Another Establishment Hit On Chris McDaniel


Last week it was Ann Coulter. This week we have a blogger for the Washington Post. Although not a bastion of conservative thought, the Post does provide, at least in it’s political blog section, a token “right winger” to offer “reported opinion from a conservative perspective.” And the Post’s conservative of choice is Jennifer Rubin.

In her political “Ups and Downs” section of her “Right Turn” blog on July 28, she takes a shot at Senator Chris McDaniel:

Up: Republicans who realize Chris McDaniel has loose screws.

Down: Evidence of “fraud” in Mississippi GOP primary.

So anyone who is concerned about sham elections, vote-buying, and vote-stealing, and wants to ensure the people have honest and fair elections, has loose screws?

But if we take just a small peek at Rubin’s career you will quickly discover who has the loose screws.

The Jewish Rubin is now a self-described neoconservative (and we true conservatives all know what that really means) who was once a practicing attorney in Hollywood. While on the Left Coast, she fought hard for all the great conservative causes out there, oh like say her fierce representation of the unions and her work on labor issues.

And, let’s not overlook her work on behalf of the Democratic Party. Yes, she used to be a Democrat (and probably still is at heart) … in Hollywood, no less!

Steve Hulett was president of the Animation Guild from 2000 to 2005, a labor union representing animation and visual effects artists, and knew Rubin in those days. He told Media Matters that her politics were those of a mainstream California Democrat, at least before her move to northern Virginia in 2005.

“She talked like a straight-ahead Hollywood liberal. We used to chew the fat all the time in her office and over at lunch at Café del Sol near Dreamworks. She supported Kerry in 2004 and worked closely with [Jeffrey] Katzenberg, who is a big time Democratic donor. I didn’t know what to think when she moved east and started blogging like mad as a conservative. I don’t know if it’s a marketing pose, or if she really believes it, or what. But it is odd.”

Odd indeed but by no means the exception. This is what passes for conservatism in today’s Republican Party, former liberals who now call themselves “neoconservatives.” The party is full of them, particularly in the leadership, and, as Senator McDaniel has said, it is an element that needs to be purged.

She also has little understanding of the Constitution and the Founding Fathers. Constitutional scholar Bruce Fein recently blow-torchered her understanding of America’s traditional foreign policy in a piece in The Daily Caller recently, accusing her of seeking “to destroy the American Republic born of Paul Revere’s immortalized midnight ride in favor of an Empire reminiscent of King George III’s.”

From all this, it should be evident why Ms. Rubin lashes out at McDaniel for seeking a fair election system. Liberal Democrats (and Leftist Establishment Republicans) don’t want a clean, honest system where everyone gets one vote. They love corruption and vote manipulation, which is the best way they have found to keep true conservatives out of office.

But what else is driving all the continual attacks on Chris McDaniel? If he really is a nut, a clown, and has a few loose screws, why is the establishment spending so much time smearing him in the press? Shouldn’t they just ignore him and let him make a fool of himself?

They can’t.  Why?  In one word: Fear.

Chris McDaniel is a real conservative, in the mold of Goldwater, Reagan, and Ted Cruz, who believes in the Constitution and the ideals of America’s founding. He is intelligent, articulate, and has the right look to climb higher on the political ladder. This is a thought, at least for them, that is too terrible to contemplate.

The Establishment, with its Democratic and Republican wings, is fanatical about keeping conservative statesmen out of Washington, so much so that they are now teaming up to stop them, a development we better start recognizing soon.

The more true conservatives they can smear and publicly destroy, the more will stay home and leave the government (and the treasury) in their hands.

This battle in Mississippi is not just about Chris McDaniel being in the United States Senate, although we believe he deserves to be there; it is about fair elections and a government free of corruption. If McDaniel is proven right, their corrupt system comes crashing down, and they know it.

Those in the media are trying their best to compel him to release his evidence. But no good lawyer, or card player for that matter, would ever tip his hand and reveal his cards before the proper time to do so. Perhaps that’s why Rubin no longer practices law. She wasn’t any good at it. But Chris McDaniel is.

And when Senator McDaniel does file his challenge, and release his evidence, it’s media types like Rubin, and a bunch in Mississippi, who are going to be eating a big ole crap sandwich!

Thank God we finally have someone like Chris McDaniel who is willing to stand up and fight back against the Establishment, rather than lay down like we have done so many times in the past. Every true American patriot should join him. If we don’t stop this now, our republic is lost forever.

