not change the divide that was thrown in the face of the 185,000 McD voters in June and it was the doing of a few inner-circle hierarchy of the Mississippi Republican party who made this decision. Not to worry, county and state elections are coming and the people will still decide the direction of the republican party in Mississippi as it is rebuilt from the ground up and the career politicians and their cronies are thrown out. As far as all of the prenamed career politicians (Republicans and Democrats) listed by Cal90, they are all responsible for our country being in the shape it is in along with a massive debt to be left to our children and grandchildren. Shame on them for allowing this to happen on their watch and they all need to be thrown out on their keisters.

  13. William Smith says:

    What is frequently asserted but unproven is that there is corruption or that there were illegalities in this election.

  14. Actually, there are illegal votes cast in almost every election. What hasn’t been decided, and now will never be decided, is just how many there were in this case, and whether there were enough to change the outcome of the election or place the result in doubt.

    I have managed at least 2 election contests in which the question of a new election turned on the illegality of a single vote. In both cases, we got the results overturned. In one, a new election was ordered, in the other, the court declared my client the winner outright.

  15. William Smith says:

    CBS News/NYT/YouGov 10/16 – 10/23 654 LV 7.0 50 28 Cochran +22

  16. I said from the very start that Cochran was be re-elected by a landslide. I stand by that prediction.

  17. I will vote Childers just to see Cochran’s sorry face on election night and to watch Karl Rove try to explain it away 🙂

  18. At this point, I intend to vote for the lesser of two evils, Travis Childers. It will take a major shake up in Mississippi’ Republican party to shake loose the caniving hands of the powers that be. I hope the name “Barbour” will never be regarded in Mississippi politics ever again. Our Republican leaders didn’t just cheat Chris McDaniel out of an election, they betrayed the majority of Mississippi Republican voters too. I hope we can exile these arrogant frauds from our party forever

  19. Mary Cole says:

    The GOPe will give you any ‘false’ or ‘tainted’ info just to lead you astray in your decision making about whether to ‘write-in’ or vote Childers. WRITE-IN votes WILL NOT be counted in MS. How many times does that statement have to be made verbally or in writing? STOP…LOOK…LISTEN…Do not be deceived! Do not ALLOW yourself to be deceived. As we were ‘tricked’ on June 24th…by the Cochran hooligans….don’t allow yourself to be ‘tricked’ with this ‘write-in’ nonsense. The only votes that will be counted in the ‘winner/loser’ bracket are those votes cast for the three candidates…Cochran, Childers, O’Hara!

    I plan to HELP the incumbent retire as he originally desired and intended to do until the corrupt Barbours determined that Thad’s retirement was politically inexpedient to their livelihood and personal desires.

    I am a Conservative Constitutional Republican, but I am not brain-dead or uninformed. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the Cochran campaign is deplete of integrity and moral conscience, and after the methods and practices they used on Mississippi Republicans who happened to want a younger, more Conservative Senator to represent us, we feel they will go to any length…any extent…to get anything they might want done that will benefit the Barbours, regardless of who it hurts or how it damages our great State of Mississippi.

    Think for yourself, Mississippi Republicans! Even IF (and that’s a big IF)…even IF the state of the Senate is your only consideration…remember that Thad Cochran has not stood up to this administration, he has not stood up to Harry Reid, he has not stood up in much of his voting that gives evidence that he is much of a Republican. Oh…and he has not stood up WITH our Conservative Senators who have put their all…on the line…in defense of our Constitution and our Country!

  20. Boy I tell you, them Cochran supporters are every where trying to keep 187,000 McDaniel voters from crossing over the way they begged 50,000 democrats to. They know if that happens in 2020 Chris will walk in office.

  21. Hey Guys:
    Tea Party Patriot, John Hawkins, spells out six reasons to support the Republican Senate candidates even if you don’t like them or don’t want to do so. Everyone should at least take five minutes and read his article before making a final decision prior to Nov. 4.


