TPNN: Chris McDaniel Has New Life To His Challenge Of Thad Cochran’s Tainted Victory

Chris McDaniel Has New Life To His Challenge Of Thad Cochran’s Tainted Victory

By  Jennifer Burke, Tea Party News Network, October 2, 2014


Chris McDaniel has been fighting what he believes is a corrupt system following his unexpected loss in the GOP Senate run-off in Mississippi. His opponent, incumbent Thad Cochran, was accused, with evidence, of paying black voters to illegally vote in the run-off, as they had already voted in the Democrat primary and had no intention on voting Republican in the general election, and using another sleazy, lie-based tactic.

The Cochran campaign and its supporters stooped to disgusting race-baiting tactics to lure black Democrats to vote, accusing McDaniel of being associated with the KKK and telling them McDaniel would work to bring segregation back to Mississippi.

McDaniel has been fighting the irregularities and corrupt tactics in the election ever since the loss and has refused to concede. Neither the state nor the national GOP would back his investigation or consider its findings. But now, his fight has new and powerful political life breathed into it.

A Mississippi High Court has agreed to hear McDaniels case in the GOP primary dispute. As reported by the AP via the Houston Chronicle.

Attorneys for six-term Sen. Thad Cochran told the Mississippi Supreme Court on Thursday that a challenger waited too long to file a lawsuit seeking to overturn Cochran’s victory in the June 24 Republican primary runoff.

However, attorneys for the challenger, tea party-backed state Sen. Chris McDaniel, argued that current Mississippi law does not specify a deadline for filing a challenge of election results. McDaniel is asking justices to revive lawsuit that was dismissed in late August. The circuit judge who dismissed the suit agreed with Cochran’s attorneys that McDaniel waited too long to file.

Justices spent nearly two hours listening to arguments and asking questions of both sides. They gave no indication of when or how they might rule.

Cochran and McDaniel were not in court Thursday.

If justices side with McDaniel, the lawsuit could go to trial and he could try to prove his claim that the runoff was tainted by irregularities such as people voting in the June 3 Democratic primary and then crossing over to vote in the June 24 Republican runoff. Mississippi does not register voters by party, but it bans people from voting in one party’s primary and the other party’s runoff in the same election cycle.

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  1. William Smith says:

    It’s fine not to like who voted or why they voted, but there is no evidence that there are very many actual illegal votes and certainly not enough to overturn the runoff results. The rule that applies in elections is that the one with the most votes wins. The Republican Party, which conducted the election, has through its executive committee certfied as winner the candidate who go the most votes.

    • If there was no wrong doing in this election why wouldn’t the Cochran campaign want all the evidence to be presented so that they can maintain their claim that there was no wrong doing and that the voices of the Republican voters of Mississippi have been heard. Surely they would not want to be named the winner of an election that had any scandal attached to it, would they? Our honorable Elected officials surely wouldn’t stand for that, would they? Bottom line, present the evidence and if a scandal then act appropriately to protect the election process, if not then move on and let the voters voice their opinion come November.

    • Joe Lawson says:

      Obviously you don’t get it.

      Republicans had their civil rights violated by Democrats who cancelled out their votes by voting twice. It doesn’t matter how many did, it taints the election, but more important it violates the one voice one vote rule that America has been built on.

      In addition, we really don’t know how many Democrats voted twice because hack Cochran operatives running The county election offices refused to allow the voting logs to be seen.

      • William Smith says:

        The problem is that you assertions have been shown to be baseless by the report of Mr. Houseman. There are some irregularities in any election anywhere. Those do not makethe election invalid. The report by Mr.Houseman makes it clear that there were few such irregularites in this election. There were no civil rights violationsand the county clerks did what the law requires them to do. I presume you voted. Your votte counted. The number of irregular votes were very small, and they surely did not canel out your voice or vote.

  2. Bernadice says:

    What is the “evidence” that Cochran paid black voters to vote for him? The “Reverend Fielder’s” interview with Charles whatever his name is? The interview that landed McDaniel’s campaign manager in front of a grand jury? The interview that alleged that Cochran paid voters? The interview that McDaniel’s campaign manager paid the “Reverend” to give? If that is not the evidence then please tell us what is, because if that is your evidence then it is beyond laughable.

  3. frank gordon says:

    Sadly, the Chicago Bears have a better chance of winning the World Series this year than Chris has of winning this in court.

