Hayes Dent vs MCD: A Proxy War Between Conservatives and the Establishment

On September 8, Mississippi Conservative Daily posted a story about a mailer sent out by the campaign arm of Hayes Dent Public Strategies, the Republic Group LLC.  The mailer was intended to pick up business from prospective establishment candidates and boasted of the firm’s understanding and ability to “traverse the new lay of the land,” an obvious reference to race-baiting tactics employed by the Cochran camp against Senator Chris McDaniel.  Today, the head man himself, Hayes Dent, showed his true establishment colors by lashing out at MCD on Twitter for the piece.

Like a typical liberal Democrat, Dent hurled names and insults:


Dent claims no “Cochran people” did any “race baiting” and he only turned out Republicans in the Delta.  But define “Cochran people.”  Who are you trying to fool, Hayes?  I would think Haley Barbour is certainly among the “Cochran people,” and we know he is tied directly to the racist robo calls!

Dent claims to want to grow the party, not purge it, as we mentioned in our piece yesterday, but with insults like that, how can we believe him?  Especially when he tells us here at MCD that we are not wanted in the party.

One of our supporters, Pastor Jason, got into the conversation with Dent and sought to mend fences.  The tweet includes Dent’s comment that the pastor should stay out of politics:

But Dent responded that it is conservatives who have to do the mending:

So there you have it folks!  Conservatives, pastors, men of God, and men of principle, the word is out: stay out of politics and especially the Republican Party in Mississippi!  The establishment does NOT want you!



  1. No problem here. I’m done with them… Remember that old saying be careful what you wish for because come November you might just get it.

    • Yep and that’s the best way to punish them! If Hayes Dent and the establishment, to use HIS words, do not want us in the party, then we can sit home in November or pull the lever for Childers! See how well they do without us, all 187,000 who voted for Chris McDaniel!

  2. Country boy says:

    Does hayes know why he deleted a tweet on his twitter page a day after the mssen runoff ” operation night hawk a success”

  3. I have trouble figuring out why it is racist to point out to recipients of welfare that the election of McDaniel could lead to the reduction of their benefits while it is not racist to complain peopl were bribbed with food stamps and that Black Democrats voted in the runoff.

    • Facts are a foreign concept to some people. William, it has been stated by witnesses that people were bribed and it is a proven fact that Dems illegally voted in the runoff–they were not eligible to vote because they voted Dem in the Primary. I am one who checked some of the poll books so I am familiar with it. Are you?

      • Facts are a foreign concept to people whose anger blinds them. So far no facts have been set forth, only allegations. Your checking some poll books does not amount to facts. Were there any irregluarites in the runoff. There must have been because there are some irregularites in any election process. Was the election stolen? So far no facts establish that. What you have are personal anecdotes.

    • frank gordon says:

      Chris set up a 15 thousand dollar fund to pay 15 people to admit that they took 15 dollars to switch their votes. It is hard to imagine that human beings would degenerate so far as to take 15 dollars to vote against their own interests (particularly since, with a secret ballot, there would be no way of knowing if they actually switched their vote or not.)

      But the proof is in the paying of the 15 thousand dollar fund.

  4. The Mississippi Libertarian Party welcomes ALL.
    Find more information here: http://www.mslp.org/

  5. John Cofield says:

    Ya know, if Senator McDaniel had not gone on this post-election suicide mission then he might have been a US senator one day. If he’d come out the next day and declared his support for Thad and rallied his supporters, he certainly would have been the front runner in 6 years. But sour grapes leave a lasting bad taste.

  6. Mississippi GOP = Liars, race baiters, and Putin allies

  7. This Dent character must be working for Childers…

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