    • Tell us Frazier, Mr. Legal Mind and Classical Conservative
      Republican WASP, without a veto proof majority in the Senate how, exactly, will Republicans stop Obama’s executive actions? Because they are far too cowardly to impeach and remove.

      • Hey JT:
        Good point. However, if I recall correctly, during this legislative session, Harry Reid invoked the “nuclear option”. Therefore, except in the approval of Supreme Court Justices, it is my understanding that now all that is required to overcome a filibuster is a simple majority of 51 votes. And don’t count out impeachment just yet. In 2015 the Benghazi investigation will heat back up. If someone comes forward with damning information/evidence that BHO instructed that military assistance was to be deliberately held back from rescuing our folks for purely political reasons, we could very likely have an “Alexander Butterfield” moment, thereby causing the rest of the dominoes to fall into place. The same could hold true for the IRS scandal with the bogus audits and delays of Tea Party Patriot organizations from receiving their tax exempt status. All it takes is one person to break up a conspiracy. Most conspiracies are like a house of cards. I suspect that Representatives Issa and Gowdy already have a draft of the articles of impeachment drawn up. However, in order to make it work, we will need at least a simple majority in the Senate. As we saw with President Clinton, the House Republicans can impeach, but without a Republican majority in the Senate, the President well never be convicted.

      • Despite your spin to dodge the question the Republicans will never impeach and remove Obama. NOT going to happen. Period. Fool yourself if you must that there is a chance but there is not. Obama correctly has the establishment Republicans pegged as cowards and knows they will not impeach the first black President less than 24 months before the 2016 election.

        Short of impeachment there isn’t a thing a Republican Congress with a slim GOP majority Senate can do to stop Obama’s executive actions. Yes, the Republicans, now with procedural control of the Senate, will send a blizzard of “show” bills to Obama’s desk but shortly after he responds Nyet they’ll look weak and ineffective because they can’t override.

        Cochran vs Childers is about Mississippi not the dog and pony show Boehner and McConnell plan to run the next 2 years. Cochran didn’t earn the nomination of Republicans in Mississippi. Y’all can play fast and loose with thousands of well-written (and condescending in William Smith’s case) blog comments till the cows come home but everyone knows, including the MSGOP and likely you Frazier, the truth about the runoff corruption. You’ll pretend otherwise to perpetuate the ruse and protect your sacred cows but deep down you know what happened.

        You and others stand ready to step right up and vote to approve the Mississippi Republican Party corruption (and guarantee that it will happen again), I’m not.

      • As hard as it may be for some of you McGOPers to believe, I too am not a big fan of Senator Cochran. His support for wasteful farm subsidies is legendary. He had never seen a farm pork Bill that he didn’t support. But with the opportunity for the GOP to capture the Senate and therefore work with the House Republicans, it is a historic moment for conservatives to advance a pragmatic domestic agenda over the next two years, forcing moderate democrats to either get on board our go down with the Obama ship. But it will be key that we don’t try to over kill by introducing poison pill legislation that is designed to excite certain fringe elements, but which stands no chance of succeeding.

    • Thanks for posting that link, Saltwaterpappy. Both that article, and your comments related to it are great food for thought! And, also, thank you to the host of this blog, for allowing people who usually disagree with him (people like me), to post here. I think it’s important for Tea Party and establishment Republicans to discourse civilly,and I’m glad to find that can be done here.

      • By “disagree with him” in my earlier comment at 7:21 a.m., I meant the pronoun “him” to refer to the blog host, not Saltwaterpappy’s latest comment. I thought the link Saltwaterpappy posted to be helpful. Whether I agree or disagree with any given person on this blog though, I’m pleased that the dialogue has been largely civil.