Remember Mississippi!



  1. paulquinn says:

    What does being Jewish have to do with her politics?

    • Most of them are liberal and vote Democratic, in case you didn’t know that! It’s not an Antisemitic shot at her. We are very pro-Israel here!

      • Well then you might want to stop calling for her to be “purged.”

      • I am not singling her out. Others need to be purged as well. It’s based on ideology and principles, and nothing more!

      • Disagree that Rubin needs to be “purged” from the party; she is calling McDaniel crazy, and she is calling McDaniel a liar. That is peanuts compared to robocalls/radiospots/flyers calling him a racist, and saying that he intends to prevent minorities from voting.

        McDaniel wants to purge race-baiting as an ‘acceptable’ tactic, that Republicans remain silent about, tacitly taking it in stride. That is not what Rubin was doing, right? Rubin is no friend of the tea party, and she has one foot in the dem-ideology and one foot in the estab-repub-ideology, but that just makes her misguided. It does not make her evil.

        She lies in print about politicians, and pushes propaganda, sure. She claims to be “conservative” but is mis-using the word, sure. McDaniel wants to keep race-baiting from happening again, in other years, which means pinning the blame where it belongs: on the people that made the race-baiting stuff, on the people that approved it, and on the people that paid for it and refused to apologize for it later. Racism is a virulent problem, excerbated by race-baiting, and needs to be nipped in the bud. Unless you see Rubin approving of race-baiting per se, then she is just an ideological opponent, who would prefer Ford to Reagan, and does prefer Christie/Jeb to Rand/Cruz. Hope this makes sense, and if so, that you do a bit of retraction-and-rewriting of this piece.

  2. PaulPiatt says:

    Out of that entire blog post, “The Jewish Rubin…” is most memorable to me. You may be statistically correct regarding the voting patterns of American Jews (I truly don’t know), but I see that phrase as a problem as well. One of the old rules of politics applies: if you’re explaining, you’re losing. Further, I don’t exactly understand where a self-declared neocon and known liberal like Rubin fits into the “Establishment”. She works for WaPo, she could change her name to “Ronald Wilson Reagan” and it wouldn’t fool anyone or change her politics.

    • Rubin is an estab-repub sort (like Christie), who is also comfy as an estab-dem (like Kerry). Folks somewhat similar to her used to be called Rockefeller repubs, but the latest estab-repub subfaction is the neocon: in a nutshell, that means being in favor of invading Iraq/Iran (McCain + Romney) but also in favor of invading Libya/Syria (Obama + Hillary). Rubin being Jewish is not important, although it probably helps motivate her pro-Israel stance — which plenty of folks including myself share. Neocons do not care which party will push for heavy-handed foreign entanglements and interventionist military adventurism… just so long as it happens.

      Rubin is an estab-repub, in my mind, because she is heavily backing estab-Christie as the nominee for 2016, and before that was heavily backing Mitt, and before that was a dem who backed Kerry (the sec-state who is more liberal than Christie in some ways … but just about ideologically identical in most ways). More importantly, Rubin is an estab-repub because she has nothing but scorn for Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. She has *some* good things to say about Rubio, and even more good things to say about Paul Ryan… but only when Rubio and Ryan toe the estab-repub line, and in particular, only if they support Christie. Having analyzed Rubin’s writings during the 2012 campaign with some depth, I can say that nothing has changed for her: she backs the estab-nominee, no matter what.

      Your point about Rubin working for WaPo, and thus being a member of not just the liberal-tending mainstream-media, but a member of the unabashedly-liberal bastion WaPo, has some truth to it. If she were like Mark Levin or like Glenn Beck, ideologically, she simply could not get a job there, let alone be their “top” token conservative. Nevertheless, it is a fact that Rubin still thinks of herself as a conservative, or at least, plays one on teevee. She considers herself more conservative than the folks she used to hang out with in Hollywood, right? Rubin is a country-club-repub, and Eisenhower-repub, a Rockefeller-repub, or an estab-repub (as the term is used post-2010). There are plenty of former dems in the Republican party, and a guy from NJ like Christie has about 33% approval rating among *current* dems, as well as an 80% approval rating among estab-repubs.

