Bozell: Anti-Conservative Strategy To Blame If GOP Loses In November

If GOP blows November election, its anti-conservative strategy will be to blame

Brent Bozell,, October 17, 2014

We are watching the wheels come off the most radical and dangerously incompetent administration in history. “I am not on the ballot this fall,” President Obama proclaims, “but make no mistake: these policies are on the ballot. Every single one of them.”Brent-Bozell-mic

This statement should be the final nail in the coffin for the Democrats. The GOP should be poised to win a landslide of historic proportions.

So why is there so much debate over whether they’ll win — at all?

The answer is crystal clear. The Republican Party needed only to choose any one of a number of national issues and campaign on them, offering the voters a clear conservative alternative. But the tepid GOP leadership has not chosen not to do so, fearing any debate over their party’s own policies. The result? The moderates responsible for this political cowardice — and that is what it is — are now in preemptive damage control mode, trying to blame conservatives.

If Republicans are not victorious next month, it will not be the fault of the conservative base. The moderates and their consultants will own this disaster.

The fumbled opportunities are mind-boggling.

In one poll after another, a vast majority of Americans want real border security and oppose blanket amnesty for illegal aliens.

Still, Obama has all but pledged that after the elections he’ll issue amnesty through executive order, defying the Constitution and popular opinion. It should be manna from heaven for Republicans who need only to pledge, with one voice, to stop this. And yet the GOP leadership, led by John Boehner and Kevin McCarthy continues to give oxygen to the amnesty debate. So too did Eric Cantor – the now former Majority Leader.

The Republicans could deliver a landslide victory simply by pledging to honor the rule of law.

From the moment it was enacted, Republicans have pledged to repeal the Affordable Care Act. But leadership hasn’t even tried. When conservative Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee tried to defund ObamaCare last year, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell kneecapped that effort, with a healthy assist from John Boehner and the “professional” GOP consultant class.

All Republicans needed to do was offer a concrete plan to defund and ultimately repeal this wretched law.

A landslide political victory in November would’ve been guaranteed.

This administration has allowed the emergence of the biggest terrorist threat in history — ISIS. Its foreign “policy,” if it can be called that, is simply incoherent.

Obama won’t even call it terrorism.

Americans trust Republicans more on national security than they do Democrats, 55 to 32 percent. Some Republicans are stepping forward forcefully to offer a foreign policy alternative.

But where is the GOP leadership? AWOL.

This administration has given us an unfathomable debt that will cripple our grandchildren. The monumentally expensive stimulus failed. Sky-high taxation failed. Oppressive regulation failed. The economy isn’t “struggling;” it is a mess and the American people are clearly worried.

The Wall Street Journal reported in August that, “despite the steady pace of hiring in recent months, 76% of adults lack confidence that their children’s generation will have a better life than they do—an all-time high.” The WSJ added, “Some 71% of adults think the country is on the wrong track…”

“It’s the economy, stupid,” Democrats told Republicans in 1992. Republicans should be making that charge today.

Republicans need only to put forward the very policies championed by Ronald Reagan, and which led to the greatest peacetime expansion of the economy and a 49-state electoral victory.

Why couldn’t history repeat itself?

Time is almost up, but there is an opportunity for one more presentation to the American people. Republicans have three options:

  1. They can go all Romney, convince themselves victory is inevitable, follow the professional consultants’ “prevent defense” political strategy, and then watch in disbelief on Election Night as they suffer a crushing election defeat as unacceptable as it was predictable.
  2. They can go all Bush, with continued meaningless rhetoric masking a Democrat-lite agenda, squeaking through on Election Day with no mandate to do anything thereafter.
  3. Or they can go all Reagan, immediately, with a bold and unequivocal legislative agenda akin to the Contract with America, and then watch the tsunami unfold on Election Day.

It’s so easy.

Brent Bozell is chairman of ForAmerica, the largest active online conservative network with over 6.5 million supporters.



  1. I agree with part of this article and disagree with part. The part with which I agree is the fact that, as the article notes, the establishment has not tried to inspire the electorate. They don’t campaign on issues like they should, and they’ve not done enough public outreach to the Tea Party or other groups in the United States. Pursuing efforts to build bridges to new voters like Rand Paul does, or setting forth actual policy ideas like Ed Gillespie, Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan do would be extremely helpful. I disagree, however, with the assertion that the establishment alone will be to blame if Republicans lose in two weeks. The inability of the Tea Party to work with establishment allies has jeopardized paths to smaller government. Some Tea Party voters seem to be urging conservatives in Mississippi, for instance, to vote for the most liberal and most intrusive government philosophies possible (i.e. Travis Childers) just to prove a point. Efforts to blame the establishment fall flat when there are actual efforts to sabotage the establishment (incidentally, I also don’t support establishment efforts to sabotage the Tea Party). On a separate issue, I was concerned that the author of the Fox News article spoke positively of the government shutdown last year. There was no realistic path to defund ObamaCare at the time and the government shutdown could have been strategically catastrophic for Republicans had the Obama administration not gotten in trouble immediately afterward for being too incompetent to build a healthcare website.