  22. What is insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. Therefore, to follow the Saltpappys and Smitty’s to their Valhalla, the GOP moderate/establishment wing of the party will once again try to shove an unelectable presidential candidate down our throats in 2016 while the consultant/lobbyists fain a grimace all the way to the ban! To rid the GOP of these losers, the short-sighted Establishment huggers, we may need take the strong medicine of a loss of the Senate Majority to eventually achieve our goals. No, we do not want the Democrats to win. But neither do we want to keep losing ground with the Karl Roves and Haley Barbours influencing the selection of our leaders. We are the majority among Republican voters in Mississippi….but we will not support Cochran/Barbour/Harper/Tator Reeves/Clark Reed/Stacy Pickering-Joe Cloyd, Hosemann, or all the many others who are in lock-step with losing. We deserve better, more honest, Conservative leadership and it may take strong medicine to heal this cancerous financially-driven influence.

  23. Typo-error alert….the word was: all the way to the bank, not ban in the previous post.

  24. William Smith says:

    1.It seems to me that among those who call themselves and deny to others the designation “true” conservatives believe that, if the R Party would nominate one they find acceptable, that person would be elected. They assume the coutnry is as conservative as they are and is just waiting for a true conservative whom they will elect..I think it’s pretty clear that is not the case. But perhaps nothing but a cruching defeat will convince them, and probably not even that. The question is whether there is time to go through a Goldwater massive loss to be followed 16 years later by a Reagan win. And even with a great win, there was only so much Reagan could do and prevent. I don’t think we have the time to go through that in hopes of recovery. The country will have moved so far left, that a conservative win would be almost unimaginable. And the judges put in place would be there for life. You don’t get absolute purity or everything you want – ever. John McCain and Mitt Romey were not so conservative as I would like on some mattters, and perhaps they were not the best candidates, but I do not doubt that we would have been a lot better off with either rather than the present incumbent. Bottom line is that the country is not where the “true” conservatives think it is. Moreover the counrty has changed greatly. It does not like Obamacare, but would the people support repeal? I doubt it because the country now believes that everyone ought to have healthcare insurance coverage. The country wants to do something about immigration. But would it support rounding them all up and sending them back to countries of origin? I don’t think so, and, besides, it is impossible. Absolutism is the enemy of accomplishment in politics.

    2. I don’t get this obsession with impeachment. We have had three Presidents impeached and none convicted. And, it takes a 2/3 vote of the Senate to convict. The last impeachment effort backfired and Bill Clinton remains popular. Impeachment is a dead end. The counrty would not support removal of the President. Obsession with impeachment is the enemy of advancement of a conservative agenda.

    3. According to one post above every one of the elected Republicans in MS needs to be replaced. That is not going to happen. Check ratings by the American Conservative Union for Wicker. Harper,et al. Compare Bryant and Reeves et al with other Govs and Lt. Govs. And, yes, Haley Barbour was a conservative Gov who gave the R’s control of the Legislature. It seems to me that this is the insanity – to want to remove all these conservatives and replace them. Do that and the R Party will not become pure. It will become irrelevant. A commitment to purge, replace, and take over, is simply self-destructive.

    The question that has to be faced is: Do you want to get something done? Or, are you prepared to pull the whole house down on all our heads in order to show how angry you are?

    • I agree with William Smith above that the country is not as conservative as many conservatives think. As proof, I offer to you the moderate Republicans and the liberal Democrats. If they really are as sleazy and power-hungry as the Tea Party states, then they would take whatever positions were needed to stay in power. These days, they often choose moderate or liberal positions, and they’re still in power. This is not simply because people gave them a free pass or were ignorant; this is because the country embraced their ideas with eyes wide open. That said, the Republican Party is without dispute more conservative than the Democratic Party. For every Tea Party Democrat (if there are any), I can name a dozen Tea Party Republicans. And if the Republican Party does not take the Senate this year, then barring social and political upheaval of massive proportions, they will not take the Senate in 2016. There are simply not enough Democratic seats available that year. So however you vote this year, vote knowing this: after this year, the U.S. Senate could be liberal and Democratic for a very, very long time. And there is no third party revolution, Republican revolution, Tea Party revolution, or any other type of revolution that will be likely to change that hard, cold fact. What’s left of conservatives in this country–establishment and Tea Party–either stands together or falls together. If we fight each other too hard, the conservative cause is lost for at least the short-term (and maybe the long-term) future..

