Jackson Lobbying Group Planning To Target Mississippi Conservatives In 2015 With Cochran Race-Baiting Strategy

Here we go again! Conservatives in Mississippi should be on the lookout in next year’s state elections. It seems that the GOP establishment in Mississippi is terrified of conservative challengers to the state’s top elected officials and is planning to use the Cochran race-baiting strategy to defeat any who may emerge.

The Republic Group, the campaign subsidiary to a Jackson lobbying firm, Hayes Dent Public Strategies, has sent out mailers announcing their plan. One side of the mailer should alarm every true conservative in the state. It reads: “On June 3rd & 24th 2014, the traditional political boundaries were changed forever. In 2015, trust your campaign to the group that knows how to traverse the new lay of the land.”



And what “new lay of the land” might that be? Race-baiting? Racist robo-calls and fliers? Bribery with food stamps? Sowing fear and discord about conservative polices throughout black communities?

The group does make one correct point, though, about “traditional political boundaries,” you know the ones Senator Chris McDaniel adhered to, that “were changed forever.” But the change was not for the betterment of Mississippi politics.hdent

So who is Hayes Dent? He is a veteran of Mississippi Republican politics, with ties to Haley Barbour and Thad Cochran. In other words, he’s establishment to the core and obviously hates true conservatives. In fact, one Washington Post piece back in June called him a Clarke Reed “ally.” Yes, that’s right, the same Clarke Reed who stabbed Ronald Reagan in the back in 1976 in Kansas City, a move that cost the Gipper the presidential nomination that year.

But Dent likes to pretend he’s a conservative by praising Reagan on Twitter:

He also thinks highly of Cochran, which proves he’s no conservative:

And to the race-baiting strategy, which I’m sure he helped craft:

Yes, all of Mississippi did turn out, though not all for Thad, but of his many supporters, let’s not forget the ones who were paid and those who already voted Democrat!

But Hayes says he wants to build, not purge, the Republican Party?  But are they not purging it of conservatives?  Or do they just want us to vote for them and shut up?

And, like a good establishment too, he took a few indirect shots at Senator McDaniel in recent weeks:

But after perusing through his tweets it was interesting to find that he was silent for days after the June 3 primary, won by Senator McDaniel. It’s quite possible he was huddling with Team Thad and constructing the race-baiting plan that unfolded in the days leading up to June 24, that same one we are about to see again.

Get ready Mississippi, the race-baiting rats are coming again next year!



  1. Bring it! We now can recognize a snake when we see it.

  2. “Bribery with food stamps” – you don’t think that has racial overtones?

  3. If the right wing conservatives running for office are anything like the Tea Partiers posting on Thad Cochran’s FB, we should make a real effort to defeat all of them. The posts are among the filthiest, most obscene I have ever read. If McDaniel is like these slime balls I am so glad he was defeated. I only hope he STAYS defeated. These people are the lowest of the low and I am sure Chris must be just like them.

    • Cheryl Gray says:

      Don’t worry, Horace (like you really are). Those aren’t tea partiers. They are republican rinos and democrats who are posing as TP members in order to make the conservatives look bad. Uh, you do know what just happened in MS, right?

    • Interesting Horace- it would not have occurred to me to visit Cochran’s page just to leave nasty comments. Lord knows I’ve visited his Senate page enough to know that none of them pay any damn attention to anything a constituent says. Why in the hell would anyone waste their time at a campaign site perusing the vile comments? Oh, wait-same reason I’m perusing these comments from the establishment trolls.

  4. Got any real evidence that McDaniel is like “one of these slimeballs”? Didn’t think so.

  5. McDaniel’s is an upstanding man. I’m not sure what people are saying, or if they are posers pretending to be Tea Party members.

  6. Betty Davis says:

    Chris McDaniel is a fine Christian man! I am an 80 yr old Tea Party patriot, former Republican all my life until June 24th of this year when I found how dirty the Ms. Republican party is!! When you hear or read anything negative about Chris it is a lie!!

