Examiner: Senate Conservatives Fund Not Backing Down From Chris McDaniel/Thad Cochran Fight

Senate Conservatives Fund Not Backing Down From Chris McDaniel/Thad Cochran Fight

By Ashe Schow, Washington Examiner, August 1, 2014


Ken Cuccinelli, the former Virginia attorney general who’s now president of the Senate Conservatives Fund, said his organization isn’t backing down over the Mississippi runoff election results from June.

Cuccinelli, in an interview with the Washington Examiner following his speech at the Young America’s Foundation conference, said he didn’t regret sending $70,000 to help Chris McDaniel — who lost by 7,600 votes — because the tactics used by incumbent Sen. Thad Cochran were “lamentable.”

“No, we don’t regret [the donation]. We find it lamentable the tactics used. I mean, our candidate won among Republicans in both rounds of the primary — and nobody disputes that, including Thad Cochran,” Cuccinelli said.

Cuccinelli is clearly no fan of Cochran, or those who supported the incumbent, even though that’s kind of their job.

“When you look at what they did — the Establishment did — to try to hold onto their power, I mean, they literally adopted Democrat — worst Democrat — tactics,” Cuccinelli said. “The race-baiting, the pimping-out welfare and et cetera is what Thad Cochran was doing and the super PAC was doing.”

“And other Republican senators — none SCF-endorsed — were supporting that super PAC that did all the race-baiting attacks,” Cuccinelli added.

Cuccinelli, whose unsuccessful gubernatorial bin in 2013 received lukewarm (at best) support from the GOP Establishment, then began naming targets.

“People like [Sens.] Roy Blunt, [Bob] Corker, [Rob] Portman – they’re going to hear about it again,” Cuccinelli said. “This is not over for them because it suggests they don’t — aren’t just not conservative — that they are anti-conservative.”

“And the conservative base will respond to that,” added.

McDaniel still hasn’t conceded the election and is challenging the results in court.




  1. Senator Portman has apologized for his role, and specifically said he did not know what the money would be used for (which is probably true), but more importantly, said that race should NOT be abused as a political weapon. He was under pressure from local tea-party-groups, of course, and did not speak out earlier, but besides Ted Cruz he is the only sitting Senator I’ve heard who expressed any amount of regret over the race-baiting tactics so far. More should come forward, once McDaniel files the challenge-lawsuit which makes the hard evidence public.

    (Meanwhile Henry Barbour is doubling down and saying that the tea party *did* intend to keep minorities from voting… after he first denied any connection… but then he got caught. Henry is on the SREC and also is the RNC committeeman for the state; folks attending the state convention of the MS republican party, please vote Henry out at your next available opportunity.)

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