      These sorts of folks firmly believe in the welfare-state type of big government, and in the warfare-state type of interventionist military, and so on. They just want Christie running things, rather than Obama; it is merely a question about WHO holds power to estab-repubs, not a question of LIMITING the federal behemoth. Thus, people like Cruz & Rand & McDaniel, who really and truly will fight to limit federal power, are enemies in Rubin’s eyes… whereas Christie-vs-Hillary is more of a tossup, in Rubin’s eyes. Same goes for a lot of bailout-bankers, and for a lot of public-private-porkership-lobbyists, and so on. Most of the support for Cochran was from porkership-estab-repubs; Rubin seems pretty firmly in the interventionist-estab-repub subfaction.

      So after a long explanation — maybe that means I’m losing? — to me it is clear as a bell that Rubin is an establishment-repub, although not in exactly the same subfaction as Haley Barbour (who is backing Kasich’16 and Perry’16 first, plus Christie only secondarily… although Haley *was* instrumental in Christie’09 … both Haley and Christie are lobbyists at heart).

  3. Good Iowa Conservative says:

    I have a question for everbody.
    If they find out that Chris was screwed out of the runoff election after the election tween Cochran and the democRAT, will he just take the office over, or will they have to be other elections?
    He got screwed and he should be representn you in congress and i hope he wins.

    • No he won’t take the office. Most likely they would call for a new election, a do-over, and we go again!

      • Good Iowa Conservative says:

        how good of a chance does he have of getting a do-over? i hope it is a good one. we need more good men like him in dc instad of the spinless guys that are there now that dont have the guts to do the rite thing for the country. i herd that thad c would vote for homo mariage and that is wrong.

        if he doesn’t win in your state you can send him to iowa and we will run him up here to get rid of the rinos and dems. they are ruining our state and it is why i stay down by the missouri border all the time. but i mite move my camper up by desmoines and do some campayne work during the state fair. Plus, the corn dogs are good. lol

        chris + sarah palin + steve king + god = winning team for america

    • Surprisingly, it does seem like there would be a special redo-runoff election, even if McDaniel’s challenge-lawsuit was not decided until after the 2014 election was “over”.

      More likely, though, McDaniel will file his challenge-lawsuit, and the courts will hurry to get through it during the month of August. If so, then the redo-runoff could be scheduled for the end of September, leaving all of October for the general election.

      So there is hope, still. As to the chances, there are four hurdles: first, Chris has to be permitted to gather evidence at all! There are several counties that are refusing access, or putting up roadblocks. (Most of the bureaucrats are not doing this in bad faith — they are just trying to follow conflicting byzantine MS election laws, from what I can tell — but that doesn’t make the obstacle to McDaniel any less real.)

      Hurdle number two is convincing a court that the runoff was invalidated by illegal-double-voters and/or illegal behavior by team Cochran. Hurdle three is actually winning the redo-runoff, which will not be easy! Most of the folks in MS have forgotten the runoff, and many have assumed that a redo-runoff is not happening. I hope that McDaniel will start to campaign for votes in the redo-runoff, rather than just concentrating on the lawsuit-hurdle, because winning the redo-runoff will not be a cakewalk. Even if irrefutable evidence of wrongdoing by team Cochran comes to light, most voters will only hear it filtered by the teevee pundits, and might still vote against McDaniel.

      Last but not least, should McDaniel manage to gather the evidence, prove his case in court, and win the redo-runoff, there is still the dem to overcome in November. No doubt the DC dems will pour millions into the state, trying to knock off McDaniel at the last second, and some of the die-hard Cochran fans might be unwilling to come out and vote for McDaniel, that short after seeing McDaniel as the bad guy. This final hurdle is not to be underestimated, because dems will be able to re-use all the same attacks that team Cochran bought and paid for in June (and that they are false attacks will not matter if the voters are only listening to the teevee for their information).

      So the chances are slim, though not zero. This battle cannot be bypassed, though: if the nasty tactics used by team Cochran are rewarded with victory, the same tactics will be used in every close election in every state. There is a line in the sand; lucky for all of us, Chris is really and truly a fighter, who will never quit. The whole situation reminds me of that old quote: “…secrecy is the keystone of all tyranny. Not force, but secrecy …little force is needed to control a man whose mind has been hoodwinked; contrariwise, no amount of force can control a free man… you can’t conquer a free man; the most you can do is kill him.” McDaniel sees that it is more important to reveal the corruption behind the veil, than it is to measure his personal chances in this one election. I have no concerns that we will have heard the last from him, even if he ends up “losing” the 2014 bid.

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