  7. I don’t like the language “slimeblalls” or name calling in general. I think it would be better to le people see what these people are saying and draw their own conclusions. I do not know who the people are who are posting these vile things at Cochran’s Facebook page. I expect it it is wishful thinking to say these are not McDaniel supporters. What I do know, judging from the comments on McDaniel’s Facebook page about Cochran is tha there is lot of malice and vitriol and highly inappropriate things said by his supporters. I also know that his staff deletes comments however rational and temperate they are that disagree with him and the people who wrie such things are blocked and not alllowed to comment. At any rate, is McDaniel responsible for the things his supporters say? To some extent at least. He seems to do his best to whip them up into a fury and himself to post materials on his Facebook pages that are not accurate. There is more heat than light on the part of both McDaniel and his followers. All of this is less than honorable and some of it is reprensible.

  8. Hey Guys:
    If I were King of the Universe, The Anointed One, or The Great Pardoner, I soul encourage all of my followers publicly to stop trashing one another and for us all to keep our eyes on the prize of defeating Mr. Childers in November. But since I am just a simple attorney from South MS with no political connections, as we sometimes say regarding jurisprudence–shit happens.
    When it does, get over it! Political wrangling/name calling has been a staple part of our political landscape since before the Republic. And as long as the First Amendment remains in full force and effect, it will continue. So my friends just sit back, relax, and enjoy this great ongoing experience that we call “democracy”. Besides, as successful politicians the worst thing that could ever happen to Chris, Thad, and the Barbours is for them to fade out of the public arena completely! You can talk about them, their families, their lovers, and how bad they are, but please, don’t punish them by making them irrelevant by limiting what you say about them as to only nice things!

    • R. Scott Farris--Hattiesburg says:

      SaltwaterPap: America is NOT a “democracy”–never was, and was never intended to be [by our Founders and Framers]. We are supposed to be a Constitutional Democratic Republic of Republics [Sovereign States], with functioning “Checks & Balances” within and between The State governments and THEIR General (“federal”) government…Of course all that was initially fundamentally overthrown by Lincoln and his usurpers in 1861-65, degrading since to the point of the CORRUPTION and INCOMPETENCE that We The People are subjugated to under the current centralised Washington regime–of which Cochran is a key cog.

      • Scott, to say that “Cochran is a key cog” of “the current centralized Washington regime” that “we the people are sujugated to” reveals an inability to distinguish between Reagan pragmatic conservatism (which is where to put Cochran) and radical insurgent conservatism (which is where to put McDaniel). It’s the first kind of conservatism that built the Republcian Party in MS and enabled it to achieve to elect Republicans to every statewide office except Attorney General as well to control both the MS House and the Senate and to elect two Republican U.S. Senators and 3 of 4 Congressmen. It is the latter sort of conservatism that wants to undermine and destroy what was built with hard work and sacrifice of others and would, if had control, “purge” the party of those same people who are not “pure” enought. McDaniel has proved to a speech maker and rally holder who lacks the maturity and statesmanship to be effective as a U.S. Senator and probably has destroyed any possibility of accomplishing anything in the MS Senate. Reagan on the other hand knew how to work with people, build coaltitions, make friends, and govern. He welcomed people like Cochran into his coalition and considered them good allies. He would have grown weary of trying to work with someone like McDaniel. You are right that the power of central government increased greatly as a result of Lincoln. But nobody is going to be able to reset the Republic to the time before Wilson and Roosevelt much less before the War. The question is how conservatives are going to function and be effecitve in the present reality. People like Willam F. Buckley and Ronald Reagan showed the way. It takes maturity, wisdom, and good judgment to be a Reagan conservative.

      • Hey Scott:
        You almost make a valid point about the intent of the Founding Fathers.They actually sought to follow the ideals of Locke, Hobbes, and to a limited extent, Rousseau, and make the United States of America into a secular democratic republic. As far as state sovereignty goes, that issue was resolved in the Civil War. But you are correct. The original intent was 13 sovereign states, conceived in liberty, and united in principle that all men are created equal in their right to pursue life, property, and happiness without an
        overbearing governmental official priest, judge, imam, military official, etc.directing their lives at every step.

  9. MCD-thanks for this site and the articles you post here. GREAT JOB!!


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