  25. William Smith says:
  26. If you don’t think the country or more in particular, the Republican Party is as Conservative as we believe than why have all YOUR candidates lost year after year? You keep shoving non-Conservative candidates at the country and they either vote against them or stay home and thus, you once again select a loser and then try to tell us you are right. How stupid. Nobody will follow you moderates into battle….nobody ever again. Keep Jeb Bush, Christy, McCain, Romney etc. to yourself and let’s move on toward where the country really lives and onto being a winner once again.

    • Catty14, I think you’re right to want more principle in politics–men and women who stand by what they say. And, at times, most of the politicians you name have been less conservative than I would like. That said, the country was too moderate to even elect John McCain and Mitt Romney to office. Both men won Republican primaries among the most conservative voters in the country, and more staunchly conservative candidates lost to them. Then, the nation as a whole rejected both McCain and Romney, choosing instead a yet more left-wing candidate (Barack Obama) who took both the popular and electoral vote and who has consistently won among women, young voters, African-Americans and Hispanics. In the fourteen years since I have been following politics, Virginia, Florida, Colorado, Nevada, North Carolina, New Hampshire and Ohio are just some of the states that have moved left-ward in presidential elections. This does not mean that conservatives cannot ever win, nor does it mean the conservative cause is lost. But it does mean that we have to accept the reality that there is no hidden majority that will come to push conservatism to victory and that conservatives must, while standing for their principles, work with whatever allies they can find for the ultimate goal of loving their neighbors and promoting the good of the country. Maybe during that process, conservative ideas can grow, become better, and more voters can be won over.

    • William Smith says:

      Can you offer some polling, elections in several states, or other evidence the country is where you think it is?

  27. I am voting for Travis Childers. I don’t see much difference between Cochran and Childers, but Childers will be easier to defeat than the RINO Bryant appoints to the seat after Cochran retires

  28. Some precinct level data just for you Frazier. I’m confident a legal scholar such as yourself will easily understand.

    Jackson Precinct 82
    US Census = 96.9% Black

    AVG GOP Primary Voters since 1999 = 4.6 per primary

    Jun3 GOP Primary Voters = 25
    Jun24 GOP Runoff Voters = 101

    +2117% Increase

    OR how about …

    Jackson Precinct 80
    US Census = 95.8% Black

    Jun3 GOP Primary Voters = 22
    Cochran 68.2%
    McDaniel 32.8%
    Carey 0%.

    Jun24 GOP Runoff Voters = 102
    Cochran 92.2%
    McDaniel 7.8%

    Then there is …

    Jun24 GOP Runoff

    Jackson Precincts
    US Census = AVG 96.9% Black

    Precinct 80 Cochran = 92%
    Precinct 81 Cochran = 94.5%
    Precinct 82 Cochran = 97%
    Precinct 83 Cochran = 97.6%

    • Hey JT:
      Thanks JT. You are just driving home the point that I have made in some of my previous posts. By making repeated promises to bring back the good old days of Traditional Mississippi Values while he is standing in front of the Stars and Bars, The Anointed One sends a not too subtle message to every redneck, Dixiecrat, peckerwood that he’s their kind of feller. Of course the black community picked up on this and voted in the run-off accordingly. I’m just surprised that less than a thousand African-Americans crossed-over and voted for Cochran. To be sure, that also accounts for the thousands of MS conservatives who want to see MS move forward, out of the darkness of the past, who were awakened from their civic slumber and voted for Cochran in the run-off. Actions and words have consequences. Fortunately for us, The Anointed One showed us who he is and where he stands early on while we still had a chance to know about him prior to the primary election.