  4. How can you loyalist to the Barbour camp not accept facts relating to the illegal… in unlawful….like breaking the law….issues associated with the campaign and the election?
    WHY do you think the 187,000 voters who comprise the mainstay of the Republican Party in MS don’t have the right to cry foul when clearly we have the evidence to prove it!!!!!!!. But have no fear…’re not going to be able to tell the difference between Thad and Childers after November and you, you are the reason this is going to happen. You created this, not the 187,000 who believe in law and order.

    • Bernadice says:

      catty14, have you conveniently looked over the law breaking done by McD supporters during this campaign? I find what was done to Mrs. Cochran far more off putting and upsetting than asking ALL Mississippians to vote for Cochran. McD supporters are very quick to spout off the illegal things they think the Cochran camp did and swear they should all be in jail, yet only McD supporters have been handcuffed in a courtroom and only McD’s campaign manager has had to testify before a grand jury about paying someone to lie about the Cochran campaign.

  5. William Smith says:

    If there was illegality, Catty, and so far there is no evidence of that – an allegation is one thing, evidence that can be used to establish facts another – then the way to deal with that is through law enforcement and prosecutors who will take the information before grand juries and produce indictments leading to trials. So far that evidence is not forthcoming. If you have it, take it to the proper authorities

    As to not being able to tell the difference between Childers and Cochran after November, you actually will be able to see the difference in January. Childers will vote for Harriy Reid to run the Senate. That will give you Obamacare that cannot be reversed or even significantly changed, at least one maybe two ultra liberals confirmed for Supreme Court vacancies, the same sort nominees and confirmations to all federal courts, ditto agencies like EPA and FCC, etc, etc. You wlll have a Senator who, if we can judge by his 2 years in Congress, will be a darling of the unions and other leftwing groups. If Cochran is there in January he will vote for McConnell to lead the Senate. A Republican House and Senate may not be or do all you would like, but they will do a lot more than you will like if the Democrats remain in control.

    Yes, you are mad. Yes, you wish that McDaniel would be the R nominee on the ballot. And, yes, you can vote for Childers. Unfortunately the state and the counrty will have to pay for the petulance of McDaniel and those supporters of his who are are more interested punishing their own party that they are in who controls the Senate.

    There is nothing that has been “created” by those who have supported Cochran except that they thought Cochran would make a better Senator. You just can’t shift the blame if you decide to have Childers vote for Reid.

    • IMissNixon says:

      According to recent articles from a variety of sources, the GOP does not need Thad Cochran to ‘win’ the Senate. Sounds like GOP has determined MS senate irrelevant this time around. And like McDaniel supporters have pointed out all along: a vote for Cochran is really a vote for his successor, whomever that might be.

      BTW-I didn’t see in the comment above where catty14 claimed to be voting for Childers. But probably will, like 1000s of others.

  6. William Smith says:

    I hope you are right about the R’s taking the Senate regardless. A big gamble however, and still would deprive MS of Appropriations Chair. BTW, please note what I said: “And, yes, you can vote for Childers. I did not say she would of that she claimed she would. I mentioned a possiblity – which BTW you consider a probability. And BTW I miss Nixon, too.

  7. William Smith says:

    You think there is no difference if Childers is elected? When Cochran was in the Senate and Childers in the House their respective rankings for the year of 2010 by the American Conservative Union was 88% for Cochran, 35% for Childers. Now in the last rankings itis true Cochran was about 61% but project Childers based on his ranking when last he was in Congress. Thad may not be so conservative as McDaniel supporters would like, but vote for Childers and you know what you are getting. You are getting an ally of Reid, Pelosi, and Obama.

  8. William Smith says:

    Cochran’s lifetime average rating is between 76 and 80. Different sources give slightly different averages. I give the high and low here. Moreover, his rating compares very well to Reagan.

  9. A D Boutwell says:

    “Sadly, the Chicago Bears have a better chance of winning the World Series this year than Chris has of winning this in court.”

    I agree with the “spirit” of the above comment… but you gotta admit… it sure is funny…

  10. Looks like William Smith just another paid Cochran supporter.

    Vote anybody but Thad Cochran, he doesn’t live in Mississippi, he has no clue what or where he is.

  11. William Smith says:

    Joe, I am on the government payroll. I draw Social Security. I also have a couple of part-time jobs. Thad Cochran and his staff do not know I exist, much less do they send me any money. I spent 25 years in MS and all 5 of my kids were born in MS. I care about the state which is why I comment. We moved from MS to VA just over a year ago to help a son who was widowed.

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