Chris McDaniel: Our Fight Isn’t Over

From the Chris McDaniel Campaign:


Dear Supporter,

On Friday, one thing became clear: our fight isn’t going to be easy.

 Here are the facts:

  • We have filed a lawsuit that will seek to overturn Mississippi’s June 24 primary runoff election.
  • The fact that we are going to trial is great news, because as many as 40,000 illegal Democratic votes were cast in the Republican primary runoff.
  • The judge set the start date for the trial to September 16 and set the deadline for the trial’s end to October 6.

Now that we have a trial date, we know that voters in Mississippi will finally get to see the truth about the Mississippi Primary election. 

So here’s where we stand: We have done all the research and gathered all the evidence. We have built the winning case needed to throw out this sham election and start over. But the trial we need to have the desired outcome will be time-consuming and expensive.

Now more than ever, we need our supporters to chip in and help us get across the finish line.

We never imagined our campaign for liberty would require this sort of fight, but we are up to the challenge and our supporters are as well. Thanks for hanging with us. Please chip in if you can. 

We’ll keep you posted.




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