From the McDaniel Campaign: We’re Appealing to the Supreme Court


Thad Cochran’s team is desperate. They’ll do anything to dismiss my election challenge.

Their latest argument? They’re claiming we did not file the challenge on time.

Last week we hit a small bump in the road when a judge granted Cochran’s motion to dismiss based on timeliness.

But there’s one big problem for Cochran and his lawyers: Cochran’s claim is not supported by law or by the state’s top election official. 

Secretary of State Hosemann  twice told the Clarion-Ledger “there is no deadline under state law for a candidate to file a statewide primary election challenge.”

This is yet another false claim from the Cochran team. But we’re used to those.

So we’re appealing the decision to the Mississippi State Supreme Court.

This is an uphill battle, and we’ll incur substantial legal costs, but we can do it with your support. Can you chip in $25, $50, or $75 today to help us continue the fight?

It’s important to note that this issue cuts both ways: it is in the interest of both Democrats and conservative Republicans in Mississippi that party raiding be stopped.

We fully anticipate having our day in court soon.

Our opponents have the entire establishment behind them. They have entrenched corporate interests, massive lobbying firms and law firms with hordes of attorneys billing hundreds of hours to try to subvert the will of Republican primary voters.

So we need your help. Fighting the entire establishment is not cheap. So chip in $75 or whatever you’re able to help us in our fight for liberty.

Our day in court is coming very, very soon. That day will be a momentous day for conservatives around the country.

We’re thankful for your continued support. We could not have gotten to this point without you.

In liberty,




  1. Dear MCD:
    Thanks for publishing the Anointed One’s continuing, but not too subtle effort, to pander to the McGOP faithful for money. You have to hand it to Chris for his unique and shameless ability to keep his people whipped up. In truth. the actual costs of pursuing the appeal should be very small. Since Judge McGehee dismissed the case on a question of law at the beginning of
    the case, prior to a lengthy trial, the total court costs should be under $1,000.00, unless his legal team decides to load the appeal record down with a lot of the documents that the Judge did not address in dismissing the initial
    appeal. The only real cost should be in the cost in the preparation in drafting the Brief of the Appellant. However, since all of the facts and issues were thoroughly briefed by the parties to assist Judge McGehee at the Chancery Court level, the time and effort to complete that task in the Supreme Court will be greatly reduced. All the attorneys will need to do is reconfigure their
    previous legal arguments for the benefit of the MS Supreme Court. Therefore, I suggest that the McGOPers hold onto their hard earned money at this time, and wait to see how the MS Supreme Court ultimately rules. To be sure, if the Court reverses Judge McGehee and remands the case back for a trial, then Chris and his litigation team will be incurring substantial trial costs. If Judge McGehee is affirmed on appeal, then everyone can send the money that they will have saved by not sending it to Chris needlessly, and instead, send it to the MS Republican Party where it can be put to doing some real good in fighting to help the National GOP regain control of the U.S. Senate.

    • NoGroupHug! says:

      Seriously? What a windbag you are Pappy!

      • Hey NGH:
        You are correct! But I just love this website where MS conservatives of all types can discuss, share, complain, and even explain to one another the mechanics of what we may think we know about how the system works. MCD should be praised for making such a helpful site available.

    • Seriously Pappy: why doesn’t the MSGOPESTABLISHMENT just move on and win back the damn Senate and quit whining about McDaniel and his supporters. It is clear the MSGOPESTABLISHMENT has neither respect nor regard for McDaniel; made it clear on numerous occasions they DO NOT NEED McDaniel supporters, so CARRY ON! Don”t worry about us or Chris. Don’t concern yourself with the appeal, or our hard earned dollars.

      • Hey NGH:
        I believe that is the plan. However, the GOP Establishment would still like to unify the MS Republican Party as Speaker Phillip Gunn described in his speech at the Neshoba County Fair. It is also true that since he has been in the legislature, The Anointed One has managed to alienate himself from most of his legislative colleagues. Also, during the campaign, not one statewide elected or appointed official came out in public support for Chris. All of the former chairmen of the MS GOP have came out in
        support of Thad, including Chris’ Jones County neighbour, Charles
        Pickering. Therefore, is it just possible that these experienced political
        professionals know something about Chris’ personality that causes them
        to believe so strongly that Thad is preferable between the two of them? Chris has some amazing talents to be sure. But based upon his record in the MS Senate, working with his colleagues for the common good does not appear to be one of them.

  2. Donated.

  3. Pappy…if you knew the chain of command you would understand why no other state elected officials COULD DARE support McDaniel as they would risk losing everything. Barbour is a big, fat bully and he and his henchman nephew are trying to keep everyone in line with both threats as well as subtle discrediting of McDaniel. NONE of the rumors or comments about McD are true. Those who know him value him. Respect him. He was deemed the fair-haired young Republican until he dared to oppose the great and powerful Haley over the wording of that property bill and then he became persona no gratis! Do you think anybody…..not Bryant, not Hosemann, not Reeves, not Clark Reed, not anybody who wants to stay close to what they see as “the power base” will oppose anything Haley wants????? And Haley has moved from being Conservative to a Progressive because that’s who corporate America is giving the money and both lobbyist and politicians want that money. Please open your eyes before all is lost to these misguided, money-grubbing thieves.

    • Hey Catty:
      Interesting point. But how does that explain why all of the past chairmen of the MS GOP, including Charles Pickering, who built the party and is Chris’ Jones County neighbour? They are all retired playing with their grandchildren and working on their handicaps. They are out of the political loop.

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