    • Hey Cal: You have made some excellent points. You are correct-a-mundo on everything you said. I might add, that like his father before him, Brent is very eccentric and does not play well with others. When the Reagan administration kept him barred from the White House, and the Bushes followed suit, he never forgave the Atwoods, Barbours and other pragmatic adults within the GOP who treated him like the spoiled, privileged, petulant
      misanthrope that he is, by working to keep him out of the Party deliberations. Party leaders have recognized for decades that Brent is his own worst enemy. Cal nails it when he points out that Brent and the other McGOPer types around the country– with their incessant whining, refusal to work within the Party, and threats of sabotage–are the ones who should be held responsible if the Republicans don’t make a clean sweep in the November elections.

  2. You still don’t get it. It is no longer about the GOP it is about saving the country! Some of us care, really care about principles and about the Constitution and the establishment is trying to make all that passé as if we are just too dumb to understand we can’t be standing up for virtue, for principle, for capitalism, for small government….oh, no….we have to COMPROMISE. To hell with compromise. The Tea Party is not a club of disgruntled old folks but a vibrant movement to return to Conservative values; to see responsibility as a virtue and not allow the insipid turn to Liberalism to be considered as the norm. Take the flood of illegal aliens for example; we are outraged while Paul Ryan et. al see this movement as acceptable! No, no, no….we are witnessing the complete ruination of this country and you establishment folks are trying to compromise while the whole place is sinking. It reminds one of a pocked-face kid hoping to be well liked by his peers by trying to be cool all the while his fly is open! John Boehner is a typical example of the quintessential establishment Republican…he leans in the direction from which the wind is blowing and cares not for the consequences. When are you folks going to tire of pushing the McCains and Romneys losers on us under the banner of being “moderate and acceptable”? You have not succeeded so why is the establishment anything but a group of losers? Again and again: 60 per cent of the Republicans in MS voted for McDaniel so how is that not a sign of success? They keep trying to kill off the Tea Party when that’s the only place with any good ideas. The establishment voted for Cochran in a most divisive, ugly, dishonest, illegal campaign all the while knowing Cochran is not mentally up to the challenge and his establishment replacement is waiting in the wings. The Karl Roves and Haley Barbours are making money at the expense of good government policy. Sad, very sad indeed.
    Now is not the time to be cool; it is the time to be concerned about the future of our country.

    • Hey Catty:
      I have not heard where anyone is calling Tea Party Patriots or McGOPers “stupid”. The main criticism is that many in your ranks are idealists who turn your angst into anarchy when you can’t get your way. Ronald Reagan knew that ideological purity is the victim of principled victory. In 1967, speaking to a Conservative grassroots group, then-governor Reagan set out his vision for the GOP. “We cannot offer to [individualists] a narrow sectarian party in
      which all must swear allegiance to prescribed commandments. Such a party can be highly disciplined, but it does not win elections. This kind of party soon disappears in a blaze of glorious defeat, and it never puts into practice its basic tenets, no matter how noble they may be.” Reagan knew that victory can only come by assembling a coalition of people, not all of whom will agree on every topic. This is the lesson that Haley Barbour credits having learned so well from the Gipper. That is why he wants to see all
      conservatives apply a pragmatic approach to working within our ideological similarities so that we can win elections and effect public policy for a healthy America. But we can’t do it if we continue to feud over “movement” issues that are otherwise protected by the Constitution.

  3. William Smith says:

    Yes, indeed, Catty, vote for Childers and save the country. He’ll join hands with the rest of the leftist Democrat Congress to save us from spending. Obamacare, radical leftitst judges, Benny Thompson. It will be our salvation.

  4. Both of you gentlemen take everything I say to the extreme instead of seeing the truth. You are ready to condemn anything and anyone who is not in lock-step with the establishment. Fine….neither of you are debaters, you are crystalized but not in
    support of political dogma but in believing in people who have been losers all along. But again, remember the majority of Mississippians voted for McDaniel without having to be bribed, bought and coerced into that vote. Can’t say the same for your side. Again you are out of step with reality. You win: I can’t get down to your level!!!!

    • Catty, I’m wounded! How have I offended you this time? I quoted Ronald Wilson Reagan as to his true beliefs. All I am suggesting is that you and the other McGOPers rise up to President Reagan’s level. What can be wrong with that–or in the land of The Anointed One, is President Reagan no longer a considered to be a “True Conservative”?

  5. frank gordon says:

    >>remember the majority of Mississippians voted for McDaniel <<

    Refresh my memory. Was there ever a statewide election where McDaniel got more than 50% of the vote? I thought he got less than half in the first primary.

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