Midsouth Sentinel: Chris McDaniel is the future of the Republican Party

I have met the future of the Republican Party & it ain’t a 76 yr old Senator from MS … but he is a 42 yr old Senator from MS


Chris McDaniel spoke to Campaign For Liberty tonight in Memphis at Jason’s Deli. It was packed with standing room only. The media was there. I will have their take on his appearance as it becomes available.

It was interesting to be in the same room with the guy the Republican Party exhausted all of their resources and some from the opposite party to beat. 42,000 democrats. That’s what it took to beat back the future of the Republican Party, and make no mistake about it, he is the future, not the 41- years-in-the-Senate-is-just-not-enough-time-to-create-limited-government-policies Thad Cochran.

What was it like hearing from someone the establishment fought so hard to defeat? Refreshing. …

Read the entire article at Midsouth Sentinel



  1. If that douche bag is the future of the GOP then the GOP is dead.

    • (HORACE) Another Haley Barbour supporter

    • Kim in MS says:

      He is one of many new leaders of MS, if you are Republican don’t vote for them and if your A Dem don’t vote Republican stay in your Dem primary, run off and main election! PERIOD! Cochran is not MS Rebulican’s choice- Sen. Chris McDanields is. Since I personally know McDaniels I can verify he is NOT a douchbag as stated by “Horace”. But I have lived my whole life with Cochran in office & I can verify he has not done what MIssissippians have wanted based on his voting record.
      Have a nice day!
      & Bless Your Heart Horace.

      • He sounds and acts like a closet homosexual as well as a douche bag.

      • Kim – you would think that someone who personally knows Mr. McDaniel would at least know how to spell his name and you maam spelled it incorrectly not once but twice.

        And Kim what about us independent voters? You know the ones who choose to not align themselves with a particular party but choosing instead to for vote for the person whose values and beliefs best align with our own? Should we stay out of the primaries as well?

        Oh and one more thing – you do realize that Mississippi does not require a person to register with a party in order to vote right? So those “democrats” that voted for Senator Cochran were well within their legal rights to do so, as long as they did not vote in the democratic primary.

        Oh yeah, at one time I did have a McDaniel sign in my yard. Never again.

        You have a nice day and bless your heart.

    • Horace, the GOP is already dead!! Especially if we keep electing 76-year-old RINOs!

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