More Bias From Mississippi’s Media: Clarion Ledger Allows Attack on Senator Chris McDaniel


As conservatives we are accustomed to bias in the national media.  It just comes with the territory.  We all know the Big Three networks will slant coverage, kill stories that hurt Democrats, and inflate those that hit Republicans.  Anyone who does not understand that is either extraordinarily ignorant or flat-out stupid.

Sadly, in our own conservative state of Mississippi the media is not much better.  Case in point, a recent letter to the editor of the Clarion Ledger.  A Mr. Gary J. Rogers of Madison wrote in support of Thad Cochran’s nomination for the US Senate, at least that’s the inference from the title – Cochran clearly the best choice – and the first few lines of his piece.  But it’s really nothing more than a hit piece on Chris McDaniel.

Before we get into Mr. Rogers flawed argument, we should make note of a key point: Why would the Clarion Ledger print something like this with no counterpoints?  The McDaniel campaign, and its many supporters, have tried numerous times to get pro-McDaniel letters printed in the newspaper, to no avail.  This is clearly a newspaper that is slanted and biased against true conservatives, though we shouldn’t be shocked by this.  And because of that, no self-respecting conservative should ever pick it up again.

As for Mr. Rogers attack on Senator McDaniel, let us reprint the letter in its entirety.

By now it should be clear to any reasonably unbiased observer that the nomination of Thad Cochran as the GOP candidate for the U.S. Senate was the best choice.

As the incumbent and a seasoned legislator with significant seniority in the Senate, Cochran will be better able to represent the interests of all Mississippi citizens.

In contrast, the campaign season and its extended aftermath have revealed many traits that make Chris McDaniel unfit to be our senator. As one who seems to follow the whims of his supporters rather than his own convictions, he has weak leadership skills.

As a state senator who frequently championed legislation that failed to become law, he is an ineffective legislator. As a candidate who attracted support from people who have admitted to participation in schemes of questionable moral character, he reflects badly on our state. As one who schedules press conferences to announce decisions only to delay them again and again, he is indecisive.

In his defeat he was provided a golden opportunity to use his position as chairman of the Senate Elections Committee to pursue reformation of an election system he now claims is flawed.

That would be a noble endeavor worthy of admiration. Instead, he pleaded with a judge to declare him the winner of an election in which he received fewer votes than his opponent. When he finally does make a decision, it is short-sighted and selfish. All Mississippians will be better served by Cochran.

He lacks leadership skills?  Yet, it was Chris McDaniel who led the successful effort to turn Jones County from Blue to Red.  It was Chris McDaniel who led the effort to flip control of MS House from Democrat to Republican.  It was Chris McDaniel who took to the floor of the Senate, as a freshman, and stopped the House Democrat bill that would have gerrymandered districts in such a way that Republicans would never take control.   His speech was so passionate and inspiriting that several Democrats broke ranks and joined Senate Republicans in killing the bill.  And it was Chris McDaniel, and Chris McDaniel almost entirely alone, who fought against Governor Haley Barbour’s tyrannical effort to steal private property from the citizens of Mississippi and give it to big business.  Senator McDaniel stood up for the people’s private property rights.  If this is not the mark of a leader, then I don’t what is?  Has Cochran done as much?

He hasn’t passed any meaningful legislation?  He has one of the most impressive records in the state legislature. And has won numerous awards for his legislative work.

Just check out the fact sheet below.  They are indisputable, no matter what the Clarion Ledger says about it.

Cochran clearly the best choice, Mr. Rogers?  For the establishment, that’s true, but the for the people the only choice was Senator Chris McDaniel.

Chris McDaniel Info Sheet image_Page_1

Chris McDaniel Info Sheet image_Page_2



  1. Chris McDaniel tries to bring back integrity to our voting system in MS, while sheep in wolves clothing tries to keep Chicago Politics. Do we want Chicago Politics in MS? Do we want those that would enslave us in the govt system controlling our every move, our own personal money, our personal property, and our healthcare? This is what we have with Rhino politics and the Barbour gang. Chris has fought all of this. Will you stand with or against integrity, honesty, morals, and values?

  2. I agree that the media is biased, but it’s also important to cultivate relationships with them. I had no serious complaints that I can remember about Chris McDaniel’s service in the state legislature, but I was disappointed with his press relations after the run-off elections. As Mr. Rogers noted in his letter to the editor, press conference schedules were not kept, and I well remember when McDaniel allies put the pieces in place to disrupt one of the Cochran campaign’s phone conferences to the press. Maybe the Clarion-Ledger is biased and maybe they are not in regard to this election, but as far as I saw, Chris McDaniel’s camp did almost nothing after the election to cultivate their favor or friendship. That’s a lost opportunity that will probably haunt the Tea Party for years to come. The press does not like being ridiculed.

