The Hypocrisy Astounds in MSGOP Facebook Post

Just when you thought the Mississippi Republican Party could not get any more hypocritical than they already are, they surprise us again!

The Mississippi GOP, in a posting on Facebook, attacked Travis Childers and Rickey Cole for taking a page from the liberal playbook – the class card.  President Obama knew “hope” and “change” would not “win him a second term, so he used class envy to play on the worst instincts of his voters.”  So now Childers and Cole are doing likewise, they tell us.  Democrats “love playing the ‘rich versus poor’ game. That’s a great political tactic, but not the way to fix an election.”

Are these people serious?  Are they really condemning liberal divide-and-conquer tactics but would not condemn the race-baiting of Cochran/Barbour?  And they wonder why we distrust and despise them!

Here is a screen shot of the post so you can read it in it’s entirety:

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 2.55.41 PM

Let’s show the Democrats that “class warfare doesn’t work in Mississippi.”  So I guess race-baiting does?  Let’s show the MSGOP in November that their despicable tactics won’t fly either!!



  1. Hey MCD:
    Are you people serious? The only reason that the Cochran people and other conservatives in Mississippi sounded the siren call after June 3 was because The Anointed One himself scared the s* * t out of Mississippi Conservatives with his incessant preaching about his undying support for Traditional Mississippi Values while he wrapped himself in the Stars and Bars. All Cochran did was remind voters as to what TMVs mean, and what the Suffering Messiah stands for.

    • No, are you serious? He got nearly 60 percent of the CONSERVATIVE vote! Obviously he didn’t scare the crap out of conservatives! He did, however, scare the daylights out of the establishment, to which you are obviously a part!!

      • Hey MCD:
        William is correct. We need to flip the Senate. Yet, at the end of your article, you state, “Let’s show the MSGOP in November that their despicable tactics won’t fly either!!” It looks/sounds like you are suggesting that all McGOPers rally around Travis Childers and vote to support the Democrat agenda–higher taxes, more government regulation, less liberty. That is one train why I question that you cannot be serious.

    • Amen, Pappy.

  2. frank gordon says:

    60 percent beats 40 percent 7 days a week. Even on leap year.

  3. William Smith says:

    All MS Republicans are conservatives. To say otherwise flies in the face of history and reality. So what happened is that McD got some of the conservative vote and Cochran got some of the conserative vote.

    • frank gordon says:

      You need to look at the facts, instead of interpreting dreams.

      Take a look at the original primary results (before Cochran paid the black democrats to cross over):,_2014

      U.S. Senate, Mississippi Republican Primary, 2014
      Candidate Vote % Votes
      Chris McDaniel 49.5% 157,733
      Thad Cochran Incumbent 49% 156,315
      Thomas Carey 1.5% 4,854
      Total Votes 318,902

      This shows 158 thousand CONSERVATIVE votes for Chris, and and ADDITIONAL 5 thousand CONSERVATIVE votes for Thomas Carey. For a total of 164 THOUSAND CONSERVATIVE votes.

      Even if we give Mr. Smith the benefit of the doubt and allow that half of the Cochroach voters might have been “Conservative” that is still 156/2 = less than 78 thousand “Conservative” voters for the establishment. 78/164 = considerablely LESS than 40% of Conservatives voting for anyone else than Chris McDaniel!

  4. William Smith says:

    I have never cared for McD since he entered the race, but had he won the primary runoff I would want him rather than Childers to win, because I want the Republicans to organize the Senate next January.

  5. Paul Townsend says:

    Wouldn’t vote for Thad for dog catcher after what took place in my home State. Not voting for Thad = 1 vote for him removed; Voting for Travis Childers = 1 vote against Thad. The sum being 2 VOTES against the establishment corruption! I LOVE that math!

  6. I hate to be an eye opener but MOST Conservatives are NOT voting for Cochran in November…. They WILL be voting for Childers…. If you haven’t figured that out by now, just keep drinking your cool-aid…. because there is NO WAY that Cochran is going to be re-elected!

    • Hey PG:
      You and the other McGOPers keep referring to yourselves as the exclusive “Conservatives” in MS. As it has been stated before, there is no such creature in MS as a liberal or moderate Republican–we are all Conservatives. For McGOPers, its all about “the cause”. For everyone else, its about coalition building, and winning elections, and governance. For The Anointed One its all about The Anointed One and how to stay relevant in the public eye.

    • William Smith says:

      CBS News/NYT/YouGov 8/18 – 9/2 976 LV 4.0 46 31 Cochran +15

  7. If McDaniel is not on the ballot in November I am voting with my hands by sitting on them and while I will cast votes for other Republicans in local races, I can not, will not be part of Haley’s power grab. He has ruined the good name of Thad Cochran but I can’t vote for Cochran because a vote for Thad is a vote for?????? No doubt it will be someone of Haley’s choosing…..even if Bryant fills out the form. Bryant is too weak to oppose Barbour. Cochran is too weak to oppose Barbour. But Conservatives are not weak at all and will show the Barbours what’s what in November.

    • But Catty, you are playing into the hands of Travs Childers and Harry Reid. With your political experience, I know that you are well aware of this. For The GOP to take control of the Senate, every state is in play. I probably agree with you on 90% of the issues. Ever since Thad began porking out on farm subsidies in the 1980s, when I have gone to vote, I have had to hold my nose when I vote for him–he smells so much like pig s* *t. But the Democrat alternative is always going to be much more expensive and less protective of individual liberty overall.

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