Chris McDaniel: Grow the party by holding true to conservative principles

A Facebook post by Senator Chris McDaniel.  So true!

Senate Incumbent Thad Cochran Faces Challenge From Tea Party-Backed State Sen. Chris McDaniel

There is nothing wrong with conservatives reaching out to non-traditional Republicans. Indeed, we should reach out to all people, regardless of their backgrounds, with the intent of convincing them that conservative values, fiscal responsibility and personal liberty are the foundations of successful lives and prosperous republics.

But, in so doing, we should inspire them to share our beliefs, not pander to them by abandoning the GOP platform, surrendering our conservative principles and ignoring constitutionalism.

For example, it is NEVER appropriate for Republicans to:

1. Race-bait.

2. Abandon the platform.

3. Run on the continued and expanded delivery of food stamps.

4. Extol the virtues of big government “solutions” and programs.

5. Encourage “party-raiding” by lifelong Democrats in a GOP primary by hiring Democratic operatives and GOTV groups.

6. Spend tens-of-thousands of “walking around money” to encourage Democratic involvement in a GOP primary.

And that’s just to name a few.

As Republicans, it should be our goal to inspire people; not scare them.

Grow the party by holding true to conservative principles and convincing others of the merits of our ideas.

And to those Republicans who would sacrifice principles for political ambition, it’s time for you to find a new political party.



  1. P Tom Young says:

    I have always voted my principles, thrown my vote away rather than vote for someone not conservative. That is why I’m going to write in Chris McDaniel on election day. I cannot vote for a progressive democrat and I will not vote for Thad Cochran who once I thought was an honest and honorable man but has proven to be any thing but. If he had any decency left he would announce his retirement now and allow Chris McDaniel to run. That would be the best thing for Mississippi.

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