  3. So the Press doesn’t like bing ridiculed, neither does the voting electorate for voicing their opinions. It is not the presses place to try and sway the electorate and then ridicule them when they do not like their voting or opinions and then by labeling them as everything but Mississippi voters. The presses job is to report the news and they are guaranteed the freedom to do so. Nowadays they like to make the news or slant the news in what they consider to be in their favor that goes along with a liberal agenda so much of the time, instead of reporting the facts and by the way leaving out the facts. None are worse then the political guys from the CL. These guys are so desperate for readers that they will report anything as being factual or guilty by association or non-association. Think about it, Sam Hall former Democratic Party Chairman for Mississippi reporting on the most conservative state and politicians in the union. What do you think you are going to get from this guy. As far as cultivating a relationship with these guys, the CL guys made it almost impossible for the McDaniel campaign from the start.

  4. Please understand that I’m not trying to downplay the existence of liberal bias in the press in general, nor am I arguing that all of the press treated Mr. McDaniel’s campaign fairly. I think there were times when part of the Mississippi press was unfair and that there still are occurrences of this. What I am arguing, as I have some experience in journalism myself, is that there’s no reason to try to actively make enemies of the press, especially in Mississippi where everyone knows everyone. The blog post under which these comments appear assumes that the press is simply out to get Chris McDaniel. It may be that they are antagonistic, but, in this case, it works both ways. In particular, Chris McDaniel’s willingness to let Chuck Johnson get involved with his story after the run-off was a huge mistake. As a conservative, I had taken the Chris McDaniel campaign seriously until that point. Chuck Johnson deliberately antagonized the Clarion-Ledger and the rest of the Mississippi press corps even when they made efforts to hear McDaniel’s side of the story. To make matters worse, Chris McDaniel’s campaign after the election promised announcements to the press then at times failed to follow through. In addition, press conferences that were held sometimes started late. If the press is already antagonistic to you, none of this is a good way to convince them to be your friend, and it does absolutely no good to complain of media bias if you’re going to treat the media disrespectfully when they make an effort to hear you out. As conservatives in a conservative state, we have the opportunity to win friends in the local press. We need to make more of an effort to do that.

    • If I understand the current argument correctly, the complaint being made is about an op/ed piece that was printed in the “Clarion-Liar”. If so, then by its very nature it is not a news article where a reporter is relaying the facts of an event. Rather, it is a piece of journalism designed to allow an individual to share his opinion on a current matter. Under such circumstances why would anyone expect an op/ed piece to be neutral? The MS Conservative Daily is an opinion website–very pro-McDaniel. No one expects it to be neutral in its op/ed pieces. Only when the mainstream media reports the actual news “facts” do we have any reasonable expectation that the information should be neutral, fair, and balanced. Even then, given the personal biases that all people have, that is asking a lot.

  5. William Smith says:

    First, I am not sure if it is just a lack of understanding or cynical to identify a letter from a citizen printed in the Clarion Ledger with the Clarion Ledger. Letters to the editor are places where citizens can have their say. Would you really have it otherwise? One letter writer expressed his opinion. The Clariion Ledger printed it. That’s free speech. That’s all it is.

    Second, I have not from day one thought it would be better for MS to have Chris McDaniel as its US Senator than Thad Cochran. That said, I did not find the letter in the CL you reference to be particularly compelling. I think better arguments could have been made and made better. It was a ho-hum letter to the editor by a Cochran supporter. So, I am not sure why that got you worked up.

    Third, it is wearying to hear over and again all this stuff about Chicago politics, enslavement, McDaniel’s commitment to integrity in elections, the Barbour gang, RINOs, etc, etc, ad nauseum. Repeating this stuff does not make it true (it isn’t) though it probably reinforces it in the minds of those who keep repeating such things. What happened it a primary and primary runoff occurred, and one candidate got more certified votes than the other. This can be dragged out almost indefinitely, if the MS Supreme Court rejects the appeal, but taking it to a federal court. But in the end on election day in one month, the voters will chose as Senator from MS Childers or Cochran. Then McDaniel can try to wrest control of the Republian party from Gov. Bryant, Lt. Gov. Reeves, et al. He can even run against one of them if he wants.

  6. I understand your point and what you are trying to convey and you make a valid arguement in normal circumstances. These are not and have not been a normal circumstance. The minute McDaniel announced his candidacy, the CL media began the attack as a true conservative view to them is unacceptable. With a couple of wacko’s giving them more ammunition they continue their attacks till this very day (See Pender’s useless article today). As far as press conferences being late or delayed, I would think that would cover all media outlets not just the liberal CL, and simple communication and explanations and apologies were enough for most media outlets but not enough evidently for the CL. Point is, these liberal media writers for the CL think they are above all other outlets and ideas and if you don’t go along then guess what, they will publish something negative about you and try to beat you up in the media. Bottom line is that not matter what the McDaniel campaign did, they were never going to have a friend at the CL. McDaniel could have reached out an Olive Branch attached to 10 pounds of gold and those yoyo’s at the CL would have wanted a Mushroom and some copper.

  7. IMissNixon says:

    A newspaper, or a letter to the editor, at this point is irrelevant. McDaniel supporters pay it no attention, are not pursuaded. Cochran supporters will lap it up. It doesn”t move the needle either way. Interesting trivia would be to examine the ratio of pro-Cochran to pro-McDaniel ediorials from Jackson”s newspaper. But division by zero isn’t possible.