      • Seems to me that during the administration of the so called established leaders of the republican party who knows what bests for us poor old Mississippi Rednecks and peckerwoods that they have, as Pappy says, led us out of the darkness and into the light.
        Let’s see pappy, I’m 18 Trillion dollars in debt and so are my children and grandchildren, maybe the established repubs will loan it to us so what little money I have can have some value. Senator cochran has failed to lead one fight to try to secure our borders. Thad doesn’t care if the thugs and drug dealers come across, remember the more the merrier, he just negotiates everything away on this and every other issue. Remember he is gentleman Thad, so the Dem’s and liberals know they can count on Ole Thad when it comes to negotiation across the isle. Well with open borders we don’t need those laws that were established for aquiring citizenship, everyone knows that. Probably some redneck or peckerwood who came up with that anyway.

        And then imagine our illustrious leaders trying to scheme and cheat us out of a fair election. Now we all know they wouldn’t do that to us, would they? Surely with all of their money, power, prestige, and honor they wouldn’t resort to such tomfoolary. After all we are just poor Mississippi rednecks and peckerwoods who can’t survive without the Barbours, Cochran’s, and all the other Establishment Republicans leading us out of the darkness of the past. If we can just keep the established Repub guys in office we can probably be maybe 50 Trillion in debt by say 6 years from now (election time) and guess what, they will still be filling us with the same BS.

      • William Smith says:
      • I’m just surprised that less than a thousand African-Americans crossed-over and voted for Cochran.

        The idea that statewide the African-American crossover was less than thousand is laughable. It is easily on the order of thousands in Jackson alone.

        With precinct level analysis of historical voting data I can defend that at least 601 African-American voters in the four Jackson precincts (US Census = 96.9% AVG African-American) I studied crossed over to vote in the Jun24 GOP runoff.

        I make no conclusions whether or not those were illegal crossovers, i.e. the voters had previously voted in the Jun3 DEM primary.

        It is obvious you don’t want to know the truth about what happened on June 24th.

    • Good stuff!!

  29. Wrong JT. I think that there are a lot of us who were hoping (kinda-sorta) that there would have been a full-blown trial. Not getting all of the relevant facts out into the open sunshine that a public trial would have provided, certainly leaves a cloud hanging over the primary experience for both sides. Plus, as a “legal scholar” I might add that such a trial would have been a once in a lifetime event of truly historic proportions.

  30. Charlie Moseley says:

    I will hold my nose and vote for Chocran rather than give Obama AndHarryReid the Senate majority

  31. Staying home is not an option…why because they’re are others on the ballot. However, undervoting is an option. That is refusing to cast a vote for a particular race. That’s what I’m doing w for senate.

  32. Michael S. says:

    Ryan Walters said it all very well. I WILL VOTE for Travis Childers, not because I have any confidence in Childers, but because Senator Cochran did so many things in this past election that at one time he would never have done. He twisted, slandered, & libeled a good man’s reputation to further his own cause and the cause of those closest to him. How is that showing consideration for Mississippi? What ever has happened to Senator Cochran?

  33. I miss Reagan says:

    I AM NOT a member of a tea party. I am a REPUBLICAN. I voted for a republican candidate, not a tea party candidate. I was told by my party that my vote did not matter because THE PARTY CHOOSES who will represent me, not the majority of the members of the party. I have voted in every election since 1980 and this is the first time I have no desire to exercise my right. I see no viable option to vote for, no one. Mr. Franklin, I think we are losing the republic you gave us.


  1. […] an outstanding column by Ryan Walters published Sunday at the Mississippi Conservative Daily.  “Cochran vs. Childers: To Vote, Or Not To Vote: That Is The Question” is truly a must-read for Mississippi conservatives who are still reeling from the […]

  2. […] of Thad Cochran have gotten snippy in recent days, especially after the MCD article on the Senate race.  In the wake of the state Supreme Court decision, which rekindled fires and […]

  3. […] of Thad Cochran have gotten snippy in recent days, especially after the MCD article on the Senate race.  In the wake of the state Supreme Court decision, which rekindled fires and […]

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