Thad Cochran the Race Baiter


He’s been known by several monikers over his long 42-year career, some good, others not – Gentleman Thad, The Quiet Persuader, The King of Pork. After his win over Chris McDaniel in the Senate runoff on Tuesday, Thad Cochran should forever have a new name stamped on his illustrious career: race baiter.

Unable to overcome the McDaniel juggernaut, and seeing that he would most likely lose the runoff by 8 or 9 points, Cochran shifted gears and reached out to black Democrats, hoping to persuade enough to crossover and support him in the runoff.

The tactic worked, with as many as 35,000 Democrats crossing over to pull the level for old Thad. But it’s widely believed, and the focus of an ongoing investigation, that many of these Democrats had already voted in the Democratic primary on June 3, thus making their vote illegal under state law.

As Charles C. Johnson has pointed out on Twitter today, here is a good example of vote fraud, three on just one page:

And here is another example of fraud, this time with absentee ballots:

That would be bad enough, if that were the only problem. Yet it is precisely how these voters were encouraged to support Cochran that is the real issue, at least for McDaniel supporters and Tea Party activists. Rather than use persuasion and the issues to woo the state’s Democrats, Cochran and his merry band of racial demagogues hatched a plan to stir up black Democrats with hate rhetoric and fear tactics, a strategy that came right out of the Democratic Party’s playbook. In short, they accused Chris McDaniel and his followers of being racists who wanted to hurt the state’s black citizens.

The first realization that something was amiss came with a report that Cochran’s team was resorting to “walking around money” to buy black votes. This tactic has long been a staple of the Democratic Party. Huge amounts of cash is given to local activists, like “community organizers,” and used to literally buy votes.  A source has told us that he knew of big money given to black churches around the Jackson area.

Closer to runoff day, phones in the black communities started ringing with sleazy robocalls, automated messages filled with lies and hate. If McDaniel wins, the listeners were told, the Tea Party would cause more problems for President Obama, and programs vital to the black community, like food stamps and public education funds for black schools. Here is one of those robocalls:

Charles C. Johnson has also proved that this robocall was in fact paid for by Haley Barbour’s Super PAC that supports Cochran:

The Cochran camp also distributed disgusting fliers throughout black neighborhoods that also accused McDaniel and the Tea Party of being racists who sought to suppress the black vote:


These racist tactics used by Cochran and his cohorts remind us of past Liberal Democratic campaigns, when the Left accused conservatives of seeking a return to slavery, Jim Crow, and wanting to burn down black churches.  This has no place in our politics, especially from members of our own party!

But as a result of this despicable, McCarthyite smear tactic, Cochran was able to prevail in the runoff by a little over 6,000 votes.  As this map shows (though the colors are reversed), McDaniel won the traditional Republican areas of the state, those carried by Mitt Romney in 2012, while Cochran won the areas carried by President Obama:


So, if the investigation and possible legal challenges fall short, what are our options?  You can bet the Cochran campaign, as well as the state and national Republican establishment, will be working overtime to mend fences and bring about party unity before facing off against Travis Childers in November.  But I will not be persuaded.  I can not and will not support a sleazy candidate who accuses me of being a racist and a bigot.  As Mark Levin said yesterday on his radio show, “If I were in Mississippi, I would not vote for Thad Cochran.”  And we are hearing from tons of angry McDaniel supports vowing to do just that.

Taking a page from Mark Levin, I propose one of three options to teach these despicable people a lesson once and for all, that they cannot continue to treat their base in such a callous fashion: 1) Simply stay home in November and boycott the election. 2) Write in Chris McDaniel, which is what some Tea Party groups are proposing.  3) Vote for Travis Childers, which many McDaniel supporters are vowing to do.  Either one deprives votes from Thad Cochran and hopefully sends him home in November.

But we will have a Democrat Senator, you say?  Yes, possibly, but what’s the difference!  Tuesday’s actions prove the GOP establishment is no different than liberal Democrats.  So let’s support Childers, either directly or indirectly, and teach the establishment a lesson while sending an important message:  We are not racists, bigots, or haters.  Unlike you, we believe in constitutional government, fiscal responsibility, and civil liberties.  If you accuse us of being the worst in society, you will lose our vote and you will lose your seat!  You don’t support us, so we will no longer support you!



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