  8. IMissNixon….you are clear sighted. Its not the media that decides anything and we need to remember that. In fact I once worked for a large metropolitan newspaper that was so biased in favor of only Democrats that its endorsements were considered the kiss of death….a sure way to lose the election. Readers are smarter than we give them credit for being. But corruption….that’s something else and we must keep after the Barbours, et. al and never let anyone forget what they did to our state. And will continue to do via their hand-picked, groomed puppets(see Tate Reeves, Greg Harper)

    • IMissNixon says:

      And catty14, the psuedo-intellectual banter(WS) and the mocking (SWP) by some of the ‘denizons’ of this comment space is likewise irrelevant. They are wasting their time. Can’t imagine what draws them here.

      • Hey IMN:
        We are drawn here by an abiding interest in Mississippi politics and the people who contribute to the process. As for myself, I’m just a narcissist who likes to share with the rest of the world my vast resevoir of knowledge, insights, and anecdotal langiape. We just try in our limited way to make it a little more colorful.

      • William Smith says:

        Personally I am happy to be regarded as any kind of intellectual, even a psuedo one.

      • William Smith says:

        Nixon was the first President for whom I voted when I attained the age of 21. So this is one thing we have have common, IMN, for I miss Nixon, too. I think he did a lot of good things ans was a true, if moderate, conservaitve.

  9. frank gordon says:

    Every voter should bring a magic marker to the election and write in on the side of the voting machine. Imagine every voting machine in every district completely covered with the name of the best candidate!


      My County Tis of Thee,
      Chris is the One for me.
      Our Savior true.
      Land where McGOPers thrive.
      Where Billy Joe abides.
      Don’t know when to file on time,
      We’re from Jones County.

      The Anointed One’s from Jones,
      Ain’t they the lucky ones.
      Their Savior true.
      Land of yellow pine tree dust.
      Broke cars in the yards a’rust.
      Ignorant folks a’bust,
      They’re from Jones County.

      McGOPers running loose,
      Just waiting for the news.
      Their Savior True.
      Land of the Magic Bus.
      Corn dogs, Moon Pies–a must.
      Will Chrissy ever give up,
      He’s from Jones County.

      All things must end in time,
      Give Chris your last dime.
      Your Savior true.
      Even though it’s Thad’s to win.
      Can’t stand just throwin’ in.
      Chris won’t be givin’ in.
      He’s from Jones County.

      Where will He next appeal,
      Judge Judy wants to deal.
      Our Savior true.
      Mitch doesn’t know what to do.
      Says she’s a TV shrew.
      Chris wants to make more news.
      He’s from Jones County.

  10. William Smith says:

    Catty, you have severat times referred to your having experience with newspapers. I, however, am unclear, as to what kind of experience you have had and perhaps are having. Have you been a newsreporter? Have you been on the publishing/business side? Have you been an editorial writer? Have you been a columnist, and, if so, what kind(s) of column(s) hare you written. The reason I ask is that in your postings here, you appear to me to make assertions aboutt things you know or things that are clear and evident. Yet, you don’t post any facts or evidence. This does not seem to me to be the way a person with experience writing news or editorial material for a newspaper. I suppose this is the kind of thing a niche columnist can do in a newspaper though such writing would not be read for its factual information or factual arguments. I am sincerely curious about this. I would appreciate your telling us more about your experience with newspaper(s).

  11. William Smith says:

    Catty, here are some election facts:

    “Fewer than 900 Mississippi voters might have cast a ballot in one party’s primary June 3 and then improperly crossed over to vote in the other party’s runoff three weeks later, according to a new report by the state’s top elections official.

    That finding by Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann is significantly lower than a claim by Chris McDaniel, an unsuccessful U.S. Senate candidate who has said he thinks about 3,100 people voted in both the June 3 Democratic primary and the June 24 Republican runoff.”

  12. Hey Guys:
    Brent Bozell has made a career in attacking the press and other conservatives with whom he does not agree. He tried in his earlier years to become part of the GOP Establishment. When they would not make him part of their group due to his whining, self-righteous attitude, he decided that he would teach them all a lesson by attacking them. Just like his father before him, Bozell is a verbal anarchist who would rather take others down who don’t agree with him 100% of the time, than work to build up a workable consensus among those who agree 80-90%. That is why he is a supporter of The Anointed One. They both are classic narcissists who don’t work and play well with others. But that’s okay. Not everyone can be warm and endearing “fuzzballs” like Karl Rove and Haley Barbour.

  13. William Smith says:

    True the Vote Drops Lawsuit, Statement by Secretary Hosemann

    “The Attorney General has been informed the federal decision protecting the privacy of Mississippi voters’ birth dates will not be appealed. Furthermore, True the Vote has requested to withdraw the lawsuit in its entirety and stated they will never litigate this issue again in Mississippi.

    The attempt to acquire voters’ birth dates from the Circuit Clerks and the Secretary of State was unwise, expensive, and unnecessary for any election contest. Our position has now been upheld by the Supreme Court of Mississippi and the Federal District Court.”

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